Getting moody and paranoid during Nutrisystem?

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I have tried Nutrisystem about 4 times. Twice I stayed on it long enough to have significant weight loss, once 50 pounds and once 10 pounds.

When I am on the program, I am very faithful and don't cheat at all!.

My problem is that I get absolutely "nuts" after about two weeks on it. I have started and stopped it 4 times, so I know that is what is doing it. I become irritable, moody, depressed and almost paranoid..

This is the only program that I have found that works this well for weight loss but my family and work family can't stand me to be on it..


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Your question was: Getting moody and paranoid during Nutrisystem?.

You know it honestly depends on your chemicals balance in your body. Do you exercise - that releases natural endorphins which improves your mood or attitude. Not only that but if you are addicted to food it is one hard to cut out cold turkey, and two you will have withdrawals. You would need to replace it with something else. hmmm...what else ( I am such a hyprocryte - I just started back up yesterday because I have an addiction to food myself, it is hard to give up something you are litteraly addicted to ). Are you eating in variety (changing things up), are you eating all your food.

I wish you the best of luck - Jessica..

Comment #1

Hate to say it but agree with "losing"- you aren't ready yet- you don't want it bad enough- you have not hit bottom- pick one- maybe it is not a life and death choice yet..

You have to want it..

But keep trying- maybe some time you will stick with it- it really works- but you know that..

Good luck kiddo!..

Comment #2

I don't agree with the previous comment, "Sounds like you aren't committed to losing weight. If you were, then you wouldn't be making excuses," unless that feels true for you..

I have some thoughts...Make sure you are eating regularly and eating enough calories because low blood sugar can alter one's mood. I feel irritable, moody and depressed when I don't eat regularly, like when I skip breakfast and lunch (pre-Nutrisystem). If this doesn't seem to be it, and you think it is a physical issue, talk with a doctor..

The emotional aspect of weight loss could be an issue. I haven't experienced it recently, but when I dieted several years ago I began losing weight and didn't feel good about it. I didn't like the attention I was getting, none of my rings fit my fingers anymore, the thought of shopping for new clothes was so overwhelming at the time. I had to put a lot of thought into what the weight was doing for me emotionally. I was able to do what it took to lose the weight but wasn't quite ready to lose it at the time..

I don't know if this helps but these are just some things that came to mind when I read your post...

Comment #3

I'm trying to figure out how to get past the money issue. We are a family of 6 with a monthly grocery bill of about $1000 total. I am having a hard time selling spending over $330 on myself right now when I know my eating only accounts for one sixth of our total bill right now $175. I am essentially doubling what I spend on myself each month...

Comment #4

OP: Insufficient posting..

LP: Nutrisystem on your own, with lots of posting and lots of veggies to keep you stuffed...

Comment #5

Well, of course I would be doing Nutrisystem on my own. It's doubling the food budget on myself that is hard to wrap my brain around. I come to the site a few times each year and try to talk myself into it but the money keeps getting in the way. This is the first time I found the message boards though..

The other thing I keep hearing is that quite a bit of the food tends to lack in taste and I am worried that will be a hindrance for me. The one thing I wish I could do is to just order one week of food with no commitment and nothing to return so I can at least see how I can handle it...

Comment #6

NS on your own, means to follow the written program using your own food, not buying from the company. Read up (use search) or start a thread in Food Tips...

Comment #7

I was in a different place, where the money was no big deal (single, with savings). and was hesitant to do the program since I thought it would not work (or I should be able to handle on my own). I just gave it a shot and took off 70 pounds. But at the end of the day, it wasn't some fairy dust in the box that made me lose weight. I got it done. The program was a strcutural aid..

I hope you figure out how to get this done and get it done. It's not about money, it's about guts. Stop lurking on the boards and just dive in and start running the program with your own substitutes. And no cheating, no booze, no binges, no birthday cakes, no Xmas cookies. And eat big salads. And post a lot!..

Comment #8

Ahhh, I wasn't aware of that option. One thing I have found in my family of 6 is dieting on your own doesn't really work. That is why I keep looking into NS. This year I had to start buying 40' waist jeans and I HATE, HATE, HATE them. so here I am again flirting with Nutrisystem thoughts..

The one thing I like about the program is that I at least don't have to think about what to eat. It is already there. I do wish it didn't require add-ons to meals though. I really want to keep the monetary part to a minimum as this would most likely throw our budget out of whack..

I very much appreciate your input. It is very helpful to me..

I'm not in hugely bad shape but I do need to drop 35 pounds. I'm 6'2" and 230lbs right now. I don't seem to be gaining weight over the last year but the waist continues to grow despite it. That is frustrating as all heck..

I also try to fit in workouts whenever possible, which is hard in a family of 6..

My final HUGE battle is my job. I work the graveyard shift sitting in front of a computer all night. That is where I am as I type this too. These hours definitely don't benefit me at all...

Comment #9

You need to man up and drop the weight. Learn to eat big salads and get more interested in your food. Use food tips forum for insights. Join online communities (if not here, try spark people). don't just dream about losing weight. do something...

Comment #10

Why not try the trade thread? Order food from a member here who is selling, or use craigslist in your area. You could, in that way get a supply to see what you would be eating at a reduced cost..

To the OP,.

I don't know what help you are looking for. It does seem you are saying if you could push through the tough spots, you would be successful. Right? For me to be successful, I had to get past myself. For me to stay successful I have to keep myself within some structure. I know I am not alone there. Maybe this is one of those forks in the road, your what the h e l l moment, to push through.

This is completely in your control...

Comment #11

I can already tell, if I do sign up here, I'm going to spend a lot of time posting with you..

Maybe you will be the slap in the face I always needed...

Comment #12

Thanks for that idea. Just checked CL and found someone about 30 miles away asking $150 for nearly a full box. Fired them off an email just now. Post is about 2 weeks old though so who knows...

Comment #13

Sound like you need to do some soul searching and find what you really want. Do you want to lose the weight? Are you fully committed to losing the weight? You can do anything you put your mind to!..

Comment #14

4 Reasons Diets Fail.

By Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D., C.D.N..

Jun 30, 2010.

So many of the weight loss clients I've worked with one-on-one in my New York City practice admit to being professional dieters. They've tried every weight loss plan, scheme, and promise under the sun and failed miserably over and over again. And 9 times out of 10, their attempts flop because of oneor some combinationof the four reasons I discuss below. That being said, awareness is key and if you know what mistakes to watch out for, you're already a step ahead of the pack. Here's what you need to knowand can doto immediately boost your chance of long-term success.

Reason #1: You're not fully committed..

I always tell clients at our first session together: Weight loss is at least 50 percent attitude. If you're not truly ready to make a full-time commitment to losing weight, chances of long-term success are pretty slim. That's because when efforts are half-hearted from the get-go, people typically lose interest in their diet soon after they start. The sad truth is, it's not really worth starting a weight loss program if your head isn't in the game..

How to Prevail:.

My best advice is to do some serious soul-searching and identify a significant and enduring source of personal motivation for finally shedding the extra weight. Maybe it's to better manage health conditions... or to be around for your kids and grandkids... or to finally feel more comfortable in your own skin and boost your energy level..

The bottom line is that this motivation has to come from within YOU. Then, strengthen your resolve and recharge your motivation every single day with positive self talk and daily or weekly goals. I think long term goals are terrific, but short term goals can be even more powerful because they reinforce success every step of the way..

Reason #2: You expect miracles.

Individuals who launch a new diet with unreasonable expectations regarding how much weight they're going to lose each weekor who have an unrealistic goal weight in mindare signing themselves up for trouble. If you can't match your desired pace of weight loss, you'll more than likely end up terribly disappointed and quickly jump ship..

How to Prevail:.

Though you'll probably see a dramatic drop on the scale during the first few weeks on a new diet, most people eventually average out at a loss of one to three pounds per week for the duration of their plan. And if they do shed pounds more quickly than thatsay, by fasting for long stretches of timethey're more likely to gain the weight back... and then some..

I know television shows and infomercial success stories lead you to believe that you can melt off fat in a matter of weeks, but the truth is, successful weight loss is a slow and steady process. If you can accept this fact and buckle down for the long haul, you will ultimately be handsomely rewarded with better health, a smashing figure, and newfound confidence..

Reason #3: Your plan isn't sustainable..

If you're following an extreme weight loss plan that doesn't even slightly resemble "normal" eating, there's a good chance your efforts won't last. And, in my opinion, subsisting entirely on shakes, smoothies, cookies, or tonics isn't normal eating. When you view a diet as a short-term deviation from your typical eating habits, rather than a long-term lifestyle change, you will almost certainly have a hard time maintaining your weight loss..

How to Prevail:.

A diet should be based on appropriate amounts of healthy foods that keep you feeling satisfied and energizednot cranky and deprived. Most importantly, a diet should be viewed as a launching pad for a long-term lifestyle change. That's because to lose weight and keep it off forever, you really will have to permanently change your eating habits. With that in mind, it's important to choose an eating plan that you can easily transition into lifetime maintenance..

And while I can appreciate how provocative some of these quick-fix, restrictive diet plans can be, they truly are a set-up for failure and yo-yo dieting. Without fail, every restrictive plan has a calorific binge waiting right around the corner. Not the way to go for long term success. Instead, a food plan you can stick with for life is key..

Reason #4: You can't forgive your slip-ups.

This is an incredibly common diet pitfall. When people inevitably give into temptation and subsequently "fall of the wagon" for one meal or one day, they tell themselves they've blown their diet and throw in the towel for good. To be successful, you have to learn to overcome these temporary setbacks. You can't let one binge or one "off day" turn into a full week, or month, of splurging. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult for some individuals to break this cycle of negative thinking..

How to Prevail:.

Don't dwell on your mistakes. Instead, shake it off and get right back on track at your very next meal... or the very next day. And always remember, nobody gains weight from one rich dinner or a single slice of cake. The real trouble starts when you allow that one "splurge" to snowball into an all-out eating frenzy. Take it one meal at a time and learn to forgive yourself; every dieter has slip-ups, but the successful ones know how to keep those occasional lapses contained..

For more tips on losing weight, follow Joy Bauer on Facebook and Twitter..


Comment #15

Will your being on Nutrisystem cut down on any eating out? You need to take into account grocery bill and any meals out, if it will cut down on those too.

NS is more expensive grocery-wise but when I look at the big picture, it's saving my husband and I quite a bit in the extras because I only eat out for special occasions and because I'm not eating out, he's cutting down too...

Comment #16

Unfortunately not. I eat out once per month if I am lucky. I'm trying to find ways to trim the budget to include it though. Just not having a lot of luck...

Comment #17

This is more of a pat on the head than a slap in the face...but until you mentally get at least in this place you will fail...there is no way to sugar coat it for ya....


Comment #18

No offense but this is a money issue for me and I have to think of everyone in my family when I make these decisions. I know the easy thing to throw out there is the "soul searching" line, but I have to justify this to my family and not just to myself...

Comment #19

Also in a family of 6 here, decided to go ahead and spend the $$$ (didn't think it would work, but along the journey something clicked and it did ). Totally worth it, you can buy some Nutrisystem stuff @ Big Lots, if you have one in the area. I have found that Nutrisystem food worth the price as I have never felt better about myself and more confident in all areas of life. Now it is the shopping for the new wardrobe that costs a lot of $$$$!!!.

Good luck to you!..

Comment #20

Thanks for the input!!! I do have a Big Lots in my area but had no idea that Nutrisystem stuff could be found in a store. I will check that out. Thanks..

I am also glad to hear from somebody in a situation similar to my own. Makes me feel good to know that it is working for you too. Hopefully I can find a way to make this work for me as well...

Comment #21

Check Craigslist first thing in the morning every day for Nutrisystem food like it's your job.

Once the weight starts falling off you can start selling the clothes that don't fit you any more and use that extra cash towards your Nutrisystem food..

This is my first time on Nutrisystem and I am going to continue my auto delivery because right now I am still learning and I like the no brainer idea of having my meals all prepared for me. I actually feel spoiled!.

I'm sure with some dedicated CL viewing, the food trade thread and Big Lots you can pull this all together to get back on program! You could always buy some items a la carte to fill in any gaps!.

Good Luck!..

Comment #22

Hi Stuck,.

Looks like you have a lot of replies here, but even though I'm a single young professional and you have a family of 6 to feed, doesn't mean that I can't relate to money issues! I gross $40K annually, however as you know, that doesn't mean that's how much I actually get. I allow all of my taxes to be taken out every paycheck (I'd much rather see a big refund then have to pay!) So you'd say to yourself? A 24 yr old girl w/ a decent salary though, that's pretty good! Yeah well.....I live in Los Angeles and I have to rent a room because when I moved in I was getting out of a 3 yr relationship w/ my live in boyfriend, and also because I couldn't afford to have an apartment on my own. I'm also VERY VERY deep in debt from student loans. We're talking scraping the nads of 6 figures here......(.

But I digress! My rent and total student loan payments take up more than half of what I get paid monthly, so put $300 + add ins on top of that for nutrisystem, not including car insurance, credit cards, gas, cell phone, and "play" money (which there never is any left anyway but I do enjoy my morning latte) So.....there you go. And that's just me, I CANNOT imagine how it feels for a family of 6, but I wanted to let you know I sincerely feel your pain.

Especially when you want to lose the weight, and this really does work, today is the start of my 3rd week and I'm down 10lbs, and it is easy. But here's a few suggestions that help me when I literally have $60 to live on for an entire week and I'm completely out of produce:.

- Shop at the dollar store: I know here in California all of the produce comes direct from local farms. I'm not sure where you live, but there are farms all over this country, and if your local 99cents/dollar store has produce, JUMP ON IT. Mine doesn't always have the same things, but it's always worth a look. At any give time I can get a bag of apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, bags of salad and dressing, baby carrots, blueberries and strawberries, bananas, onions, etc. You can also buy milk and eggs there too. If you're not checking yours if you have one local, try it!.

- Farmers' markets: You can get a huge bag of oranges for $5. Two bags for $8, and the entire family can enjoy that. 2 huge things of strawberries for $5. You can also buy veggies. Plus that could be a fun family outing, and an inexpensive way to stock up on produce.

- Coupons coupons coupons: My local grocery store sends out flyers every so often that if you spend over $30 you get $3 off, or $50 you get $5. Check for coupons for things like yogurt, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, lunchmeat etc. The things you'll have to buy packaged.

- Salads: I find that I'm not a big enough salad fan, to where my lettuce goes bad before I finish it all. So what I sometimes turn to is the garden salads found on a lot of dollar menus. You get a free single serving dressing with it, and for me I'm getting fuller on less so it works. So if you don't want to have to buy all of that lettuce and fix ins, just get a $1 salad now and then.

- Try flexing every few days: To "preserve" your Nutrisystem food, try to do flex meals. Eat with the family, but put your portion into a rinsed our Nutrisystem container and add veggies.

- Like one member said: Check craigslist daily for Nutrisystem food on sale. That's a pretty good idea!.

I really wish you a lot of luck, the things that we need to do for ourselves is never really easy is it? If it's not money it's certainly something else. Take care and good luck!!.


Comment #23

Pls join those of us who are reading "Shrink Yourself". I think you might find it very helpful...

Comment #24

I think your thread got highjacked, but I would go back on and when that feeling comes back go to the doctor, if they find nothing, see a counselor, figure out what is causing the problem. There could be something in the food that is bothering you, could be withdrawal from bad food, could be a lot of things. Have you really thought about any issues you have with weight? Is your fat protecting you from something? Does losing weight scare you for some reason? Look inside yourself and be honest with yourself, ask someone you trust if they have any insight to your behavior you may not be seeing yourself. It is all part of working the program. How long do you stay on the program after the nuttiness kicks in? Maybe try to push thru it, tell everyone to give you a little time to see if it goes away.

Good Luck and keep us posted!..

Comment #25

You are right. I apologize. Heh. I never meant to take over the thread like that..

Also, Vermont, thanks for the advice!!!..

Comment #26


4 Reasons Why Diets Fail.

Great post, thanks...

Comment #27

Devinh1 - I think you know that Nutrisystem is there and it works. With that in the back of your mind (that you can always go back to Nutrisystem to take off any 'slip ups'), you have given yourself a free pass to get restless. This journey is 99% mental. You can get through it. Stay strong!..

Comment #28

I am the mom of a family of 5, with my kids being 8 years, 5 years and 8 months. I have to fight to find time to exercise, around my family's schedule. I get up at 4 a.m. to either run or get on the eliptical. I walk every day at lunch for an hour. I either lift weights, walk or the eliptical at night after the kids are in bed.

If you work the graveyard shift, you have to have breaks, right? During your break, walk up and down the steps at work. Start with 5 times. Challenge yourself to do it 8 times. Force yourself to do it 10-15 times...after a while your legs will be stronger, your lungs stronger and you will start to lose weight..

As for eating, if you are on the graveyard shift, are you eating meals with the family, anyway? Again, I eat with the family. I haven't been on Nutrisystem for quite a while. I fix regular food and eat much smaller portions. I eat HUGE salads. I have seconds of my salads, sometimes I only eat salad. Ultimately, the family will see you making better food choices, putting exercise and moving as a priority and they will be better for it as well.

You know what you have to do. Stop making excuses and do it...

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