Getting jewelry resized because of Nutrisystem?

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Hi All!.

I have a silly question...I have lost a lot of weight since getting married and I realized that even though my wedding ring was tight when I first got it it is now very loose....

How long did you all wait before deciding to get your jewelry sized to your new size? I am scared to get it resized until I have maintained my new loss for a few months...but then again I don't want them to fall off and get lost either! It's hard to know when to do it...I don't want to have to get sized again after I get to goal. UGH..

Any input would be helpful!.

I have 3 rings I wear all the time and all are gold but would have to be sized and they are all driving me nuts with the spinning around and trying to fall off. What should I do? Get them sized now and see what happens when I hit goal (I am 10lbs from goal)?.


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Your question was: Getting jewelry resized because of Nutrisystem?.

I'm waiting till after kids to have mine resized, I really need one of thos plastic things though. I've been wearing my wedding band on my middle finger for like the last 2 months. If I wear it on the correct finger it falls off.

Good luck to u!..

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Yesterday, I was finally able to put on the blue topaz my hubby bought me a few years ago..

What a great feeling..

Just had to throw that out there...

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Okay well maybe the jewelry store has those little plastic thingys?? I remember those now! Thanks for reminding me!.

WHEW...I bet that will do until I am courageous enough to get them sized for good!.


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Ok I did a search for "JEWELRY" in the in the title, and this was the only post that comes close to my predicament. My wedding bands are VERY loose, and I am only halfway to goal. I tried the plastic do-hickies that make rings fit more snugly - but that was just plain annoying, and kept pinching (found them at Wal-mart if anyone else is interested in trying them)..

So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I think I might have to wear the bands on a chain around my neck, until I get closer to goal before having a jeweler rezise them.....

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I just wear rings on other fingers...maybe try a ring guard? like a narrow wedding band worn in front of a ring?..

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Since you are only 10 lbs from goal I would go ahead and get them resized now. I had mine resized when I had lost about 50 lbs and now 25 lbs more lost they my wedding ring is loose again but I have about 30 more lbs I want to lose. Congrats on your weight lose...

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