Getting huge cysts with Murad Acne Complex?

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Hi guys,I'm on claravis (generic brand) for about 5 weeks now, taking 60mg pill a day. My Initial break out is terribleeeeeeee!!!!! It just won't end. The biggest problem I have are these teeny, tiny bumps that have been on my face forever turning into huge, monster cysts. It's getting so bad that every day I wake up with 3 new ones. I have a wedding to go to next week, is there anything I can do to somewhat calm the cysts down?? Is drinking a lot of water going to work??? Applying something on my face???PLEASE I NEED SOMETHING!!! I am so frustrated and sad about this...I was really looking forward to the wedding and dont want to not go because of my face.


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Your question was: Getting huge cysts with Murad Acne Complex?.

I've founded out that crushed aspirin and any type of toner mixed together to form a paste works. Its pretty harsh so apply it just to the spot and not all over your face. It made my cyst go away in a couple days. Just put it on at night, I recommend non-coated aspirin pills and neutrogena toner for acne. Hope this helps!..

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First, forget about the wedding.Secondly, reduce your dose to 20mg per day...

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I got creamed to. Go get some bactrim and knock that crap off your face. I never heard of it or I would of-Getting all scared up from the IB is nonsense. I remember performing my own surgery with a razor blade. Pop the bactrim and go to the wedding-I know there's a staff infection running around out there-bactrim is now the only treatment, so they don't want to push it-In this case go tell the derm to hit you with a months worth. You can take the tane and bactrim at the same time. Good Luck PS The rest of your face looks good..

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Thank you for all the support and advice!Today, 3 pimples united and formed a huge cyst that is the size of my head....its really fascinating watching them work together like that...

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This is happening to me too and Im 4 months in...

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This same thing happens to me to. I am almost done with my 5th month. I get zits that stay for weeks then evolve into a cyst and stay for a few more huh?..

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This topic is making me scared. It seems like a lot of people are still getting bad acne by their 4th or 5th month. I was hoping my actives would be gone by then..

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Same thing is happening to me, they are like little clogged pores then out of no where they become really inflammed..

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5 months in your medication and you still get those?!! That sucks, I'm so sorry you're going through this...Well, at least there are people that can relate to one another...

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Its my week8 now,ib had been over 1month ago,but I am still breaking was not that worse than ib,but not clear up all the way..

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