Medifast recipe for German chocolate cake?

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I knew that would get your attention! Really, if you add coconut extract to the chocolate shakes the smell is just like fresh baked german chocolate cake. The taste is where it's at though, it's wonderful. My favorite so far. My whole family loves it when I have one of these shakes because it smells so heavenly...

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You are too funny! I will have to give it a try! Thanks for the tip...

Comment #1

Sounds good although when I first looked at the topic, I started to salivate...I'll have to get some coconut extract and try it....thanks!..

Comment #2

You are such a tease!! I think I will try your idea since I love anything chocolate...

Comment #3

I love it! I was so sure that it was a new Medifast food and I was thinking yessssssssssss!!.

Great tip!! Sugar free Toranni latte syrup is also a good one and comes in many flavors. Now for that cake???????????????????..

Comment #4

LOL's. You sure got my attention. I'm on my 5th day on program and when I saw your topic I thought german chocolate cake? no way! I will definitely try the coconut extract, but I'm loving how the program is working thus far...

Comment #5

Great idea. My husband thinks the chocolate shakes smell like mildew. <gg>..

Comment #6

WOW!!!! 2nd day on program. Love the recipes that everyone posts. Looking for someone to help keep me motivated. Any volunteers? Need to lose 35 pounds by December 9th. Going on a cruise..

Also can someone teach me how the how the weight loss tickers work. I tried, but cant figure out how to post...

Comment #7

Can't wait to try it! You are right, I hurried up and opened it when I saw the title!! That is funny. Thanks for the idea...

Comment #8

Thank you so much for this idea! I tried it last night and I'm in LOVE! It was SOOO good! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!..

Comment #9

That was mean AND funny!.

Thanks for the giggle. I'm so glad I don't crave cake... but I had to check out what the thread could possibly be about...

Comment #10

LOL!!!! Yeah, that certainly got me to click on this thread! Darn it... I, too, was hoping this was a new food!.

Okay.... so coconut extract... Now on my shopping list!..

Comment #11

This is awesone - Thanks I wonder what else I can add the coconut extract too?..

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I was SO excited when I saw the subject!! Before I opened it was already planning on having it SOON!! Thanks for the laugh! I'll try that, I have the coconut extract and also the SF davinci coconut syrup...sounds yummy!..

Comment #13

Coconut SF syrup has been my favorite on MF. I add it to many, many things - Shakes (all flavors), Blueberry and M&BS Oatmeal, Chocolate Pudding (the best with cocunut), and sometimes the hot chocolate. Did I mention I love coconut?????..

Comment #14

OMG.. are we all that predictible??? I love it. Will add to my shopping list...

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