Medifast recipe for Galeos Salad Dressing?

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Oh my... I'm enjoying my L&G right now, and just tried the Galeos Dijonnaise Dressing for the first time. It's brought my grilled chicken salad to a whole new level of tasty goodness! The flavor is amazing for such a small amount of calories/carbs (2 tbs = 38 calories & 1 carb).

If you've never heard of it, you can find the info at

Has anyone used this dressing for anything other than a green salad? I'm interested in seeing what else I can use this stuff in that's Medifast friendly. I bought 6 bottles of it online. The Toasted Sesame is divine too! I love it!!..

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I make a warm spinach salad using the sesame. Saute some mushrooms with a bit of garlic and Pam, add your spinach, sprinkle with salt and pepper, cook until wilted, add a little Galeos sesame right in the hot spinach, sprinkle with paremsan cheese, omg!.

I also love the dijon as my base for broiling chicken. Yummy!..

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YUMMM!! Thanks Pam! I love spinach, so I'm going to try this...

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I marinate my fish in it, the sesame. I use Basa white fish. You can use the rest as a dipping sauce for it. It is heavenly!!!..

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Sounds great! I've been trying to get more fish in my diet. Not really a fan of it, but will try this as a marinade. Thanks!..

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I also use the wasabi ginger as a glaze for broiled salmon. Yum!..

Comment #5

Anyone care to trade a sesame for the ginger wasabi, pm me??..

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Michele, I don't care for fish either, but try the Basa. I live in Modesto, Ca. apperently this fish can't be purchased everywhere. Look in frozen and fresh. I buy the frozen ones, they have no fishy smell or taste, they are a white fish, and approx. 180 calories for 7 ounces.

I put them in a skillet and pan fry with some olive oil spray, or bake them in tin foil to steam, and even grill them, I fry them with a coating for family. Honest No fishy smell or taste!!!! let me know if you try them.......

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I marinated my chicken in the toasted sesame. It turned out delish. Just watch it on the grill though, cuz if you don't it will get really charred. Try to cook it slow at a lower temp, turns out to be more juicy that way..

I love all the dressings...

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Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look around and try to find the Basa. Sounds really good!..

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