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This is my response from Galeos:.

Dear Diana.


We are aware of the internet report by Mitch Lipka from "".* We want to know that this report contains many inaccuracies and was created by a lab inexperienced in such testing.* In fact, the sample that was supplied to this lab was in a jar, not in a Galeos Container.* Further, Mr. Lipka has steadfastly refused to give us copies of the alleged report.*.

We are 100% confident in the accuracy of our ingredients and nutritional statements.* All ingredients are organic and nutritional information on the ingredients are checked thoroughly.* Nevertheless, in order to reveal the sham that this report is, we are engaging Silliker Labs, the recognized national leader in food testing, to break down the exact nutritionals of production samples.* Production samples are those picked up off the grocery shelves rather than supplied directly to them by the manufacturer.* We will keep the report on file and avail it to anyone challenging the integrity of our products.* Furthermore, we will do this on an annual basis..

Rest assured that you can rely on the quality of Galeos Dressings and accuracy of nutritional claims and our commitment to supply only the best products now and in the future..



* *Andrei.

Tel: 949 574 0202.



******************** YOU'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH.

*********** 729 w. 16st #B-4 COSTA MESA, CA 92627.

************** Tel:- 949 574 0202 Fax:- 949 574 0217.

*********************** Email: /blog/2010/1..._lnk3%7C184962.


Is this true?.


I have been buying your salad dressings by the case for some time..



Comments (15)


I love my Galeos...

Comment #1

Well, I sure hope that the Silliker Labs report is accurate and made public because I love the Miso dressing...

Comment #2

This was in my Hungry Girl email today:.

" LYING Labels?! The SHOCKING Lab Results Are In....

HOLY DECEPTIVE STATS, Batman! What skeptical salad chewers have suspected for years has basically been confirmed. Consumer Ally took Galeos World's Best Miso Caesar dressing the super-popular, allegedly low-calorie/low-fat dressing touted by NBC's The Biggest Loser to the lab for nutritional analysis, and the results are shocking: 120 calories and 11g fat per tablespoon, nearly TEN TIMES as many calories as the label claims! Those stats are comparable to those of standard full-fat dressings. YIKES!!! This is a perfect example of why you should always trust your instincts; if something seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. For more tips on how to avoid falling for untrustworthy product stats, click here now! "..

Comment #3

Yes, me too. I really love these dressings and felt betrayed when I first heard about this. I realize that not everything posted on the Internet is true, but this seemed to be at first pass...

Comment #4

I tend to believe in the "if it's too good to be true" rule. In my experience, anything fat free, reduced fat, reduced sugar tastes different in some way, even milk and cheese. Not bad, just different, whether it's taste or texture. I would question any product that claims to be reduced/lo fat but tastes every bit as fat filled/decadent as a full fat product. Of course Galeos is going to say they are telling the truth. Why wouldn't they?.

What we need to take out of this is the fact that there is still the possibility that the nutrition is way off on these products and act accordingly. If you choose to continue using them, I would just use a lot less if you must use them. If you have a stall or your losses slow, I would cut these products out to see if it makes a difference...

Comment #5

Just an update.....

This is an email of mine to Galeo's and their response..

I was wondering whether there were any results yet from the lab testing of your dressings to refute the recent report that they were so high in fats and carbs. I have been using your dressing for many years and have recommended it to many others on the Medifast website. A lot of the folks on the Medifast forum have stopped buying your product because they say that the Galeos labels cannot be trusted. I have continued to use your products because I love them, and they havent seemed to hinder my weight loss, but I would love to have the results of your tests to show the non-believers..

Thank you..

Thank you for your email, we do not have the lab results in writing as yet but verbally they have confirmed that our label is correct , we will have the lab results posted as soon as we receive them in writing.


Tel: 949 574 0202.




729 w. 16st #B-4 COSTA MESA, CA 92627.

Tel:- 949 574 0202 Fax:- 949 574 0217.


Comment #6

I guess I am going to have to try this it really that wonderful?..

Comment #7

Sorry, but until they post the actual lab results, we only have their word against another lab's that their label is correct. No marketing person in the world is going to answer your email with "our label is absolutely wrong" without concrete lab results in hand, which they apparently don't have, so they are playing it safe and saying all is right with the world..

Not saying don't use the product, but maybe count it as a healthy fat rather than as a condiment and use it sparingly until the final and official word is out...

Comment #8

Mine are sitting in the frig. unused since the original report, waiting for the results...

Comment #9

I love Galeos dressing. It's all I used while doing Medifast in 2008. My weight loss didn't stall while using it (at least not while I was actually sticking to the program!), and I had a salad pretty much every day. I used both the Miso and the Honey Mustard. Regardless, I would still like to see the report...

Comment #10

Just an update, two weeks ago I e-mailed Andrei, the owner who had replied to some of us, and asked if they had received the test results yet from Silliker Labs. I have heard nothing back yet...

Comment #11

There's a big class action law suit that may be preventing them from communicating about the situation. I just want to know what the real stats are so that I can log it correctly. I've been counting the Sesame Miso as a healthy fat (since the reports are that it is higher fat, but not higher carb), but don't really know if I'm getting enough fat on those days (which apparently is really important for preventing gallbladder issues). I can't find any other low carb dressing that I like half as much...

Comment #12

Goldendoodle, do tell?? Got any details? Who's suing whom?..

Comment #13

Ah, a class action suit against Galeo's. I found it via Google. Guess I'm tossing my Galeo's. I've got to figure the lawyers in NJ and LA who are pursuing this must think they have a good case or they wouldn't have taken it on contingency. Thanks for the news. Oh, and I love Goldendoodles. Great dogs...

Comment #14

I'm not tossing mine yet, but am using it with extreme caution.

Yes, my goldendoodle is a sweetheart and huge goofball...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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