Medifast recipe for Frozen Banana (with nuts)?

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I was not a fan of the banana pudding... until tonight. I was preparing to make some Chocolate Rasberry Kisses and... oh no out of chocolate pudding. I had some banana so I gave it a try.


First I started with the chocolate kiss receipe posted by another member. In case you do not have it:.

1 Pudding.

Less then 1/2 cup water.

Add Dacvince syrup favor to taste.

Drop teaspoons on wax paper and freeze..

For Frozed banana, I used above with banana pudding and added Hazelnut syrup for the nutty taste. After dropping them on the wax paper I drizzed Walden Farms SF Chocolate syrup over them. Freeze and what a great treat. Just be careful on the other Medifast meals and the total syrup you are consuming..

Hope you enjoy..


Comments (9)

Yummmmmmmmmm thanks for posting this!.

I had never heard of the chocolate pudding kisses, and the banana ones sound great too!! thanks!..

Comment #1

I just tried chocolate pudding mixed with crunchy peanut butter...they are in the freezer and I am pacing the floors until they are ready!!..

Comment #2

I could not wait!!!! I tried them cold but not frozen...Reeces ladies...Reeses!!!!!!!!!!.

Out of this world!!!!!!!! Go try them ASAP!!!..

Comment #3

LOL Nanci!!!.

I was sitting here looking through recipes trying to decide what to have for my last meal today, then saw this and OMG I literally JUMPED off the couch and ran to the kitchen to make it!! I only have creamy pb but who cares? IM SO EXICTED!! I put them in the freezer but am sitting here licking the bowl they are SOOOOO great!!! Pure genious!!..

Comment #4

I just tried this today and you are right! AWESOME! I too used creamy peanut butter like Gina! They satisfied my chocolate craving today that is for sure! Thanks! I think I might try mixing the bananna and chocolate puddings together with some crunchy peanut butter to see how that turns out. I need some variety in the sweets department.


Comment #5

I made these today with chocolate pudding, coconut & almond SF syrup- hello Almond Joy!!! They were mighty tasteee!.

Thanks for this idea- I hadn't seen it before, can't wait to try it with peanut butter- yum.


Comment #6

Oh My Gosh I can't wait till I need to make another order! I don't have any puddings! Thankfully it'll only be another couple weeks...

Comment #7

Oh My Almond Joy!!!! I was soooooooooo gung-ho I also tried penut putter and banana...I called them ELVIS PRESLEY KISSES!!!! ( thank you very much Nanci in the kitchen again!!).

I also added toffee butter SF Da Vinci...just to get the idea of those fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches he used to live for( and died for too I am guessing).

Enjoy this guilt free treat!!!..

Comment #8

Peanut Butter...I got so excited just thinkin' about them I forgot how to spell!!!..

Comment #9

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