Medifast recipe for French Fry Substitution? Got a recipe??

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Ok, I am a recent member so I don't know if your resident professional chef OrangeBlood is still out there but I am hoping to reach his ear or another resident pro..

Any ideas for a french fry substitution? It can be made out of anything but ideally would be able to be picked up and dipped into a sauce or ketchup (low carb of course)..

Any help would be much appreciated!..

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You can "oven fry" veggies. I use slices of zucchini, turnip, and mushroom. I dip them in nf salad dressing, then roll them in a mixture of pulverized Medifast crackers, garlic powder and parmesan cheese. Bake them in a 375 degree oven until crisp. Don't forget to count the crackers as your snack for the day, the parmesan comes off of your lean total, and the veggies count towards your green!.


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That is an excellent idea. I especially like rolling them in crushed crakers and dressing..

Will try them this weekend!..

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After the other thread today, I searched for french fry recipes. There were several out there using rutabagas but they seem a bit too high in carbs. So, I found this one that I am going to try:.

Cauliflower Home Fries.

1/2 bag frozen cauliflower.

2 slices bacon.

Olive Oil.

Salt, pepper, paprika.

Preheat oven to 425F. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray. Cook cauliflower til tender-crisp. Cook bacon and crumble. Allow to cool and then dry any remaining moisture with paper towels. Toss with a scant amount of olive oil, then sprinkle with spices.

Bake them for about 20 minutes until golden brown. If they brown too much, reduce to 400 and cook a bit longer. Top with bacon and serve immediately.

Some possible alterations: Use Rosemary and Garlic instead of paprika and bacon. You could use Seasoned Salt instead as well. There are a lot of possibilities. I am definitely going to try this one! I'll report back if it's good or not..

Oops... this is the info that was included with the recipe: Serves 2 @ 4 carb, 3 fiber (1 NET carb), 61 Calories, 3 fat, 4 protein..

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What about turnips..I used to make those into mashed potatoes.....doing low carb..I dont' knwo what the carbs on them are..but I like them too..


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I personally slice turnips using my french fry potato slicer and place them on baking sheet sprayed with the Olive Oil Pam. Then I spray the top of them with the same Pam spray and sprinkle seasonings and salt on top. Bake on 400 until fork tender (about 25 minutes) turning once halfway through to brown all sides. THen I dip them in Trader Joe's Parmesan Ranch dressing. YUMMY!!!!! BTW turnips are on the approved vegetable list and they are sort of on the high carb side of the list, but if I am less than 80 on my carb intake without them, I don't sweat it...

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I've made french fries with Turnips, cutting them into "shoe string" type fries. Then I spray a baking sheet with Pam...put the fries on there....spray them...then sprinkle them with butter buds and garlic and a little salt. I bake them at 400 degrees until they are browned up. Then I dip them in low -carb ketchup. Not bad for a substitute...

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I usually boil my turnips a bit first, makes them easier to slice but I find them to be a pretty good substitute...

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Oh! Thanks Pam (side note- my sister's name is Pam ) That is a great idea. Guess we could nuke them too for a bit, just to par-cook them before putting them in the oven. Thank you!.


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I must confess, I have never had a turnip!.

I wonder if they have them on the island....

I guess I will find out at this weekend's shopping..

Thanks for the tip!..

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I've made these before but not since I've been on MF. I would use a non-stick pan with a little cooking spray to "stir-fry" so you don't have to use all the oil. I'm not sure if we can have sesame seeds on plan or not, but maybe you could cut that amount in half and use as a condiment??? Anyway they turned out really good. "Haricots" are those really thin small, french green beans. I have found them at the local Whole Foods..

Maybe someone has an idea for cooking them in the oven?.

Haricots Frites Recipe courtesy Rachael Ray.

Show: 30 Minute Meals.

Episode: Mellow Out in 30.

1 1/4 pounds, 4 large handfuls, haricots verts - thin green beans, trimmed.

2 tablespoons light in color oil, such as vegetable oil or peanut oil.

2 tablespoons sesame seeds.


Bring 2 inches water to a boil in a large skillet. Salt water once it comes to a boil. Blanch haricots verts in boiling water 2 minutes, drain and cool. Pat beans dry on paper towels.

Dry skillet as well and return to heat. Heat pan over high flame and add oil to coat the bottom of pan. Add beans to hot oil and stir fry using tongs to move and toss the beans until they are charred and very hot, 3 to 4 minutes. Sprinkle beans with sesame seeds and cook 30 seconds more, to both toast the seeds and distribute them. Pile fried beans onto a serving plate and sprinkle with salt, to your taste.

It won't let me copy the picture, so here is the link....


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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