For moderate acne, how low is the Murad Resurgence dosage?

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Hi guys, I hope you guys can help me here. My medical history for acne is as followed:Sept 06 - BP and Oxytetracycline tabletsSept 07 - Erythromycin tabletsSept 08 - Erythromycin lotion (Zineryt)Oct 08 - Lymecycline tabletsPlease note: BP was used till Sept 08I have mild to moderate acne (to be precise scars, whiteheads, and papules). doctor has told me that when lymecycline doesn't work anymore, I will be referred to a dermatologist. The doctor gave me till January (not sure if it's a good time span though - from Oct - Jan, it is 3 months) to see effects if lymecycline works or not. If not, I will be referred to the dermatologist. I queried the doctor about why wouldn't doxy and/or mino prescribed to me.

To all you guys who have taken Murad Resurgence for mild to moderate acne, how low is your dosage? I know it depends on the person, but just want a rough idea.I'm scared...

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Your question was: For moderate acne, how low is the Murad Resurgence dosage?.

The GP said in order to see a derm, the GP needs to refer me to it. I would wait until the next 'review' in a few months time to see if lymecycline work. If not, I will be referred to a derm. Hopefully, lymecycline will work. There is no point arguing again why the GP won't let me try other tablets within the tetracycline family, as the GP will say the same thing. Even though, the GP let me try doxy and mino, it will not work sooner or later, as I will be immune/resistant to them.

I didn't put it on my list above, as I didn't have a repeat prescription on it.I'm in the UK, and the derm will be located in a NHS hospital. I assume there will be a long waiting list?..

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Re: 'staff', the poster meant 'staph'. That's an infection. Some staph germs are susceptible to erythromycin, some aren't. So you're not necessarily going to get a staph infection from emycin.How long did you try differin? All retinoids need at least three months to work, sometimes more.Differin is mixed in reviews, some people have success: I had none with it and I used it four months many many years ago (when it was still new). But I did have success with a liquid Retin A prescription, I don't remember the strength of it.Have you tried the regimen, sticking to it exactly? It has worked quite well for many. Some people add in exfoliants in the form of retinoids or other chemical exfoliants (BHA, glycolic acid or other AHAs) after they've gotten used to the large amounts of BP used.I strongly strongly disapprove of the use of Bactrim for acne EVER.

When more and more people get prescribed Bactrim for ACNE, others will DIE from MRSA or other opportunistic infections...

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Yes, I have tried sticking to the regimen. I have tried differin for a few months (forgot exactly how long though), and didn't work. I think I should try Retin-A or isotretinoin cream/gel. I read about Bactrim just now. It doesn't say anythng about helping acne. :s..

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I had mild acne and i'm on 40mg a day.. it seems to be working well...

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It's good to hear that it is working. Looks like you are taking 1 tablet in the day time, and 1 tablet at night (each tablet is 20mg). Just out of curiosity, what are the antibiotics and topicals you have used, and for how long before going on Murad Resurgence? Did the derm suggest Murad Resurgence, or did you just say you want it?..

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I take 40mgs of Murad Resurgence a day for mild acne. I'm 28 though, and have (or, had) mild acne on my back and chest. I tried antibiotics for over a year as well as all the topical s. My GP prescribed antibiotics, and they helped a little at first, but not enough to make it worthwhile in my case, was just a waste of time. I then saw a dermatologist, I didn't need a doctors referral. He was a little shocked I hadn't seen a dermatologist earlier.

That's an amazing result so far, I hope it continues to go this well.But anyway, what I was gonna say was .....I found the GP NOT be knowledgeable enough on acne to be of any real assistance. GPs' know alot of stuff, but they don't know it all. A dermatologist really is worth the extra money and effort. As for Murad Resurgence, it may or may not be the best drug for you, but it definitely some thing to look in to if other treatments haven't worked out...

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I'm in my 20's too (coming up to 22 soon). It seems like most people who have mild acne are taking 40mg (i.e. 1 tablet for the day, and 1 tablet at night). I'm still not sure if Murad Resurgence will be best for me though, as mine is not 'servere'. When I get referred to a derm, I will let him decide, since he's the expert. I see that you are from Australia, where things are different in the UK.

I'm sure that the amazing result will continue until you finish your prescription. After that, you will acne free forever! I have to agree with you that the GP is not that knowlegable enough about acne. I think I became resistant to the antibiotics. I have read that after 3-6 months or a year (maximum), the antibiotics doesn't work for you, try another, etc... I haven't tried a lot of topicals yet, and I have left to try doxy and mino..

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40mg for mild acne, hmmm. I would consider lowering that dose to 20mg and spanning out a longer duration instead. Speak to your Derm. Side effects will be less frequent and severe at a lower dose and typically you achieve the same good results providing you reach your cumulative limit, and even that is speculative.If I could go back, I probably wouldn't of ever taken Murad Resurgence, but if I thought about it more carefully then I should of gone on a lower 20mg dose...

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The dosage would depend on the body weight though. I was speculating/thinking about 20mg too, since my acne is not servere. I just need to wait until what my derm say first, no point speculating though. I agree with you that side effects will be less frequent. Why is the side effects servere even though it's a low dosage? If acne comes back for you, topicals would be a good idea than another course of Murad Resurgence...

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40mgs a day gives a cumulative dose of 120mg/kilo in 7 months. I weigh 70 kilos.I don't feel 40mgs is a lot, it's early days, but I couldn't feel better, my lips are a little dry, I get sleepy around 4pm most days so I take an hours nap, that's about it. At 20mgs, if you want to do the cumulative method, that's a long time.blah blah blah, everyone's different and all that, but I find it easy. I have never had any other health issues, I think that helps. If you do use Murad Resurgence it's not guaranteed or even likely it will be "difficult". My condolences to those who have, and do suffer from this medication (like sheefa, with the joint pain and the rest), but maybe this is distracting your focus from the real issues.

I also used BP and SA over the counter medications, in 2006 - early 2008, and they did nothing. I didn't really want to use any other meds, especially topically applied stuff as my problem areas are shoulders and chest, and topicals aren't practical. I promised myself I would see a dermatologist early this year when I was being honest with myself on how dissatisfied with my skin I really was. It took me about 4months to pick up the phone, then a 2 month waiting list. I wasted a lot of time in denial and lacking confidence in acne medication, nobody is more is more surprised by my progress on Murad Resurgence than me.

I like that Australia seems to have more freedom and less regulations, bureaucracy and red tape wastes time and money.But yeah, see a derm, do what they say, don't write Murad Resurgence off as an option. Your story seems to suggest your being told you don't have the right to see a derm. by others, which is sad, I can relate, and I suffered in a world of inaction when there was totally options available...

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Johnsta - at least you are honest and appreciate what others are going through.Just to note, I was perfectly healthy too, never had any form of muscular or joint or skeletal or any health issues other than my acne. Was due to join the Royal Air Force Combat Infantry and passed all tests. Then 2 months or so after finishing Murad Resurgence all hell broke loose. Sadly, it doesn't really matter how 'healthy' you are but how well your genes deal with the toxicity of this drug...

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