Foods I Miss Eating while on Nutrisystem

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I have been eating Nutrisystem for a long time, and can honestly say I haven't not had food cravings while on it (much to my surprise and delight). However, there are some foods I have missed not eating, which really is a different feeling than craving something. I do take occasional days off Nutrisystem and usually manage during one of those days to eat one of the foods I've missed eating. I've found that a lot of the food choices on Nutrisystem (the chocolate foods, the crunchy snacks, the sweet breakfasts) have been enormously helpful to prevent cravings..

What foods do you miss not eating because you are following the plan strictly?.

My biggest one is ice cream, followed by potatoes..

What about you?..

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Your question was: Foods I Miss Eating while on Nutrisystem.

Perhaps it is two different things. You miss the taste of the old foods but you don't have random urges to eat them. Makes sense...

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That's a great description of what I've been experiencing the time I've been on Nutrisystem (a year and a half). Thanks for the input!..

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LOL glad I could help.

I think Nutrisystem is great because it gives you alternatives for many "fatty" foods you might crave. I am a huge mashed potatos lover...those cheesy homestyle potatos for lunch are a delicious replacement!! Pizza is also helping me stick to the plan because I love it esp adding veggies and such. There are burgers, tacos, pasta...something for everyone. I do wish they'd add more entrees for dinner for some variety but I can't complain about the taste of some of these formally "fatty" foods. I am a very picky eater and I was so pleasantly surprised that I was enjoying the food and able to stick with it. I know it hasn't been that long for me but it's a big step...

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Cheese. Warm, gooey, full-fat, melted cheese. That's what I miss..


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Been on Nutrisystem since March and I still miss gooy Steak & Cheese Subs and Onion rings, and of course ICE CREAM. For every 10 pounds I loose I do reward myself and have something I really like and have not had in so long. Good luck everyone on your journey!..

Comment #5

Everything we have in our restaurant. Real mashed potatoes, fried chicken, pot roast, sweet corn, carrot cake, etc. etc etc. Oh well, it really is not important and I would rather lose weight and be thinner than eat that stuff anyway. After all, it made me fat...

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I miss bread and Pasta... I'd love to go to Macaroni Grill, but I know after being on Nutrisystem for only 3 weeks, that would NOT be a good idea. I'm learning portion control and I do think about how much I am eating, but I think if I had a plate of pasta w/ some bread in front of me they would have to roll my butt out of the resturaunt..


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I've been on Nutrisystem now for 3 weeks... Not many cravings at all. Thank goodness! But I must admit I kinda miss bread. I was a big bread eater - would have it every day: whether it be toast at breakfast, rolls or garlic bread with dinner - bread was a regular part of my meals..

When off NS, won't eat it quite as much...

Comment #8

Hot fudge sundae or peanut buster parfait from Dairy Queen...

Comment #9

Hmmmmmm...I'm beginning to regret starting this thread. It's making me hungry, and I'm even reading it while eating dinner...

Comment #10

Dips - the creamier and gooier the better.


Mayo (my drug of choice-totally addicted to Best Foods before starting NS).

Philly Cheese Sub from Arby's.

Tater Tots.

Other than those 5 foods ( LOL, are they really food?), I think the Nutrisystem foods are great replacements for a healthier new body!.

I am almost ashamed to post those 5 "rotten" choices I used to make!.

Thank you NS!..

Comment #11

Ice cream, potato chips, Arby's Loaded potato bites, carrot cake....etc ( I could go on all

Comment #12

For people in A.A. that miss drinking they recommend thinking about having the drink but think it through..

Think about what it's like to have the drink and also all of the terrible reprocussions that having that one drink will bring..

The same philosophy could really be applied to this. Think about how great something would taste and how much you miss it. But also think about how bad you felt about yourself and all the reasons you want to lose. And all of the money you'd waste by giving in. Sort of what I did when I quit smoking.

At least that's what I told myself when I wanted to snatch a Ruben out of my husbands hand the other day. I do miss good cheese! It'd taste good for a few minutes but so not worth the time I'd regret eating it or the extra time I'd have to spend on the treadmill.

When I feel like eating something I try on a pair of the dream size pants I bought that are still a little too tight...

Comment #13

Oh, how true this is! Part of my weight gain was due to quitting smoking! As I look back, letting the cigarettes go was easy because I could replace them with food. Dealing with all the other stuff that went along with why I was smoking/eating, that was and still is the hard part.

I think that is why I look at Mayo as my "drug of choice" since I know that is my weak spot, I am always thinking about why I want it and if it will be worth another hour in the gym. (The answer, by the way, is usually NO! And, If I do choose to eat it, I go with FF!).

NSEater is right! Missing food is soooooooo totally different than craving certain things. This thread not only lets us miss our food, but it also started my thinking about WHY I miss certain things. Holly..

Comment #14

Haf2go, I'm so glad you understood what I mean between missing and craving food. I honestly haven't had cravings, which really is different from missing food. To me, missing food is rational, kind of "gee, I'd really like to have some of [whatever food] but I'd rather stick to NS." A craving is emotional, not rational, and I obsess with whatever food it is until I cave in, eat it, and then feel really bad about having eaten it. It's definitely emotional. I can sit here calmly and say I really do miss ice cream, but I have no strong feelings to go and eat it..

I'm really enjoying the responses on this thread - thanks to all who have responded and keep 'em coming. Some of you posters are really cracking me up and I love some of the food descriptions!.

And I don't miss any food as much as I love being back into a size 8 pair of jeans, which I am, and people telling me I look great only because of Nutrisystem...

Comment #15

Doughnutsraised ones with chocolate icing!.

Greasy texmex cheese enchiladas!.

These things used to be my drugs of choice on a bad daystill think about them but havent given in yet a year and 67 pounds ago!..

Comment #16

I miss reese cups, snickers, oreos, mallo cups, and danish. Can you tell I love sweets?..

Comment #17

The big difference between the cigarette and the food is that you NEVER have to pick up another cigarette to survive. You have to eat EVERY day. Everyday is the battle against the food... You may even battle WHILE you are eating. When to stop? What choices to make? Cigarettes is just a yes or no question... Will I smoke? Hopefully, your answer is no.

I'm not negating the incredible battle to quit smoking you have gone through... but just had a small point comparing the two...

Comment #18

Um too!.

I miss skittles, peppermint patties, hershey kisses, oh the list goes on. LOL.

But I do like the Nutrisystem food and the desserts are totally satisfying!..

Comment #19

Honestly the only thing I miss and crave is jasmine rice. Oh I love that stuff!..

Comment #20

Minyuette, I honestly don't know what jasmine rice is, but would it fit in as the carb you are allowed to eat with certain dishes (i.e. the hamburger entree or the chicken entree? or an you eat a little bit as free food?). Might be worth investigating if you really miss it - you may be able to fit it into the program!..

Comment #21

I agree with NSEater! I can do without whatever I'm craving for the greater good. BUT...if I had a choice a 3 muskateers bar and a deep dish pizza would be wonderful to have again.

I know we're not supposed to cheat, but when cravings really hit - one bite is now enough to satisfy the desire, when it used to be the whole portion. I consider that a success in itself!..

Comment #22

I've been on Nutrisystem for a week, I miss my sweet tea, and cheese cake..

Comment #23

Regular Pepsi, stuffed crust pizza, and potato chips are the ones I miss the most. Especially the Pepsi as I hate the diet Pepsi and water. Lol!!!..

Comment #24

There is this italian deli that makes these sandwiches to die for...soft bread with tons of cheese and italian meats, oil/vinegar, mayo, mustard - MMMM, so tasty! But...I will wait for that first 10 pounds to come off, then go get one and only eat 1/2, share the other half with my daughter (who is also trying to lose weight, she follows a lot of the same ideas as us - lots and lots of raw foods, I am very proud of her she is down 3 pounds in ONE WEEK! She is 11 ).

Also, my mom's Kahlua Cake - TO DIE FOR!!!..

Comment #25

Buffalo wings are what I miss the most but I try to make the chicken patty as close as possible ... =)..

Comment #26

That's my girl!!! Right after my own heart...French Fries (with cheese)...hands down. guys are bad. LOL..

Comment #27

Oh, that's great of your daughter. Losing weight is so hard, esp. at that age - mustering up all that discipline. Please give her my congrats.

Yummmmm Kahlua Cake. I'm definitely regretting starting this thread (as my mouth waters.....)...

Comment #28

I always see these kinds of replies and I realize that my philosophy is so different from a lot of people on Nutri-system. I don't miss anything, because I allow myself to have it.

Here's what I mean: I do Nutri-system hardcore during the week, rarely stray. However, come Friday night I'm technically off. I try to be pretty good during the day on Saturday and Sunday but I go to dinner on Friday night out and eat what I want, along with a few glasses of wine. Same thing on Saturday night. And Sunday, who knows. Like this Sunday, with the playoffs (go GIANTS!!) my husband and I ordered pizza.

This way, I never feel like I need to miss something. If I really crave something, I can have it on the weekend. Most times I end up over it by then. And as I go along on Nutrisystem I find that I don't crave the things as much. Before, every Saturday we would have Carl's Jr. or Taco Bell or Del Taco for lunch.

My body reacts differently to stuff too. Like on Monday, because of the pizza the day before, I felt gross and bloated. But it makes it easier to go back on on Monday..

My point is, I see so many posts where people talk about never having a food again. I know it is all different perspectives and philosophies, but I don't think I could do all of this if I thought it meant I would never have the choice of having some of my favorite foods again. Anybody else think like this out there?.

By the way. It works for me. I've been doing Nutrisystem for quite awhile but the last 6 months or fell of the wagon due to finishing up law school, studying for the bar, waiting for bar results, etc. But I startred up again 3 weeks ago and at the 2 week mark had lost 4 pounds...

Comment #29

Yeah, same for me...while I'm still trying to lose, it seems counterproductive to me to eat *crap* on the weekend because I know I can't make up for it during the week and still make any good progress...

Comment #30

Meat...we raise cattle and eat alot of beef. I'm having a hard time with the dinners in all the sauce. The hamburger patties and pizzas are becoming a staple in my diet...

Comment #31

For the love of God Birdie please please do not post the location of your restaurant!!!!!..

Comment #32

I gain weight so fast, if I went off Nutrisystem on weekends, I would be starting completely over at my be ginning weight every single Monday, and probably higher than my starting weight. I am being 100% honest about's happened to me many times on past diets...

Comment #33

Hello - I wanted to reply to your post. I do the same thing. M-F strong NS, S-S kinda what I want. This really works well for me and sometimes I even do Nutrisystem on S-S. I think because I know I can eat on weekends I tend not to. This works great!.


Comment #34

I think I answered this one already but I am not sure. Lol!!! Anyway Pepsi(regular) is what I miss more than anything! Much harder than any food! Is that weird? I think so. Lol!!!..

Comment #35

There are some foods I haven't eaten in years because my husband can't eat red meat (and I never liked cooking it.) Like cheese-steak subs. But I had one about six months ago. And I was dissappointed. I'd built it up in my mind as this great wonderful thing I was missing. And when I ate it, it fell far far short of the mark. I wondered if they were having an "off" day at the cheese-steak place, but all my friends said they were as yummy as ever.

Our tastes really do change!!..

Comment #36

Pebbles1960, you've articulated why I switched to ordering from the web for 28 days of food from QVC's weekends off program. I know QVC also has a 28 day program now, but I'm not sure if they did when I started it. At any rate, I much prefer ordering from here with the free S&H and daily dose bucks off, etc...

Comment #37

I just started Nutrisystem two weeks ago and I have to say I really like the plan but some things that I miss are....French toast, Doughnuts,Seafood Fettucini, Filet Mignon, Thai food, and Mexican food and drinks. With two small boys in the house I really miss Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Sugar toast crunch cereal but the Nutrisystem Cereal is pretty good. I put a bananna in or blue berries and it hits the spot.

Have a great weekend-.


Comment #38

I don't see how anyone can miss eating at Casa Ole. Unless you are from SE Texas there are lots of great mexican places to eat. The Casa Ole here in my town alwats BARLEY passes the health code but is packed...

Comment #39

Hello everyone ).

It is my first day in the program and reading your comments doesn't help.. LOL.

I feel that I already miss eating bread - rice - potatoes and other YUMMY stuff... hahaha.

Good luck everyone and nice to meet all of you and read your comments...

Please keep the encouragement, I need it )..

Comment #40

So far I don't miss anything, and it's been 3+ weeks, but that's because I was on a low-carb diet for the last couple of years and on Nutrisystem I'm able to eat apples, and grapes, and bread (with the burger), and soup with potatoes, and taco shells, and....

It's a toss-up between the apples and the bread as to what I was happiest to re-introduce. I went overboard on the bread and had a large slice of whole grain bread from Panera (200 calories for a slice!) but I still stayed within my calorie limit for the day by having one of the lower-calorie desserts...

Comment #41

I am doing ok with the cravings, but whatever my husband eats looks delicious. I can handle it though, lol!..

Comment #42

I really miss my own pasta and pasta sauce. Also mashed potatoes and italian bread. But..have been good. Only a little stray yesterday with some low fat rotel/velveeta and whole weat tortilla chips!..

Comment #43

I just wanted to encourage you all that there *are* healthy swaps for things that you like!.

Once you start maintaining (or even when you are used to the plan and want to do some meals on your own) don't be shy to create your own healthy versions of things that fit into the plan. It makes losing more interesting!!.

French Toast (Spiced).

French Toast (Spiced).

Counts as breakfast about 160 calories & free food (syrup) 30 calories).

Fat Free Reddi Whip optional.

3 slices Light Wheat bread (40 per slice 120 calories).

Tsp. imitation vanilla extract.

Cup light soymilk or FF milk if you dont have the soy (17.5 calories).

1 egg white (20).

Tsp. cinnamon.

1 dash nutmeg.

2 tbsp. Splenda.

1/8 tsp. imitation rum extract.

SF syrup 30 calories "free food".

Heat large skillet just above medium temp. In a small bowl, mix together egg white, milk, extracts, cinnamon, nutmeg, and Splenda. Whip mixture for a bout 30 seconds..

Spray pan with nonstick spray (between each round as well). Stire mixture well again. Dip one piece of bread in the liquid mixture, coating both sides. (Careful not to soak the bread or use too much you won't have enough left for your other pieces! ) If you want you can spoon the mixture over the bread to coat it, instead of dipping it in the bowl. Place the bread on the sprayed pan. Cook one side 30-45 seconds.

Repeat with the following pieces. If your pan is large enough, you may be able to cook two at a time to minimize cooking time. Spread cooked slices with Promise Fat Free butter spread if desired, then top with one serving SF maple syrup. I also topped mine with some Fat Free Reddi Whip (5 calories per 2 tablespoons), I just used a little less than a serving of the SF syrup to make up for the calories..

Enjoy warm!.

If you don't like cinnamon that much, you can use half the allotted amount or omit it, and use a bit extra imitation vanilla extract..

Fettuccine Alfredo.

Counts as dinner and optional fat serving.


(dinner: noodles 180& sauce 75= 255 calories, ~13 g protein).

(fat: parm. cheese- 50 calories).

(2 veggies- spinachx2).

Ingredients: 1/8 cup fettuccine alfredo sauce (type that has 80 calories per 1/4 cup serving) 40 calories.

1/8 cup Ragu Parmesan and Mozzarella sauce (30 calories).

1 serving whole wheat linguine noodles (180 calories per 2 ounces).

1 serving regular or reduced fat parmesan cheese (50 calories or less) This is Optional.

1 tbsp. Promise Fat Free butter spread 5 calories.

5 sprays I can't believe it's not butter.

Sprinkle of pepper to taste.

Boil water, and cook linguine about 7-10 minutes (or according to package directions)..

Combine two sauces in bowl. Heat in microwave about 45 seconds or until hot. Add in fat free butter spread, and pepper sprinkle, stir well, and microwave another 20-30 seconds..

Drain noodles, and set on a plate. Spritz noodles with ICBINB spray. Top with the sauce, and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Add veggies (and fruit/salad) to round out Nutrisystem meal. Enjoy!!!.

Italian Lunch.

Counts as Nutrisystem Lunch (202.5, 8.5g protein), Protein(80, 15g protein) and Salad.

For Pasta Salad with shrimp:.


1.7 ounces whole wheat linguini- 157.5 cal, 6g protein (part of Nutrisystem lunch).

2 tbsp. FF Italian dressing (part of salad).

1/2 one small roma tomato (part of salad).

1 tbsp. canned mushrooms (part of salad).

Garlic salt.


1/2 serving cooked, frozen shrimp 35 cal, 6g protein.

Cook pasta according to package. Slice roma tomato into chunks, sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper. Add to noodles and refrigerate. Thaw shrimp. Heat skillet on medium and spritz with 0 cal cooking spray. Add tbsp.

Add to pasta. Top pasta with the FF Italian dressing and stir well. Return to refrigerator..

For Italian Cheese Bread:.

1 piece light wheat bread (part of lunch): 40 cal, 2.5g protein.

1/2 tbsp. FF Italian dressing- 5 cals (calories included in lunch).

1/4 cup FF cheese 45 cals, 9g protein.

Turn broiler on low. Spritz bread lightly with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. Spread FF dressing over bread. Top with cheese. Broil about 4 minutes, until cheese melts and edges crisp..

Pull cooled pasta out of refrigerator and enjoy!.

I had mine with a small salad (with wish bone spritzed dressing free food) and a big glass of sweet tea! (splenda sweet of course...)..

Comment #44

LOL Joujeyeh. hang in there, it gets better and you get used to this food..

Best wishes on your weight loss journey.

I've lost 66 pounds, and I don't miss those a lot more than any foods I miss...

Comment #45

Hi Fairytale.

You wouldn't live in FL would you? I know someone who loves the same snack as you.


Comment #46

Hey Looking Great,.

You wouldn't live in Colorado would you?.


Comment #47

I am surprised that I don't really miss anything. I thought I would miss bread but I don't. We had company last weekend and went out to dinner two nights. I was the only one not drinking wine but I was surprised that I didn't miss it at all. I pre-planned what I was going to order before I got to the restaurants and did not feel deprived at all. I brought my own spray on Wishbone dressing so I didn't miss a beat.

Surprise surprise - I stayed on plan all weekend and lost 3 more pounds!.

I just keep telling myself that all of the foods I love and cannot have right now are still going to be there when I reach goal.


Comment #48

Margee14, what a great post and great attitude! Congrats on your 3-lb weight loss even after going out to eat...

Comment #49

I miss peanut butter. I know it is one of the fats on the list for dinner, but only a teaspoon. And I can make that teaspoon last pretty long. Yum!..

Comment #50

I miss buffalo wings (with bleu cheese) and bagels with gobs of cream cheese...

Comment #51

I am with another poster a couple pages back who said they don't look at it like they will NEVER have the foods they miss again. Nutrisystem is teaching me moderation and portion sizes.

I started the weekends off thing this past weekend to stretch out the last order of Nutrisystem foods that I am able to afford. I did not pig out, I followed the plan but I did fit in an old favorite to my daily calories because I am not willing to give up any food that I enjoy forever. I had some fresh sour dough artisan bread (it was still warm when we picked it up) with my dinner on Saturday and a few bites of it on Sunday at dinner as well. It was lovely and I did not over indulge.

Things I miss.....

Chinese food take out with my husband, the steamed plain veggies are not the same.

Real pizza.

Local organic artisan cheeses especially a certain herbed chevre.

Artisan bread but I had some and found I could control myself.

Cake, the real kind with frosting I could eat half a cake in a day in the past.


Cheesecake, I need to make one of the Nutrisystem versions people have recipes for.


Chicken nuggets from McDonalds.

Also there are things I miss because they are out of season but thats different because they are all healthy. I miss fresh organic produce grown in my state. Ohhhhh how I long for a head of "real" lettuce and some fresh berries still warm from the sun. Mmmmm and walking out to the garden and picking a couple pea pods and just eating the raw peas straight out of the pod for a snack. How about the crunch of a fresh radish or carrot you just pulled out of the soil? Ooooh or fresh basil with mozzarella and a "real" tomato or cherry tomatoes. Yum! I have spring fever!..

Comment #52

I miss sampling the 60 or so bottles of wine in my cellar from a trip to Napa last year ! Well, I'm hoping they age well I also miss the related weekend wine tasting events at my local wine shop - they always had good stuff paired with fantastic foods..

I miss Bachman Jax - a cheese doodle type snack. I miss trying all the easter candy that is out now - I have a massive sweet tooth.

But these definitely fall into the "miss" category and not the "crave" - I'm having a hard enough time making myself eat all that I am supposed to eat all day on NS, that the idea of eating those things make me feel a little ill...

Comment #53

I just recently found WW ice cream cups...I think they're about as big as the hoodsie ice cream cups. They are comparable to the Nutrisystem Double Chocolate Cookie. The flavors are Fudge Brownie, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I live in MA and I found them at Stop and Shop!!! They are yum!..

Comment #54

I miss the pairing of wine and cheese.

I miss toasted bagels with whipped cream cheese and jelly.

I miss the taste/texture of fried foods. I love that crunch!.

I will go back to wine and cheese in moderation - and MAYBE the occasional 1/2 bagel, but I know anything fried will make me sick now :-)..

Comment #55

We picked up some to try yesterday - can't wait!.

We LOVE the WW "giant" ice cream bars with the chocholate cookie crumble on them - they also fit into the Nutrisystem program. Had the vanilla, and then got the chocolate ones (even lower in calories/fat than the vanila). We take the stick out and put them in a bowl with a dollup of FF chool whip -delicious!!!..

Comment #56

I'll have to try those too!!! Wooo hoo!! Ice cream again!!!..

Comment #57

Amcarvelli, I have had the WW "dixie cups" for a few months now (mint choc. chip, choc. chip cookie dough, turtle sundae, and the new chocolate fudge brownie. I will say that I never eat these as part of my Nutrisystem plan; I only eat them when I take the occasional day off NS. I think the dietitian has commented before that ice cream, even the diet ice creams, do not fit into the plan. Please, please note that some of those are 3 WW points and some are 2 so there are differences in the stats.

I also love the chocolate cookies & cream bars mentioned above. Yum!!.

Thank you for mentioning them, though. I love them and always have some on hand; just not for Nutrisystem days, at least for me..

Kilbane, I'm really glad you understand the distinction between a craving and something I just miss which I tried to convey when I started this thread...

Comment #58

The food I miss terribly are the Thai and chinese dishes...........I never really ate fast food.

But once I loose it all in will try to incorporate everything in moderation.

And offcourse make healthy choices...

Comment #59

Thank you! Good point... I compared the Fudge Brownie to the cookie... Thank you for looking out! I just bought them, so I will be careful in how I incoorporate them!!!..

Comment #60

Amcarvelli, here is just one of several threads in the dietary services forum about ice cream, and dietary services does respond on it. It's worth reading..

Also dietary services has specifically posted before that Skinny Cows don't fit on the plan. I really don't think, from what I've read on this BB, that any ice cream does:.


Comment #61

Its only been 3 weeks but......I miss Macaroni Grill, LARGE sweet tea (even though I still have decaf w/ splenda it's not the same) and BREAD!!!!!!..

Comment #62

Kdc1595, I know a lot of people don't like them, but the pretzels as a snack help satisfy my bread craving. Also, you get bread with the Nutrisystem hamburger, and chicken patty (if that out-of-stock selection is ever offered again) and I eat bread instead of melba toast with the chicken salad. There are a few other dishes that you can eat bread with too (which I don't order) so if you miss bread that much, you should try to eat one of those dishes a few times per week...

Comment #63

I used a 100 cal english muffin with my Nutrisystem burger and Chix patty. What I really mean by bread is the fresh baked, still warm Italian or French loafs. The kind they serve at Macaroni Grill. I used to always make muffins, biscuits, cornbread, etc with dinners for my family. Now "extra" bread servings are a treat for them. As I change my eating habits I am trying to change my families as well.

After he finished he said he was actually FULL. LOL!!!..

Comment #64

I miss fried porkchops with gravy and mashpotatoes. and fried chicken. where I live you go downtown to run your errends and there is a place called quick chick makes the best chicken and it smells up the whole little town...

Comment #65

Kdc1595, oh, I wish I hadn't read your post responding to me. It conjured up the Great Harvest Bread Company which makes absolutely the best gourmet breads. My favorite is their cheddar and garlic, right out of their oven, and they also make the best pepperoni pizza loaves - they are better than pizzas. Problem is, I'd eat that whole pepp. pizza loaf myself, one reason I was led to have to go on Nutrisystem in the first place. Thanks for making my mouth water...and the memories of that bread, but also thinking that it was going straight to my hips as I ate it...

Comment #66

I am sorry but the smell of food and the sight of food sure makes it hard.everyday I remind my self please make thru the day it will be so worth it. and the food is good and there is plenty to eat it's a mind thing for me...

Comment #67

I miss sandwiches... any kind... PBJ, Chick salad, turkey. Its just such a lunch food...its weird for me to eat a pasta, or potatos for lunch...

Comment #68

I miss french fries. Big homemade ones fried with sea salt, dipped in catsup with hotsauce in it......

Comment #69

ElleWoods said I don't this is so much about "having a different philosophy" as you say. I would love to be able to do this and still lose. I've tried this in the past when on weight loss plans and I just don't lose. I guess if it works for you and you still lose weight, that's good. I have to limit myself to one day every other week..

The thing I miss most is going out to eat and not worrying about what I order...

Comment #70

I miss real Mexican food, sushi, and feeling full...

Comment #71

I miss Ice Cream and cookies! But feeling thinner feels better than feeling fat to me! Just a thought!..

Comment #72

Bumping this thread for a poster who is having cravings. I really don't have cravings on Nutrisystem - the foods prevent it IMO. But I do miss some things, and take an occasional day off to eat them in moderation. And so, I'm bumping one of my threads......

Comment #73

Jill06, funny you say that. I just received a gift certificate today to Panera. Love that place!..

Comment #74

Crispy Italian bread dipped in Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #75

Real pizza, we have an amazing pizza place here and I would kill for a slice. I'm sure after only doing Nutrisystem for a few weeks the oil and fat would make me nauseous...

Comment #76

I've only been on Nutrisystem for 3 weeks so I haven't had any real food cravings but real pizza would be nice. I actually like all of the Nutrisystem pizzas but it doesn't compare to real pizza at all. But for now I'm just trying to take note of the portion sizes because when I finally get off Nutrisystem, I don't want to overeat. One of the things Nutrisystem is teaching me is it's not always what you eat but how much. A lot of us, myself included, are big overeaters...

Comment #77

I don't actually miss anything yet, but it has only been 3 weeks. I think eventually I might miss my sweet tea, but then again, maybe it would be too sweet for me now...

Comment #78

What I think we will have to do for proper portions in the real world is to take a slice, cut it in half, cut off the crust, take off the bacon, extra cheese and ham, scrape off half the sauce and add some whey protein...then eat it...

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I am in week 3 and thankfully I haven't had any big cravings. When I want something to munch on while watching TV, I just grab soy chips or pretzels (from the Nutrisystem plan) and have my serving of fruit for "dessert" later that night. When I want something sweet, I eat fruit or again, use a Nutrisystem dessert to satisfy it. It's not really craving specific foods for someone else said it's about boredom and just wanting to eat.

Last night I was watching the football game and I wanted something to snack on before dinner. I made some guacamole (using avocado for the daily fat serving) with tomatos, jalapeno peppers, onions, lime juice and cilantro. I had it with some carrots instead of chips like I would normally do. It was delicious and most importantly, on plan!!!.

I have realized that sometimes I will be bored and want to munch. Its a part of MY life and I know I can't give that up. My big change is deciding to eat healthy alternatives to junk food and having them readily available. Also, portion control. Because I used to just sit and eat half a bag of chips or 5-6 cookies. Now I think about it and portion it out before I sit in front of the TV so I can't overeat...

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Fairytale, as I posted in my initial post, I have been on Nutrisystem a long time and really haven't had cravings - something I just kept thinking about and thinking about and felt I just had to have. Something that strongly tempted me away from staying on NS. But I did miss foods. Maybe I'm the only one, but I see these too ideas as different.....

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Perhaps it is two different things. You miss the taste of the old foods but you don't have random urges to eat them. Makes sense...

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