Food as a reward during Medifast diet?

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Is this a terrible idea or a good thing to help keep you on track so you get something you crave once in a while? What are your opinions?..

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I think it's a bad ideaIf you eat something not on plan as a reward it kicks you off that fat burning state and to me it's just not worth it. Why do it if you have to start over and over again? Thats just my opinion..

How about other rewards ? I have seen some folks on here with mini rewards like spas, jewelry, shoes...etc..(non food rewards )..

Comment #1

Most behavior modification people say this is the worst thing you can do if you have food issues. They always say "Non-Food Rewards" because we should be thinking of food as fuel, not happiness.

I buy myself a dozen roses from the grocery store every 10 lbs I lose. Some people get a Pandora bead for their bracelet, some get a pedicure, whatever nurtures you other than food. That way once we are at goal we won't slip back into the habits that got us here!.

Just my 2 cents!..

Comment #2

I think it is a fat person habit. I have lots of thin friends who dont think that way, but guess what? I think that way - small wonder - and have done it. I do have to work on...

Comment #3

Every single time I used food as a reward while on Medifast, I fell of the Medifast wagons for days and weeks at a time. Usually weeks. I had a period of two months where I was mostly off plan because of that kind of thinking. I can't do it. I bet a lot of us can't. I totally revised my reward system by borrowing the charm bracelet idea.

The only way I am letting myself have it is if I stay OP. I have found that I want that charm more than I want any food I can think of...

Comment #4

Like Carolyn, I reward myself with a charm for every 10 pounds. I wear the bracelet every day as a reminder of my hard (actually easy) work. I really want to reach 60 before Christmas, so I can get a Christmas charm!.

I would use something other than food, if you can...

Comment #5

BAD IDEA for all the reasons listed above and more. I think it is best to take the whole notion of food as a reward out of our thinking. Food (especially off-plan food) isn't a reward when you get right down to it. Getting healthy is the reward. If you want to do something nice for yourself as a motivator and/or a celebration, choose something that isn't food. Those things last longer than food anyway. If you simply must have a food reward, choose your favorite Medifast meal or your favorite lean and green that you don't usually have...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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