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Hey All,.

So below is an email I received from Tom Langley at Capella Coffee about the flavor drops. Apparently mine will arrive today. I was so excited I ordered six more flavors. So here is some info about what is to come, for those of you who like the drops already:.

I will let you in on a little tidbit of info which you can share with the Medifast group if you like.

We are in process of releasing Flavor Drop Custom Creations this is going to be a section of the NEW web site which will allow you to virtually MIX (have us custom blend) any flavor with any other flavor for a nominal fee (its going to be like an additional 1.00 or so). In this section there will be flavors which DO NOT exist on our standard list. Here is a peek at some of them :.

Boston Cream Pie.

Apple Pie.


Cream ( basically you add Cream notes to any flavor with this one, so Blueberry could become Blueberry Cream ).

Cherries Jubilee.

Almond Joy.

Blueberry Crumb Cake.

Chocolate Peanut butter.

Graham Cracker.

Crme Brulee.

And more!.

This was one of the motivating factors in re-working our whole Flavor Drops web site. We are full steam ahead with not only new flavors and new ways to create flavors, but with new packaging as well. We are releasing a 4 oz pump bottle in Jan of 2007 which can sit on a countertop or sits in a holder.

Let me know your thoughts, most of what we have today was driven by our customer base..

What are my favorites ....



Chocolate Orange.

Hazelnut (in tea is outrageous).

Chocolate Raspberry.



Comments (76)

Also this was Tom's response to my question about some of the people thinking that the blueberry and raspberry flavors were "weaker" than the others....Enjoy!.

Yes, yes, I spoke with her, we are actually in good contact now and she agreed to beta test some of our new flavors.

The Fruit flavors come through extremely strong in coffee or tea so the concentration level was set lower so it doesnt overpower the beverage. We have since re-visited and tested the Blueberry and Raspberry and increased our levels 20% so it should be fine for you now, we just didnt want it to be too strong for our coffee and tea drinkers.


Comment #1

Could someone tell me if these flavor drops have the consistency of oils,.

Such as the bottles I bought from Lorann Oils, or if they are more similar.

To the syrups?..

Comment #2

I love those drops, got my 'first' order and they got me through thanksgiving, the eggnog flavor.. YUM... I placed a second order two weeks ago and still haven't gotten them.....even though I got an email saying they were mailed out on the 19th.....

MAJOR sigh....


Comment #3

Their email said that they had been really behind for the holidays. I ordered mine on the 20th and still don't have them. Possibly in the mail today. Can't wait. People seem to really like them. They are very nice and committed to these flavors.

I ordered the egg nog too. Glad to hear you like them. I will report back on all my flavors too...

Comment #4

Here's a report on my flavors so far:.

Caramel: Really good! Has a more "caramelly" taste than the sf syrups. Good in everything, esp the hot drinks and the vanilla shake with cinnamon and butter buds.

Double Chocolate: Really good in the chocolate shake. Helps take away the "dutch" taste and make it more chocolaty. Major improvement there!.

Pralines-n-Cream: Surprisingly good in the MBS oatmeals! Also the Chai and Vanilla Shake..

Cinnamon Danish: Yummy! Good in all the hot drinks and the vanilla shake, and the Apple Cinnamon oatmeal. I like this one!.

Eggnog: Good in the Chai! I have to say I prefer the Davinci's eggnog syrup to this one. But it's not bad if youdon't want the added sweetness...

Comment #5

Thanks Lydiaa Here are the flavors I got....If anyone has tried any of these others let me know..

Pumpkin Pie.


Egg Nog.

Double Chocolate.

Strawberry Cheesecake.

Toasted Almond.

Pralines & Cream.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl.

Caramel Royal.


Orange Creamsicle.


Banana Nut Cream..

Comment #6

Hooray Bettina! You've saved me from the blahs. I ordered blueberry and hope it "sparks" the Medifast "blueberry" oatmeal. I am "dying" for chocolate and eggnog...

Comment #7

I must be insane. I just ordered six MORE....Blueberry, Raspberry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Strawberry. I plan on doing a LOT of shakes because of the holidays and I hate them. So I am ready to go now...

Comment #8

Just went to their website and ordered the sampler pack. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing the info...

Comment #9

Have you tried the Snickerdoodle yet? I wanted to order that one but changed my mind and got somthing different I love Snickerdoodle cookies if it taste good Please let us know.

If you dont mind..

Comment #10

I am expecting them in the mail today. So I have not tried but I know that others bought Snickerdoodle and already got them. I would love to know too...

Comment #11

OH MY! Chocolate Peanut Butter? I have died and gone to HEAVEN...

Comment #12

I just emailed Tom and asked him how fast we can get Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter drops. He says he will talk to the "flavor group" and let me know...

Comment #13

Watch out Bettina! I might have to kiss you!..

Comment #14

Did you say Chocolate Peanutbutter?? Gulp! OMG! Ok, I love the chocolate caramel. I like the Hawaiian coconut, I like the Cinamon Danish swirl and the blueberry was only so-so. The Klua and cream wasn't that strong either. I didn't see any pumpkin flavors when I first ordered so I will have to order some more anyway and get that and the egg nog. Chocolate Peanut Butter......OMG. I've got to send these people a christmas card!.

Aloha, Tracy..

Comment #15

Tom called me yesterday right after I ordered...I'd checked UPS ground shipment and he explained I'd overlooked the free shipping on the sampler. Refunding my $$. Great customer service!.

Also asked about the Hawaiian Coconut vs regular Coconut. Hawaiian is more complex, with some pineapple/fruity notes. YUMMY!.

What a blessing this is going to be. I can see me ordering 'cream' everything, and all the chocolate flavors..


Start weight 10/17/6 260.

Today 239..

Comment #16

Tracy The pumpkin pie drops aren't listed in the flavor availability you have to have them make them for you. I think that you can basically pick any of the coffee flavors and if they aren't already made into drops they will make them custom. But it takes longer I think. I am waiting for Tom to tell me when we can have the peanut butter and/or chocolate peanut butter drops. I think that solves a lot of problems here with the PB issues around here. Although those EllenKay PB cookies are the best things I have made with Medifast meals. Sigh...

Comment #17

And yeah Gwen, isn't Tom nice? I had a MediSnit because my drops were not here yet and he called me several times to say it was because of the holiday. Then he sent me all that great recon about the new site and flavors. Those people are going to be over run by MediChicks on the prowl for new flavors...

Comment #18

My eyes are glazed over...NO can't go there....glzed donut flavor. I need to calm down. I can't wait to hear when the Chocolate Peanut Butter will be available. Hopefully soon!..

Comment #19

Oh my Gawd...I am telling them. Tracy needs to have some donut flavor because of all the MEDISEX she's logging in. Great idea though...

Comment #20

Has anyone tried these drops in any of the puddings? I know they are meant for adding to liquids (coffee, tea, etc.), but was wondering if anyone tried to use these with puddings...

Comment #21

The only way I eat the pudding is as a shake or in cookies or muffins so I don't know about the drops in pudding. BUT I JUST GOT MINEAlready put the double chocolate in the chocolate shake. Yummie. Can't wait to try more. They SMELL awesome. And the pumpkin pie really smells like the real thing...

Comment #22

I put the Chocolate-Carmel in the chocolate pudding and the chocolate appitite suppresor shake. SOOO GOOOD! I use my new Magic Bullet to whip the pudding and the put into the freezer for a half hour to get extra cold. Oooh. May have to log my Medisex, but shhhh, don't tell my hubby!..

Comment #23

Oh yea,h, just think of the possibilities for combining the about Chocolate cheesecake? Put that into your Vanilla or chocolate pudding....Ooooooo!..

Comment #24

I am going to try the Strawberry Cheesecake next. These drops are pretty cool. Oh, yeah, and how about the packaging? So easy to take a little bottle in your purse or bring the box to the office. I have been having issues about what to do about the shakes at work because NO way do I drink them without some help. So, since I just got an extra Magic Bullet for my office, I will take a set of the drops there too and then no problemo with the shakes at work...

Comment #25

I take my favorite drops with me everywhere too. I can't take the MB with me everywhere (i'm a nanny at different resorts), so aften it's just a shaker shake for me and the drops HELP tremendously! I have tried the Blueberry in the Blueberry Oatmeal and to really get it to really help you need about 7 or 8 drops. Hopefully the new concentrated Blueberry formula really tastes better...

Comment #26

Tracy...What a cool job. Lucky gal. But the travel must make it just a little tough to do the Medifast thing. Or no? Do you need a partner? I prefer dogs to kids but I can pretend...

Comment #27

It is a cool job! I meet people from all over the world and get to play with some amazing kids. Although lately I have had a lot of newborns and toddlers. I only work on my side of the island, so my commute is at the most 6 or 7 miles at the most and at the least a couple of blocks from where I live. Most places have kitches, so no big deal, I bring my food if I am to be there for more than 4 or more hours, if less than three hours I just make sure I have had a Medifast meal before I leave home and take a Medifast bar incase of emgergency (like parents deciding they are having way too much fun to come back!)...

Comment #28

Okay, so let me get this straight...You LIVE IN HAWAII...and YOUR JOB is to hang out in resorts and play with kids? So, what kind of karma did you have in a past life to get it so good. I love it. What a life...

Comment #29

Yeah, I moved here two years ago after having tripplet boys as a surrogate for a couple in Seattle, WA. Moved from Portland, OR and LOVE living here in Maui!!! As for what I did in a previous life? Probably a nun. This life I get to log my Medibone activity!..

Comment #30

I just went to the logging activity place. Well, now I know where to go to report the times I wake up and don't recognize the wallpaper. OK everyone I was kidding. No need to send the MediCops...

Comment #31

Your KILLING ME! LOL! I just snorted water through my nose!..

Comment #32

At least it's water. I am not kidding...I was so blown away by that MediBone thing that I thought some vodka would help...

Comment #33

OOOH! I miss Vodka. My favorite drink used to be a Washington Apple Martini. Now I just drink water. Hot water, cold water, room temperature water, lemon water, water that sat in a glass all night by my bedside. Sigh.......

Comment #34

Vodka rocks. But when you get off this, and into maintenance, check your tolerance. I swear I had some Bloodys in Vegas and I thought I had visited another planet. I was a real cheap buzz after all this Medi-Sober business...

Comment #35

Well, this will make me a cheap date for my husband. Rolf.....Vegas sounds like it would be fun then, too! Last time I went I had something called a Mile High Margarita. It was huge!..

Comment #36

Yeah I went to see the new Beatles/Cirque de Soleil show Love in Vegas and they sold these 64 oz. booze filled hellish drinks in the theater lobby. I drank it watching this crazy show and swore I was hallucinating...

Comment #37

That reminds me of a visit to reno and a questionable cookie....hmmmmm. How was the show? Hubby and I want to see that show. Where did you stay?..

Comment #38

The show was AWESOME. We stayed at the Mirage. I actually just got four nights comped by them and I want to go but last time was just a total blow out and I need to be a good MediDoobie. I would live in Vegas if I didn't have to live in LA for work. What a blast...

Comment #39

We stayed at the ....What was it callled? The Pirate one? I didn't care for it. I want to try either New York New York or Excaliber. We may go next year. I am not putting any temptation on myself right now, that's for sure!..

Comment #40

Yeah I hear you....You stayed at Treasure Island, right? I made the reservations to go December 17th but think that I will cancel. I was bad the last time and already going home to see my mother in Dallas for Christmas. Ugh...

Comment #41

Treasure Island! Yeah, After 3 days, I wanted to go home in the worse way. Next December, my son's fiance will be 21 so we will all meet up and go then. I will be Medifabulous by then!..

Comment #42

Yeah I have it all planned out too. The great clothes and jewels when we are MediSkinny and hit Vegas. Maybe we should make it a Medifast group tour. We're all so FUN.....

Comment #43

I can just see it now....I bunch of Medifast skinny gals shouting out for Vodka Martini's....dancing in our stripper hose! Can I get a Whoop Whoop out there?!..

Comment #44

Whoop Whoop from LA...I am scared. Once I am skinny I probably won't wear much. Look at what just happened to Britney Spears..

Comment #45

What happend to Brittany Spears? She go on MF, wear stripper hose and yell for Vodka Martini's? She is just not one of my fav celebs to follow...

Comment #46

Britney was apparently loaded and someone caught a pic of her going "commando."..

Comment #47

Medi-sober. Hee hee. Love it. I was kind of wondering what would happen to my tolerance....

Bettina - I vote you try the pumpkin pie drops next... I'm dying of curiosity...

Comment #48

I will try them today...can't wait. BUT I am having issues with these bottles/droppers. I would have liked them better if you could SQUEEZE to get them out. I guess you just shake them out? It's kind of a pain. And, yeah, wait until you have a DRINK. MediLoopy is what you get...

Comment #49

I have a feeling I'm going to need to be a little medi-loopy for that bikini picture (not saying I don't think everyone on here is a little natural medi-loopiness anyway )..

Comment #50

I already told Lydiaa that I get my OWN bottle of wine for that MediKini fest in July. In fact I think I will just set an IV drip in my arm of Vodka...

Comment #51


I've been waiting to order the drops, and I think I'll wait a little longer so I can get the flavor combos Tom told you about. This is incredibly exciting to me. I assume they're like using extracts, as opposed to using the syrups? Any funny aftertaste? Are they no sugar?..

Comment #52

No, NO aftertaste. I think these flavor drops people are geniuses. They are just little bottles of clear drops. I will say that the Double Chocolate was really good in the chocolate shake and hot cocoa. I also used the Coconut as you know this AM in Martha's muffins. No bitterness or any of the stuff you get with Splenda or some extracts.

Will keep you posted about the flavors...

Comment #53

And no sugar at all or sweeteners like Splenda. Nothing...

Comment #54

I think I'll order a 6-pack solely of chocolate PB once they come out with it (I'll just have to stop myself from dropping them directly in my mouth - I know, I have issues).

I did notice they have a Kahlua & Cream one. How good would that be in a chocolate shake with some ice in the blender. Almost like a mudslide, eh?..

Comment #55

I can't WAIT for the peanut butter. Nothing else seems to really capture that flavor. I do like the Davinci PB but no one else does. I also just got Watkins PB extract that smells yummy but I haven't tried. I would DRINK the stuff too...

Comment #56

I like the DaVinci PB, but I have to use it in moderation because it is SO sweet. I love being able to commiserate about my PB addiction with everyone and have them understand!..

Comment #57

Yes as I told Tom yesterday...He better get to WORK on those PB drops for all the MediNutty PB MediFasters...

Comment #58

Bettina, how long did it take to get yours? I ordered mine over 2 weeks ago and they haven't shown up yet..

I'm thinking tequila, TrueLime, orange Flavor Drops and a Vanilla Shake might turn into a passable Medgarita...

Comment #59

Robyn...Mine took forever...well, actually, I ordered on the 19th I think and got them yesterday. BUT they are shipped from San Diego so it was sort of silly that it took that long as I live in LA. I ordered so many more.

AND, Petlady1 (Sue) and I were talking about the booze thing this morning. Hey Medifast how about a MediBloody Bar? Or MediTini oatmeal? Hmmmmmmm....Maybe I can ask Tom to do a tequila number for us. Days like this morning's festivities make my blood boil and, therefore, I need alcohol..


Comment #60

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, tequila! That would rock! I would love to use it in a marinade (after I make some medi-margaritas)!..

Comment #61

OK you nuts, I haven't been up that long and already got to open a new bag o depends! Tequila would absolutely rock! Would be great as a marinade too......I have the Klua and it didn't really make my chocolate turn into a Mudslide. I was really hoping it would to. Maybe I need to increase the droppage?..

Comment #62

Tracy do you have issues getting the drops OUT of the bottle? And yeah some MediBloody Bars and Tequila Shakes would be a nice change. Vegas, Baby...

Comment #63

Yes I do have some issues with the drops. I have to wait for them to ...drop? I would rather squeeze myself. Once the drops start dropping, it's sometimes hard to stop when you need to cause it comes out real fast. The chocolate-carmel doesn't though. It's a thicker consistancy and dark in color so I can see and control what I am doing. And Yeah, Vegas it is! Told hubby about the Stripper hose, Medikini's and Medi-tini's.....he went out for a run. Poor man, it was hard enough when he thought I was gonna wrestle him for his BLT's!..

Comment #64

Your husband must be happy because clearly you are logging like a Medi HO on that activity board...

Comment #65

Well, yes I am! Some days I just can't get out and walk or run. Afterall, he has his duties ya know!..

Comment #66

Tracyyyyyyyy....we NEED to get all this fat off and go have a DRINK. You are killing me. Hey party at YOUR pad in July? I think the Medikini event should be in Vegas or Maui......

Comment #67

Got a great Beach 1 block from my apartment with a resturant/bar right on the beach. You all could get Meditans to show off your new Medikini's while drinking Medi-Tai's! Vegas or Maui sounds good to me!..

Comment #68

Sometimes. Often I work 7 days a week cause it's sooooo expensive to live here. My apartment is like 425 sq ft and 1125 a month rent! Ouch! But I have to admit, when I get the time off, walking to the beach and jumping into the very warm water or lying under an umbrella and reading a great trashy book is fabulous...

Comment #69

I would live in a DUMPSTER on Maui. Yeesh...

Comment #70

No you don't! The cockroaches are the sizes of rats! I have seen people live out of those old VW vans at the free beach state parks, they just move every three weeks per rules to a different one. I've thought of that a few times! I like my comforts though (a shower and bed!)...

Comment #71

I live in the Hollywood Hills and have RATS. My dogs chase them all night and wake me up. They are sooo cute. And now I feel bad because Lydiaa has RAT pets. And my dog Lulu killed one in her mouth last week. Ugh.

Actually my favorite place in Hawaii is Princeville. Wow...

Comment #72

Princeville? Which island is that on? I certainly don't miss Oregon's weather that's for sure!..

Comment #73

Hubby was just saying he wants to take me to that island. I want to go to the Big island too. I have only been to Oahu and this island. What's so special about Kauai?..

Comment #74

Kauai is nice...but you really have to see the Princeville side. It's more remote and untouched. Simply beautiful...

Comment #75

Lol! I'm fine too! We are having some wind and lot's of rain though. I guess paradise has to get hydrated too!..

Comment #76

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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