Fish cooking tips for Medifast?

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I haven't cooked fish in quite some time but when I do I normally will use butter or margarine or fruit juices or the like..

Do you think it will come out okay if I just line the pan with foil and spray it with pam and just sprinkle some lemon pepper straight onto the fish and bake as is?.

Any tips?.

Any other thoughts on what I can do with the Orange Roughy for tonight?.

I think I will steam some asparagus for the greens for tonight..

TIA! I plan to get dinner started soon...

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Your question was: Fish cooking tips for Medifast?.

What is Old Bay? Also, we can have parm??? I thought no cheese?.

Dinner came out really yummy. I ended up making italian seasoned green beans instead of asparagus though.

Was day 2 for me... went smoothly...

Comment #1

Hi Tiffanie! I am glad it has gone smoothly for you! That orange roughy sounds yummy! I just want to warn you, though, since you are new on this about asparagus. Asparagus is one of my absolute favorites but I figured out pretty quickly after getting my digital scale that I couldn't use that for all 3 veggies. It is so much. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that if you have asparagus you may want to have other veggies too. That's just my opinion.

Welcome to MF!..

Comment #2

Your idea for the roughy sounds great! A couple of suggestions... Foil pack with "just" a little water or a little lemon & it should steam it pretty well. Do spray with a good nonstick spray otherwise it WILL adhere to the foil. Big waste for an expensive fish..

Also, here's one of my favorites: In a bowl, combine some chopped tomatoes (canned or fresh) sliced black olives, capers and some herbs (I use my Time Savor Gourmet Viva Italiano seasoning but you can use basil, oregano, pepper, etc.) Make sure to use quantities that will yield accurate counts for your lean & green (ie: Count the olives, measure the tomatoes, etc.) Dump that over the fish and bake at 325 for 8-10 minutes per inch of thickness of the fish, just until it's flaky. Careful not to overbake.


Stacey Hawkins.

The Queen of Lean & Green.

For more recipes, check out my Lean, Green, Low Carbohydrate cookbook!..

Comment #3

Could you explain further about what you have found to be a problem with asparagus? I can't think of anything but good things in regards to it's place in the allowed veggies list. Thanks!..

Comment #4

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the asparagus but have you ever weighed it out? You get 90 grams/serving. I roast mine in the oven and use the smaller stalks. Three servings of this is HUGE! I have found that if I try to eat all 3 I get tired of it. So I just have a veggie combo. That's all...

Comment #5

Stacey, it came out great and wasn't dry at all. Thanks for the recipe but I hate tomatoes and capers (what kind of Italian am I?) so that won't really work LOL I'm a really picky eater.

I didn't make a pouch or anything. I just sprayed with pam and baked at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. When I seasoned the top I did use just a couple of sprays of the fake butter chemical spray stuff. Turned out awesome!.

As for asparagus, I steam mine. What I do is I break the spears up into parts before steaming them so it's more like eating green beans or whatever. In fact, one time my hubby said, "these green beans are really good". I said, "honey, it's asparagus!" hahahaha..

Comment #6

OMG Tiffany- you cracked me up this morning!!.

So... I'm so glad the fish recipe came out great and so SORRY about the tomatoes and capers idea! Lol. Yeah, what kind of Italian ARE you anyway.

Your hubbie and the green beans, well, that's priceless. Just glad to know you can put another veggie on his list now, right?.

I too love to roast the asparagus- one of my absolute favorites is with lemon oil and FINELY grated orange peel... Gives it a great flavor..


Stacey Hawkins.

The Queen of Lean & Green.

Lean, Green Low Carb Cookbook now available! Click for more info.....

Comment #7

I'm always good for a laugh!.

It used to kill my mom when I was a kid and she would make delicious home made sauce and I couldn't stand to eat it! Oh but it smelled up the house soooooooooo good! She would have to take noodles out for me first before mixing it together and she would either mix butter or margarine in mine or some ricotta or even warm melty cottage cheese is good but that was it. At a friend's I discovered I liked jar sauce but the only kind I liked was Ragu. And I'm actually 2 different kinds of Italian BTW!!! As an adult I do like sauce but I just can't bring myself to eat tomatoes!! hehe.

Yep! Hubby used to say how he hated asparagus but I guess it was because he always had it overcooked and all stringy and mushy. If you steam it just right it's nice and crisp and yummy! Tell me about the roasting thing... I've never roasted veggies before...

Comment #8

OMG, Roasted veggies are the BEST!! I LOVE roasted asparagus and I wouldn't touch the stuff for years. Prepare as normal, place on a cookie sheet, drizzle with a bit of olive oil or spray with cooking spray, sprinkle with salt and pepper or any other seasoning you prefer and bake at 350 for about 7 minutes, or until it's cooked the way you like. I prefer mine with some crunch and texture. I've cooked cauliflower this way and green beans, and of course good ole root veggies (not OP of course) for the family for years...

Comment #9

We grill a lot here so I do my asparagus, zuchinni & portobella (sp) mushrooms on the grill all the time. I put them in a ziplock bag, add olive oil, seasonings, sometimes a bit of balsamic vinegar, toss it around, let sit while I get the meat ready, and then grill. Yummo!!!..

Comment #10

Stray veggies with Pam (olive oil) broil on low, keep on eye on them so they don't burn, and turn so they cook on both sides...

Comment #11

I went out and bought the ingredients for the orange roughy to have this week (the mediteranean style). It sounds yummy!..

Comment #12

Just thought I'd chime in on the baked fish issue. I'm farily new to M-F (4 weeks and 17 lbs gone thus far) but I've always loved baked fish so we eat that often around here. My go to kitchen "gadget" is Reynolds Non-Stick Aluminum Foil. It has a dull non-stick side and the other side is shiny so it's easy to use. I use a cookie sheet to bake my fish. Line it with the Reynolds non-stick, use another cookie sheet the same size to flatten it out evenly, then tuck any edges under.

The fish NEVER sticks to the foil even without using Pam or other oils on the lined pan. I drizzle the fish with a tiny bit of olive oil, use a bit of garlic salt and add few capers or thin lemon slices on top. Bake at 350 for about 15 - 20 minutes and it's ready when just the edges of the filets start to turn a bit golden brown. It doesn't even need a "tent" in the oven and clean up is easy peasy. This works well with thicker cuts of fish like salmon or thinner cuts like the orange roughy.

Just test it with a fork to see if it's done. Being from Texas, we eat a lot of catfish and it works well for that too. With the catfish I still use the olive oil to keep it from drying out, but I use a Cajun seasoning to spice it up...

Comment #13

Thanks for the tip! We have been cooking our fish on the grill all summer but now it is starting to get cold. I didn't know about that non stick Reynolds wrap. I am going to get some!..

Comment #14

Oh, that sounds so good!.

Something that I have done with fish is to "crust" it in some parmesan cheese and Old Bay and saute in olive oil. Very good...

Comment #15

What is Old Bay? Also, we can have parm??? I thought no cheese?.

Dinner came out really yummy. I ended up making italian seasoned green beans instead of asparagus though.

Was day 2 for me... went smoothly...

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