First week of Medifast - it's easy!

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I weighed myself this morning after my first week and an 9.4 pounds down! What a great feeling. I wish I could bottle this feeling for the future when it isn't as easy!!! I love the structure of MF. No counting, figuring, etc. Very easy to stay OP, which I plan to do...

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Congrats, Cinderella! That's an awesome start! Welcome to MF!..

Comment #1

That's great! Keep up the good work and Medifast will work wonders!..

Comment #2

That's an awesome first week!!!! Stay on plan and you will feel like this every monday..

Comment #3

Awesome Cinderella! Did you stand on the scale with your mouth hanging open like I did on first week weigh-in???? I remember thinking "No freaking way". You are doing so well! Happy Day!!..

Comment #4

YAY! That's a really great start. Way to go!..

Comment #5

Congratulations, Cinderalla. Great start..

This is my first week too, and obviously I'm going to weigh myself every Monday but when it comes to taking measurements (I did baseline at start) how often do you do those? I'm imagining I'll do it about once a month so I can see some sort of significant difference..

Or, of course, on a week when I didn't lose any weight in hopes that I lose inches instead...

Comment #6

Congratulations on a fantastic week! Remember this are worth it!.


Comment #7

I did it initially, but probably on't do it more than every-other week or maybe once a month. I guess I am afraid they won't change from week to week and then I'll lode motivation...

Comment #8

Good job for you too! See, we both got through the first week! Now let's keep it up!..

Comment #9

Cinderella, that's wonderful ! I start Medifast tomorrow - just on the board trying to get the "lay of the land' about what to expect...

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