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First Medifast NSV yesterdaya guy I hadn't seen in a month was walking by, stopped, walked back and said "hey, you've lost weight, I can tell by the way your clothes are fitting. Looks good." Said "thanks" and went about my business. Loved it even more because it was a statement, not a question. So nice to hear! They should bottle this feeling!..

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That's awesome, and just think there are many more NSVs to come! Congratulations!..

Comment #1

NSV's are the BEST motivator ever, aren't they!! Be ready for many more to come!! Yay!!..

Comment #2

How awesome is that?! Especially with a guy noticing. Women seem to notice these things more than men normally!.


Comment #3

These boards need a 'like' button! Those are the best kind of comments!..

Comment #4

YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY for you! It does feel good, doesn't it?.

Congrats on your NSV!!!..

Comment #5

Oh Girl....just you wait! It may be the first but it won't be the last!..

Comment #6

YAY!! The first of many NSV's to come. Congratulations!..

Comment #7

Yea! Isn't it awesome when they just come out of the blue like that!.

May be the first, definitely not the last! Congrats!..

Comment #8

Thanks everyoneI'm still smiling about great to have someone else notice. All your comments just saved me, too, so thank you all for that! Another wonderful, well-intentioned neighbor just dropped a plate of Christmas cookies to me. Of course I said thank you. Bless her heart, but after she left I put those cookies into a plastic bag, poured water over them & tossed them in the trash. I'll be having my Medifast brownie now instead! I had just been reading all your comments when she stopped bythanks for helping me stay strong!..

Comment #9

Changing that was a wonderful remark and a sweet guy to boot!..

Comment #10

AWESOME!!! Hsake what your mama gave ya..woot woot!! haha..

Comment #11

Hooray! What a great feeling!.

And congratz on getting rid of those cookies by a method other than eating them!!!..

Comment #12

You are doing great and such will power to get rid of those cookies and not eating them.. Keep up the great work, there will be many more NSVs to come I am sure..

NSV = Non-scale victory: something other than the scale saying you are doing dam good in your battle over weight and food...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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