First day on Medifast Diabetic Program

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Hey everyone, today was my first day on Medifast for diabetics...I have about 86 lbs to lose. I have high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and have been recently diagnosed with Pcos and type 2 DM. My doc put me on 1000mg of glumetza once a day about a week ago. I guess I can't put this off any longer. So here I am, the first day has been great so far. I have had a meal every 2 hours ( which I like) and I still have 1 more to go plus my lean and green. Good luck to everyone...keep up the good work...

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Off all your, that is wonderful, you must feel so good and in such a short timeI was wondering if I should stop taking the glumetza? I am afraid of getting hypoglycemic. I only took my bs one time today it was 95, what do you think? any suggestions.... I start getting shaky (hypo) with bs at 70....good luck..

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Have you talked to your doctor? Dose he know the diet you are on. I have to see mine all the time because my blood sugars were droping so fast. It feels nice to not have to get up and get all my pills out every day. I know the only thing my Doctor did not like was how fast I was losing. She said I should slow it down. I was like what!!!!!!!!!!!..

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Never never never stop your meds without talking to your doctor. You should call in if you're feeling shaky. Also make sure to keep a shake or bar in your purse in case you're stranged somewhere without a meal - will help if you get shaky..


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Thanks for the tips ladies.... I will call my doctor tomorrow....keep on losing. good luck..

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You're not alone Pkeakk, I'm also a diabetic ,not on meds for it yet, but on meds for thyroid disease, high blood pressure & cholesterol lowering. I really want to lose this weight and don't want any more meds..

I'm into my 5th day on Medifast and so far so good. I truly admire those who have lost so much on this plan. What fortitude! Good luck to us all...

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Stick with it!! I just saw my doctor after 12 weeks on Medifast (24 ticker hasn't been updated in a while) and he took me off my meds (Januvia) on a trial basis. If my BS #'s stay consistent with what they've been on MF...then he'll take me off for good. I'm hoping for the same results for my thyroid and cholesterol meds...just waiting for the bloodwork to come back! My doc wasn't thrilled at first that I was doing this....I asked him to give me 3 months....and he agreed...and now he's a believer. I am the queen of slow weight loss on MF....but it is coming off!! Patience patience patience!..

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I just order the diabetic program. My doctor wrote and extra prescription for strips so I can test, test, test til I figure out how my body is going to react...

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I have lost 23 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks and I am now very frustrated as it seems to have come to a stand still. I know that I should be happy with what I have lost already for a whole month even if I don't even loose another lb. it's hard though as I expected it to keep coming off as I am following the plan. good luck with your bs, keep me posted. jamie..

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Hi, thats good news 11 lbs. my first week was only 6 lbs. I hope next week the weight loss increases.....

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I posted this on 7/25:.

When I started Medifast it was because my doc gave me a choice.......lose weight and control the diabetes or lose things like my feet, my eyesight, kidneys and my choice. I was on metformin 1000mg 2x/day. fasting was in the 140's to 160's and I'd get as high as 250 sometimes higher during the day. Triglcerides out of sight, and good to bad cholresterol ratio not good..

I'm still on the metformin but expect it to be cut back soon. I wake in the morning to bs in the 80's and the highest spike ive seen during the day in the past weeks is 121.

This with only losing 20 lbs and doing no exercise. I'm starting exercise this week and fully expect to see my bs be even more under control. Can you meds eventually?.

Had blood work done last friday. And my A1C and blood sugar was normal....yes NORMAL... I moved and will go see my new doctor on the 20th of this month. I fully expect to reduce my meds..

As everyong else said.......stay in contact with your doctor. Take readings all day long. I take a reading at least 4 times a day, usually 6 times. Keep a bar close by when your blood sugar starts getting lower and when you start exercise It's not a bad idea to eat before doing it. The exercise can cause a drop in bs and spiking it up a little right before exercising will help keep you where you should be..

I started seeing pretty dramatic results within 2 weeks. Keep a close's awesome...

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Awesome job. Don't freak. your body is adjusting to the plan. Remember it took you years to put it's going to take more than a month to get it off....

2 to 5 lbs a week is the average and everyone is different. You will slow down and even stop sometimes. Keep coming here for support and suggestions. Lots of people have experienced the "plateau." Search for threads about it and use the suggestions. Or just post and ask.

For right are doing awesome. Just work the program 100% and it will work for you. I promise......

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Medifast has been around a long time. I would think most doctors would be familiar with it. There is a lot of great advice here. Stay on top of the glucose checks and remember all the good your whole body is getting. Diabetes affects everything & the true advocate for your health is yourself!.

Have a great Medifast Day!..

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Hello all,.

Today is my first day on MF..........I am a type 2 diabetic using Byetta. My daughter has been on Medifast since June and has lost 41 lbs, she is my inspiration.!! Send good thoughts my way, as well as any suggestions. I promise to appreciate it.!!!.


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Today is actually my second day on MF. I feel great. I thought I would be starving by now but I am 100% on track. Using Medifast helps me to control my blood surgar. I see a change already, down from 160 to 118 in two days. I plan on continuing my journey to lose these 70lbs that have seem to have found their way as an attachment to my body. QUEEN..

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