Feeling weak and hungry during Medifast

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And 7 lbs down as well!.


I had a rough week, that really truly sucked! I was a mess, crying, hungry, irritable, weak, horrible headaches, just so OFF!! I sure hope week 2 will settle down into a groove I can tolerate...Not givin' up...I will make this work, however I have too...It may take a little time, we are all different, but I have commited to doing this and getting it done! As long as I can keep from smacking people, we are good.

Have a great evening all.....

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Yeah! Go girl...7 pounds! That is amazing! Keep up the great work!.

Makes those few rough days well worth it, doesn't it?!?!..

Comment #1

Yea...It sucked, but I will do it again for another 7 lbs...

Don't think I will have to, the bod is getting adjusted now...Thanks!..

Comment #2

WOOOOO-HOOOOOO!! Way to go on 7 lbs downgreat job!..

Comment #3

Congratulations on your weight loss! The program only gets easier each week you are on it, just keep that goal in mind! The first couple of weeks are the hardest and then you are on cruise control. Keep up the good work..

Comment #4

Yes, the bod will adjust but I know what you mean about the beginning being really sucky..

You did great and down 7 pounds!!!! Yeah!!!!..

Comment #5

Awesome work, mlmagic!!!.

You endured the "suckiness" and it was worth it!!!!.


Comment #6

Congratulations on a successful first week! It really will get easier! I'm not promising you'll never be hungry or irritable again, but it does become more manageable!..

Comment #7

GREAT Job! 7 pounds GONE! Keep up the hard work!.

You are worth it!.


Comment #8

It's like the first week is a hazing process. If you survive, you get to join the happy Medifast group... lol.....

Good job. Seven pounds is awesome!! Keep up the good work...

Comment #9

Way to go, 7 pounds!!! Stick it our girl, it will be worth it. My friend is on week 37 and she has lost 83 pounds, so I have seen this plan work up close!..

Comment #10

Thanks so much all for the replies...The support is so sweet and encouraging...I need it!! Love to you all.....

Comment #11

Keep it up and you'll feel better in no time!..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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