Feeling too full from Nutrisystem?

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Hi All.

I am new here (day 3) and was wondering if anyone else has the problem of being too full? Too much food? I can hardly eat everything expected of me in a day let alone drink all the water. I want to but my stomach is going to explode!! Help...

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Your question was: Feeling too full from Nutrisystem?.

See my post in your other thread asking the same question..


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Sorry, don't know how to do anything here. I can't find that post..

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Your planner/menu book..

Click on your name here. Then click on other posts. You will see a list...

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Your MEAL PLANNER is what Obie is referring to...go to the back to see the Recommended Amounts of Grocery Items. You can also access it under the TIPS & RECIPES tab above..

1/2 cup low-sodium veggie or V8 juice = 1 veggie or 1 salad.

1 cup low-sodium veggie or V8 juice = 2 veggies.

3 prunes = 1 Fruit Serving.

Those kind of things are what meet the guidelines, but aren't as filling as say a whole apple or 8 oz of yogurt..

Now, having said that, be prepared for days when you eat the largest and bulkiest serving sizes allowable and still want to eat the living room couch....

Welcome aboard! Be sure to call and speak to a Counselor (1-800-321-8446, Option 4) and go over your program with him/her. They help you get started off right.

Below I have listed some of the important things you will need to know as you start your NutriSystem journey:.

1. Eat all of your food (mark all of the circles in your Menu Planner) and then stop (and, if you are buying from QVC, you may have a slightly different plan or different food from people buying directly from NutriSystem);.

2. If you are a woman with under 100 pounds to lose, you only get a Low GI Carb with an entree that calls for a small roll or tortilla, then you add a multi-grain or whole-wheat roll (or any of the Carb selections) of between 80-120 calories (or 45 calories' worth of bread or melba toast for the chicken salad). If you have over 100 pounds to lose (man or woman, any plan), you add a Low GI Carb to both Breakfast AND Dinner and an extra fruit serving to lunch;.

3. Read the instructions and information on all of the food packages (see #2);.

4. The milk for the cereal is NOT counted as your Protein/Dairy serving for breakfast, but is part of the entree itself. You still need to add your Dairy/Protein serving if your plan calls for it.;.

5. Your dairy/protein serving should be 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7g protein or more (but you can go as high as 120 calories once per day for yogurt, if necessary to meet the minimum protein requirements);.

6. Have a dairy/protein serving with your fruit to avoid sugar (carb) spikes from the fruit alone that happens to some people;.

7. Drink ALL of your water (64 oz. minimum), and you can count Crystal Light and decaf teas as PART of your water intake, but try to have as much plain water as you can;.

8. If you choose to imbibe alcoholic drinks, you could slow your weight loss and become dehydrated and end up munching snacks when you shouldn't, but you are an adult and it is a personal choice (just count it as completely empty calories and don't skip any food to make up for it);.

9. If you can exercise, DO...just walking is excellent, but do as much as you can;.

10. NO, we do not know how FAST you will lose (even though average, healthful weight loss is approximately 1-2 pounds per week, long term, and is quoted by the Dietitians as being average on NutriSystem after the typical first whoosh of loss by some);.

11. The people on the Discussion Boards are your to help you, motivate you, and kick your butt when necessary...don't be afraid to ask questions, but if you don't like the answers you get, well, those answers are based on the knowledge and experience of the responder. Ummm, like, don't shoot the messenger, y'know?.

12. You can have up to three (3) "free foods" per day, just not at the same time. A free food is anything 20 calories or less, which includes a Sugar Free Popsicle (15 calories), Sugar Free Jello (10 calories), Sugar Free Gum...anything that you want to take the edge off those munchie times..

13. You may (just may, not always) get GAS...some members refer to them as the NutriToots. Beano and/or Gas-X seems to help..

14. Be sure to read and study the MINDSET MAKEOVER under the MY PROGRAM tab above. It really does help you get your head around this lifestyle change...

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Thank you Pam ( and all who responded). I am going to have to call that number and talk with a counselor...

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Hello and welcome Ellie-5!!.

Congratulations on making the decision to commit to healthier living! In addition to the General forum, you may also find it beneficial to check out Food Talk and Tips to gather ideas and suggestions for tailoring the program to fit your specific lifestyle. Also, keep in mind that we have a fantastic Dietitians Corner where our experts will always be more than happy to answer any program questions or concerns you may have! This is where the Search feature may come in handy. Click on Search and then Advanced Search, as many topics of interest have already been discussed and feedback shared. If you cant seem to find the information that you are looking for, feel free to start a new thread, just as you did here..

If you have any questions or concerns while navigating the site, be sure to email us at , or visit us in the Ask the Mod forum..

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!!..

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Great advice here! Another thing to know, is sometimes that REALLY full feeling eases up a bit as your body gets used to all the fiber But being comfortably full is room for nasty food LOL. Sometimes a low-sodium v8 vs a salad is all I can take in, and sometimes I have to get creative with rearranging the food order Good luck to you, congrats on a great decision!!..

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Ellie, it will only be hard for a little while until your body gets used to this new, healthy way to eat. It is important to get everything in. So if you need to use liquid forms to get it all down, then do that. It is much better than skipping any of the servings. Eventually, you'll be able to eat it all and use "real" food rather than juices. Juices are "legal" but don't provide much bulk.

But be patient, things will change as your body adjusts..

Good luck!..

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If you have issues with being too full - take the advice of the other posters in regards to eating less bulky vegetables and try proteins instead of dairy where applicable. Also, make sure you stagger your foods out throughout the day - you do not have to eat everything in a meal at the same time, but you do have to eat everything for the day as specified. A lot of people split things up to where they are always eating something every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Hope this helps...

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You can have V8 for a veggie. You can have juice for a fruit. You can have a protein shake for a dairy/protein..

Look in the back of the book for the amounts...

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See my post in your other thread asking the same question..


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