Feeling powerless during Medifast

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I went off plan today. Like, sometimes I feel like it's my first day on Medifast or something b/c I've been here long enough to know better. I just get to the point where the thoughts of food are literally driving me insane. Nothing helps. Writing. Music.

Nothing. Nothing helps until I finally just eat whatever it is and move on. It was a meal and two of homer simpson's favorite food. So.. it wasn't even like this crazy all-day binge.

I feel like.. I guess this is the first time in this program I've thought that maybe I cannot do this. I have noticed that I have gone off this plan around this time of the month for the past three months. So basically I can stay on plan for a month and then I just snap. I don't think it's related to anything female b/c TOM is two weeks away. It's just this mindset of "I cannot have this" that really starts to cripple me.

I don't know what to do..

I guess I've just started to wonder what have I really learned in the past 29 weeks. I still can't control myself. I feel so discouraged. I feel like in some ways I've changed, b/c I have no desire to eat crap 24/7 but still... the food is overpowering me...

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I hear you. I struggle too. I am not sure what the answer is, but not giving up is a big part of it. Over time it does get easier to resist eating crap, even if we want it...

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Come on Vets..I am so way too new to help either of you. I feel like the person who is a good swimmer, but not necessarily the lifeguard. So sorry for your feelings. I have my feelings about this, but they wouldn't be popular and you guys need much better advise than I can give. Freya? De? Chatters?..

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Dear Goldenfishie: I want to give you a hug but I can't so here are my thoughts. You say you "still can't control yourself". What about all the days that you controlled yourself and resisted those powerful urges and as a result lost almost 70 pounds? You control yourself most of the time. What you mean is that you aren't "perfect" at controlling yourself and that makes you feel discouraged. We are imperfect people walking one h*ll of a tough road. Trying to be "perfect" at anything takes enormous effort and practice and we still don't achieve it.

The important thing is to keep putting one foot in front of the other more often than we don't. I have read a quote on these boards from time to time: "Fall down 7 times. Get up 8". And I would add that after we've fallen down and gotten back up, we also have to work as hard as we can not to fall down anymore. But, that doesn't mean we won't fall down again so.....getting back up and moving forward is what gets us...

To our destination. Keep on moving forward and celebrate the powerful person (YOU!) who got you where you are today and who will push you forward to your goal...

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Obviously you CAN do this. You've done it for 29 weeks! You've made great progress. Focus on your positives and be proud of them. Maybe set goals for yourself like "if I don't cheat for 2 months I can get a massage".

Keep in mind it is human to mess up from time to time, learn from the experience, evaluate why you did it and what you got from it and if it truly helped you to feel better.

I know Medifast is working for me because of how quick it is, when I see results I'm less likely to be tempted to cheat. I'm losing weight so quickly, is that bite of cake worth slowing down that loss? Would asking yourself those questions before you cheat be helpful at all?.

Remember, Nothing and I mean NOTHING taste as good as THIN feels!..

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2 weeks before TOM is when you ovulate. There could definitely be some hormonal issues going on here.

If you can predict when it happens, maybe you can plan more "comfort" or favorite L&Gs for yourself during that time..

When I was in pizza crisis the other day, I ended up fixing my favorite splurge L&G which was crockpot taco chicken. Still warm, tomatoey, flavorful, etc just like pizza. Obviously it wasn't actual pizza but I got as close as I could to meeting my needs. What did I really want? Something substantial, warm, filling, and flavorful. I found something to fit the bill without going off plan..

Maybe for you that is adding sweetened cream cheese to your brownie during those days. Or having a nice piece of restaurant fish cooked really well. If you can predict, you can plan..

I agree completely with the previous poster that you need to make sure to congratulate yourself for the THOUSANDS of times you HAVE chosen a Medifast meal instead of junk!.

The key is getting back on the horse. Welcome back to the wagon train, friend..


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Before I started Medifast I did a lot of personal work, and some great sessions with my psychologist, around the root reasons for my overeating. I found it invaluable. If it's really an emotional pressure that builds up, it might be helpful to talk to someone..

If it's a hormonal thing, maybe switch to 4&2 when you start thinking about cheating? If you eat 4 cups of egg beaters in a day perhaps there won't be ANY ROOM for off-plan foods. *grin*.

I hope you get it sorted soon!..

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I agree that thinking, "I CAN"T have this" is very deflating in many ways. So, for me, it really helped to change from the mindset of "I can't" to "I won't". That gives me the choice, and I am no longer powerless. I am in complete control of what goes into my mouth. On those days when the urge to just eat gets very strong, I have to redouble my efforts and remind myself that I am choosing not to go wild. I am choosing to eat foods that are on my plan.

There were times in the 5+1 when I would literally just stand there looking at the food and making the conscious decision NOT to eat it. If I still felt pulled towards it, I would set a date for when I knew I would no longer be in the weight loss portion of this plan and tell myself I could reconsider my choice at that time. Well, here I am more than 9 months since reaching my goal, and I cannot remember what most of those temptations were, and I don't want the ones that I do remember. LOL! It is amazing the power we have locked up in our brains, but we have to put that power to good use..

Just keep telling yourself that you don't want whatever it is, or if you do want it, that you are choosing not to have it right now. And keep making that choice until you find the grip of the desire has loosened...

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