Feeling hungry from Nutrisystem?

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I have been on Nutrisystem for two days and I feel like crap! I don't feel like I am getting enough food. I am not sure how anyone can weigh themselves daily. I feel like nothing is happening. Anybody got a clue? Yes I am eating and drinking what I am suppose to...

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Your question was: Feeling hungry from Nutrisystem?.

Wow "Beyond-"- so sound full of anger. It did not take 2 days to be where you are now- time takes time.

I think you should list what you eat in one day here, maybe you are shorting yourself without even knowing it. It can be confusing in the beginning. I had never ate so much in my life until I started NS- and sure never ate every 2 hours! (And I did not do the filler- free foods)..

I would like to see you give it a month. Only weigh 1x week, and be sure and do measurements. Please call a counselor and read to them what you eat each day. They are full of advice...

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This is something you should really want and two days really isn't giving yourself a fair chance to let your body become accustomed to eating better and yes often that means eating less..

You don't need to be hungry though..

Please list what you are eating and how you are spacing the meals apart..

I lost 132 pounds but I was determined, nothing was going to stop me..

I didn't put expectations on myself for things I could not control..

If you eat right using the program, even without exercising the weight will come off..

Try and stay positive and understand you will get used to the food and you will become excited about the changes your body will go through..

Good luck! There are many of us who have been where you are, but the journey is worth taking and you are worth it too!..

Comment #2

I'm not angry at please spare me your psycho babble.

As far as exercise I am in the gym and that is not a problem. I can design programs for myself as well as others. Anyone who wants to test my knowledge go right ahead!.

Really the biggest problem is I am having difficulty getting use to the food. I get severe migraines/cluster headaches and am hypoglycemic. When I get the headaches I have reached for carbohydrates which have helped. Please note I can go 7 straight days with this headache. That is the problem...

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Well this program has plenty of carbs built into it, so that should not be a problem. Don't set your mind to the fact that you are GOING to have issues because then of course YOU WILL..

NOW...We've told you about 10 times. to LIST WHAT YOU ATE IN ONE DAY and people will help you see where you might have missed calories you could have eaten. Seriously you can eat a salad that's as big as an entire head of lettuce and so many unlimited veggies that you can't chew anymore.....

Most people can't get all the food in their day it's too much. LIST THE FOOD and then we'll help...

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Dear beyond_therapy,.

I'm so sorry that you are experiencing such severe headaches. When you are hurting like that, it makes changing your diet harder. But some (although not necessarily all) of that can be due to the detoxing your body goes through when you decrease the amount of carbs and sugar that you are eating. If you also cut out caffiene at the same time, that can affect you too. You can still drink caffinated drinks and if you were used to doing that, you probably should drink some and cut back slowly. That can help the headaches.

We can't really help you resolve the issue with your headaches without your showing us what and when you are eating. The add ins are an important part of the Nutrisystem program and should be used to help get you through problems like this. With Nutrisystem you can be eating something that is "on plan" every 2 to 3 hours and if you have hypoglycemia you should be doing that. Be sure that when you are eating a fruit you pair it with a protein. That will help control the sugar spikes.

As for getting used to the Nutrisystem entrees there are several things to remember. They are much lower in salt and fat than most "regular" or restaurant foods. It does take a few days for your pallet to adjust to the taste, but it will if you give yourself the chance to do so. You can add your own spices/herbs to the foods to enhance the tastes to your own specifications. I love the Ms. Dash combinations and use them with most of the meals.

You can also combine the Nutrisystem entrees with your add ins. For example I will often fix myself brocoli, cauliflower, carrots and onions and then dump my Nutrisystem entree (I usually pick one with a lot of gravy) on top of them. Or, I'll chop them up and add them to the Cheesy Mashed Potato lunch with my protein serving (usually canned chicken or tuna with some Ms. Dash and a small dash of FF (fat free) sour cream).

You can check out the food tips and recipe forums for more ideas on how to change the foods to make them more to your taste..

Here are a couple of places you can look for more ideas to get started with NS.

First, the Tips for Newbies from Nutrisystem Elders thread:

Also, PamSB's My Page has lots of tips for those just starting out with NS. It's well worth taking the time to read..

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I have been on this forum for about 3 months and have found nothing but helpful people. Your comment about "psycho babble" was just plain rude..

If headaches were "the" problem, why didn't you state that at the beginning? I suffered for years from migraine headaches, and I *know* about headache pain, so maybe that explains your present attitude towards the posters here that have been trying to help you. I truly, truly hope you find a solution and relief. It's hard to live like that..

Why not run all this by your Dr? Maybe you have food sensitivities...I don't know. But if you need advice on how to do Nutrisystem, this is the right place...

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First, let's deal with change. People basically don't like change of habits unless it is something very positive and then they expect it to happen overnight. You didn't gain the weight overnight; you won't lose it overnight..

The body doesn't like changes either. It will go through a de-tox process in which it adjusts to new foods that are considered healthy. It is common for people to get headaches the first few days especially if they try to cut out too many things too fast such as going cold turkey on caffeine..

Most people who follow the program and add in all the foods they are supposed to use are amazed at how much food it is and then have difficulty working it into the day. This is why you have been requested to list what you are eating so that we can see if there are better items that might benefit you. Some veggies and proteins are more filling than others..

Let's talk about this program. It is not a quack, fad diet. It is a healthy approach to eating that you will follow when not using Nutrisystem foods. It teaches portion control, as well as healthy foods..

Benefits? My cholesterol level is now normal; my blood pressure is in normal limits; my knee pain has decreased; and, I have lost weight in the process...

Comment #7

Migraines may be diet related...cluster headaches, although they don't know the exact cause, probably are not..

I don't really know anything about being hypoglycemic. Does spacing the food out and eating every couple of hours help? Eating a protein with your fruit?.

If you would be willing to list what you're eating, and when, our gender and age, and how much weight you would like to lose, there are people here who can look it over and make sure it is following the plan. I'm sure you know a ton about nutrition and exercise...most of use do. However, there are people here who know NutriSystem inside and out. I am still learning from them, every single day.

You're right. This may not be for you. There is no magic bullet, no magic plan, that is right for everyone. However, even if you go with another program, these boards are here for you. There really are a lot of awesome people here who want nothing more then to help and share the joy of being healthy...

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Most of us try to figure out what was making us eat so much and gain all the weight. It helped to get a grip on the issue(s) and come up with a different plan on how to deal with it- be it stress, injuries, abuse, paranoia, anger, etc..

A 12 step program I work suggests: identify the problem, figure out what you can do to change it, then choose the remedy and do it. We are given tools to do this..

You have been given tools here. Please use them...

Comment #9

I am curious as to why you chose the name Beyond-Therapy..

Is that your mindset? If it is, you may not be willing to have us help you...

Comment #10

I thought about that also and included it in my post but went back and deleted it. The user name is usually selected based upon some strong association someone has with what is represented by that user name..

Therapy is a painful process at times as it forces us to face issues and deal with them. Some peoplel don't want to go through that in order to develop self understanding of the reasons for their choices. Food is a choice as is the type of food..

I see on your page you listed yourself as a therapist. Licensed therapists usually go through the self examination process so you should know what drives you. Medically speaking, perhaps you need to have a blood chemistry level run or other tests run. I'm hypoglycemic, have hypothroidism, etc. but after the first two days of headaches dealing with withdrawal from drinking too much caffeine, I've been fine...

Comment #11

I just realized that this poster is a man. Try the Men's Room. They will give you lots of good advice/help...

Comment #12

If you don't want to post an example of a day's menu, here, then please (onsult both your do(tor & one of NS's dieti(ians, before de(iding to "(hu(k " NS, altogether. A (ouple of days isn't enough to base a de(ision on...

Comment #13

Sounds like you know it all then, so why post at all?.

But in case this fact has escaped you.....

When your plan says "dairy/protein" you can have up to 100 calories, but no more than 3 grams of fat and AT LEAST 7 grams of protein. So that translates to 3 ounces of turkey per serving, not 1.

See we could help point out these things if you weren't so sure you have all the knowledge you need after two whole days on the program.......

Comment #14

I am by no means a math wiz but I have stayed at a holiday in express..

You state that you have been on the program for two days and you also state that you can go 7 straight days with the headache.. So clearly it isn't Nutrisystem causing you the headaches. 7-2=5 days that Nutrisystem foods were not involved..

I too have suffered from Migraines. There are meds out there if you choose. I chose not to use them because they made me feel like a zombie and I didn't want to be reliant on drugs. When I changed my diet to a healthier one the headaches came less often and were not as severe..

Hopefully, this will happen for you also, again, you have to be willing to change and I am not trying to be combative with you but it doesn't seem like you want us to help you..

If you do want help, please post what you are eating in a day...

Comment #15

It has been the name of my band for over 20 years. I work with children and adults with varying degrees of disabilities. I have an IDGF attitude and thats why I am successful with what I do. Anyone that knows me will tell you trying to go toe to toe with me csn be daunting and draining!..

Comment #16

Thank you so much for being an ASSHAT. However, a person with hypoglycemia requires more protein than the average individual. On the average you require 1.0 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. I require about 1.5 grams. What I use is a whey protein isolate. Today I increased my intake to 2 scoops or 50 grams of protein...

Comment #17

Wow, this thread certainly has some *heat* to it! A lot of defensiveness going on.

I am no expert, but it says on your page that your weakness is 'not following through' especially when faced with an obstacle. So, really the choice is yours. One more bout of "not following through" or maybe proving yourself wrong?.

I can understand about the headaches. I suffer from starburst migraines and was very light senstive the first 2 weeks on Nutrisystem food. A LOT of new people complain about headaches (perhaps from the sugar alcohol in the desserts??) but the nutritionists can help if you call them. Personally, I don't eat the desserts because I don't want to suffer that kind of pain or miss work. However, the headaches pretty much stopped after 2 weeks. I also got a less stressful job so maybe that was the key?? Something other then the food is triggering your just need to make sure the food isn't causing them to be more frequent..

If you give up now then you will be in the same boat as you were last week, last month, etc...if you're okay with it then ask for a refund and ship your left-overs back. Based on the information on your page though, it sounds like you WANT a change. Losing weight is HARD!!! It SUCKS!! Exercising is boring and I dislike it. BUT, I do it because it keeps me healthy and lean. I'm willing to make some sacrifices...are you?..

Comment #18

Who is going toe to toe with you?.

I am pretty sure you posted on the board. Wasn't it you who asked if anyone had a clue?.

Are you successful at losing weight? That was what we thought you were looking for advice on. If you are just looking for someone who can go toe to toe with you.. Try a dancing class.. it will burn some calories and maybe a little of your attitude.

Good luck!..

Comment #19

Beyond_therapy: There is no toe to toe. There are helpful individuals who want to see each and every other person healthy and happy. Period. Please understand that each and every one of us has been fat and unhappy, miserable, and looking for an answer. Many of us found that answer with NutriSystem. Hopefully, you will find your answer, too, either here, on this plan, or on another.

And, if like you said, you can design your own plan, well, heck, you might be as rich as the folks who own NutriSystem one of these days!.

You want help...we can help. You want to just be a bully...move on, sir...

Comment #20

I did some googling and it looks like the Nutrisystem diet is perfect for those suffering from hypoglycemia:.


Frequent meals, low in sugar, low in fat, lots of whole grains, protein throughout the day. I don't see an increase in protein as necessary...

Comment #21

I find that if a person doesn't like ones attitude it is best not to respond. However in reverse the more you respond inkind the more you create the battle!..

Comment #22

If you decide to quit, you can sell the food on Craiglist for @50% of the value. You can stay for one month without weighing at all and see what happens. You can call a counselor and/or take some of the advice on the boards..

The posts are all intended to offer support and potential avenues to success. Everyone here agrees the plan works but I believe they all agree that different folks experience it differently. Some folks lost 10 pounds in a week; some like me lose only 1 pound; some have toots; some have bloat; some headaches..

The folks who have been on the Boards and the plan for a while can offer suggestions that have benefitted others. I was SO bloated for the first week that I considered quitting but I had already vowed to stay two months (boxes of food) before I quit. As the first box was running low, I considered quitting but I remembered the plan. I stuck with it and I am seeing progress in both pounds and inches..

I hope the plan works for you. I hate to see folks lose money after such a short period of time, but if it doesn't, I wish you good luck...

Comment #23

So, Beyond_Therapy, what exactly is it you want us to tell you?.

You asked for help, we suggested you list what you're eating so we can give advice. But you don't..

People post advice, and you argue..

You have several excuses or "reasons" why this won't work..

Seems like you don't want to do it. I hope you can find success with another plan, but why waste your and everyone else's time?.

Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!..

Comment #24

Ahhhhhh you can lick my crack cause you a bit outta whack!!.

I have been listing the foods in that handy dandy planner they provided. I feel better today. So if people want to help please make suggestions about food choices. Otherwise let the thread die. Your choice.....use it wisely!!..

Comment #25

A body needs time to a sudden change, also there may be alot of toxins or what not the body needs to start filtering out. The yuckies and headaches will pass. I am hyperglacemic (spelling) too and I had to rework my plan a bit to make sure I am always getting something in my system..

Please don't find excuses before you have even begun, that behavior will not get you to your goal. Believe me I have been a queen of it..

Call a counselor and give it a go..

BTW KayeSareh Girl You Look Amazing!!!!!! I am am sooo envious, I can't wait to reach that goal..

Comment #26

I have a brother just like you.

So....above is your original post. What do you want...if anything...from your fellow Nutrisystem followers?.

If you're through with the thread, yes, let's let it die..

It's your call now...

Comment #27

I felt lousy the first four or five days as my body adjusted to the new way of eating. After that, I couldn't believe how great I felt. Do it for a month, and then decide...

Comment #28

Awww thanks!!.

I am very happy for you that you are working the plan!.

You will succeed because you want to and are willing to do what you need to do to achieve goal!! Weigh to go woman!..

Comment #29

I work with children and adults with varying degrees of disabilities. I have an IDGF attitude and thats why I am successful with what I do.

THAT is extremely scary. I work with Special Ed students, have for 8 years. I choose to work mainly with the violent ones, but get to work with all of them and LOVE it. I have seen MANY people with the IDGF attitude, and they do not last very long. The children are special, loving and can be easily abused both mentally and physically. I hope what you wrote up there is not true- that that is not your "job".

We do, and I would. In a heartbeat!..

Comment #30

Fage 0% Greek yogurt. A ton of protein. Sweeten and stir in some fresh fruit. I love all kinds of berries..

Ostrim jerky. Again, high protein, low calorie. The sodium isn't awful..

Avoid the foods with chocolate if that is a trigger for your headaches..


Glad you are feeling better today. I really do think it is normal to feel a little "off" with any change in diet. With your additional medical issues, even more so...

Comment #31

This hostile, argumentative guy is not likely to really be a therapist and certainly not one who works with children and not one who demands immediate results. Doesn't happen, not in therapy or weight loss. I have been a therapist for 30 years and am licensed in three states. I noticed that he did not respond to a statement about licensing...

Comment #32

Did not see your question/ Currently licensed in NY, PA, CA, NC, SC, VT, TX my company pays my fees. Sammar so you want to be helpful or hurtful? I would tend to suggest before you attempt to take the spec of sawdust from my eye you need to take that great big plank from your own!..

Comment #33

I have letters of reccomendations coming out my backside. I grew up with disabilities and was never given a chance. The people who did believe in me were my saving grace! Wht is SCARY that as someone who works whith students who have special needs you are judging me...

Comment #34

Perhaps I have lost my senses.

I would like to believe that when people ask for help you should try to help them..

I tried, so I can sleep at night. (Hopefully)..

Comment #35

Thats your got a faulty planner! I cant find that in ANY of the old planners I have.

Do you count that as a protein or a free food?..

Comment #36

This one is headed for the same fate as the bodies around Locke.....

Sooooo in before the Locke!..

Comment #37

Whoa, I'm a therapist (Licensed Professional Counselor) in private practice and I hope the people reading this thread don't judge therapist's by your attitude. These people are genuinely trying to help and you have a hostile attitude with "I'm a victim" so I'm entitled to act like an Ass.

No one here deserves being bit for trying to help.

Good luck to you. But we need positive thoughts to get through this journey...

Comment #38

I'm tired...maybe this will be fun tomorrow. <yawn>.

Nite everyone.

Turn off the lights when you're done beyond_therapy...

Comment #39

Beyond therapy: We can not view your handy dandy planner. That is not information we can see off of your page. The suggestions to post what you ate for a day or two here is for WE can see your choices and make suggestions. Sound like plenty of people are trying to help and this thread has seriously gone wrong. WE can suggest food but if we do not know what you are eating we do not know what to suggest. I am glad you are feeling better today.

The nutrisystem meals are really a small part of the food we eat. The add-ins are important. It took me a good few weeks to get the hang of what all I was to eat. Had that darn planner with me all the time. It does get easier..

Hope you can get the help you need...

Comment #40

Terri, you're so right. I think personalities are clashing now, and the object of the original post (I think ?) is lost...

Comment #41

I don't know if what you (Beyond therapy) write is 'real'...i thought this thread was a joke but maybe, just maybe it is really someone needing help (or attention). Either way, you got it. As a therapist, you know your true motivation..

Now, for my opinion on the food. Again, maybe the sugar alcohols trigger your headaches?? If so, skip the desserts, maybe Nutrisystem will let you trade them? A lot of people have a reaction to *fake* sugars...instant headaches...Half of a diet pepsi and my scalp hurts, I don't drink diet soda much. If I do then I can only blame myself for the headache..

Make ALL of your dairy/protein choices high protein choices. I like Greek yogurt...16g of protein and about 80 calories, I eat it plain, no added sugars for me. Now I have found a drink called Pure Protein Shakes...21g-35g protein and 2g-4g carbs with 100 calories. And if you don't feel full, then eat massive amounts of veggies...many are "unlimited". I like to stir fry them in veggie broth and eat them all day long..

I can't remember if you said anything alleviates you headaches but it sounds like you've suffered from them for a while. Since you are in the medical field, I assume you've seen a doctor or therapist to learn your triggers and what you can take or do to try to control them. Perhaps try a more holistic approach if you haven't found anything else to help..

That's all I have for now!..

Comment #42

I thought he was a troll early on, but wasn't sure and did want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I even typed it in and then deleted it..

Actually he is more entertaining now than what is on TV- which is nothing..

Think I'll go finish my book..

If he is "real"- which I doubt now any information he says- I hope he moves over to the mens site- they will give him the same help we tried to give. (Some already have.) Then he will see it is HIS issue- not ours, get help and lose some weight and be healthier. That is the goal for all...

Comment #43


Treated with sugar, fat and protein slow sugar absorption. I'm only a type one diabetic though, so I don't know anything about blood sugar management..

I suppose we shouldn't feed the troll, though...

Comment #44

Just be a "junior member" don't you have to be with Nutrisystem for a certain length of time...even if you aren't really participating in the plan?? If so, the he's been around a while or has posted quite a bit...

Comment #45

Member status is based upon number of posts. I think less than 30 is a junior member, 31-99 is a member, and 100 and above is a senior member...

Comment #46

I think once you've made 100 posts you're a senior member...

Comment #47

I'm thinking Beyond Therapy is just a grouch who wants someone to argue with. People who honestly want help don't bite. Whatever, he has had many offers of help and doesn't accept them. This has gotten monotonous...

Comment #48

This is Sherri AKA lacey_rr13 I am new to this program. So new that I haven't even gotten the food yet, but I'm gonna give it a shot. I have been small all my life, them my Mama, my dearest friend died, when I was talking to her. Just keeled over dead. While I was taking her blood pressure! Talk about beyond therapy!!! I went to bed for 6 months and didn't do anything but eat and use the bathroom. I got up yesterday and looked at myself in the mirror.

So now you got a buddy. One that doesn't know if this will work or not, but a buddy that is willing to give it her best shot! Will you hang out with me and give it your best shot as well???.

Sherri (AKA lacey_rr13)..

Comment #49

Been here 1 week. Stop looking to start trouble!..

Comment #50

I can see you haven't read every post. For if in fact you had you would of seen I DID thank a few people for there support and help. If you can't let this thread turn positive then dont post!..

Comment #51

Thanks coach!!! Shoot that was odd cause I coach (lacrosse, hockey, footnall, softball)!!..

Comment #52 did you know I minored in theater in college....bravo I say....bravo!..

Comment #53

Thank you!! Yes I have had them since 2003...

Comment #54

If you cant say anythink nice then dont say anything at all!!..

Comment #55

Why don't you go bully the men. Your attitude is boorish.


Comment #56

Are you Al Gore?.

Or perhaps, judging by the spelling, Dan Quayle?..

Comment #57

I think most of us are used to "putting it all out there" with each other. We feel safe enough on these boards to post things that we wouldn't tell our friends or co-workers. I've seen posts about people getting up in the middle of the night and having a 2000 calorie binge as well as people talking about gas and menstrual cycles. This is supposed to be a safe and supportive place..

But this thread reminds me of the awful "Topix" posts that most newspapers have. Where people don't have to post their names and then pick on each other. It gets horrible! I've quit posting on Topix because of bullies. I thought it was because my low self-esteem couldn't handle getting 'beat-up' by these people but really, it was that there was no trust, no helpful discussion, just mean people trying to twist every thing others said and turn it on them.

I hope Beyond Therapy wants the help...there are hundreds of people on this site who are asking for help and all of us came here to see if we could help you rather then spend our time helping someone else. I have no problem offering any kind of support/advise that I can. But your vague answers leave me wondering HOW to help..

I feel like I've spilled my guts on these boards...I've talked about being anorexic on my 'page'...I've fessed up on my cheats and skipped work outs...and people have offered help, support, and motivation. I just don't want that trust broken now. Hopefully, you will be able to open up to some of us so we can have a better understanding of what is going on and how to help..


Comment #58

Beyond Therapy's attitude comes across like many of my least favorite (and least successful) therapy clients who wanted results but didn't want to buckle down and do the hard work and endure the pain while doing it. If in fact he is a therapist, he should know this...

Comment #59

Beyond -.

I had extreme headaches during the first week on Nutrisystem along with those affectionately named "Nutritoots" - it was a real struggle to get through because I was miserable. I think my body was fighting back!! After the first week, though - both of those things went away - thankfully. Give it a little more time before giving up.

Suggestions from me -.

(1) Don't give up, especially this early on..

(2) Stagger your foods throughout the day to make sure you are eating something every 1-2 hours.

(3) Find foods that are high in protein, low in fat:.

A) Dannon or Fage Greek yogurt.

B) Hebrew National 98% ff hot dogs - two of these are one serving @ 80 calories.

C) turkey pepperoni - about 17 slices.

(4) Drink a lot of water - recommended plus more - (frequent trips to the restroom counts as exercise, too ).

(5) Go crazy with your unlimited veggies.

(6) Try adding a fiber supplement if you still feel hungry (I use Benefiber powder in my water / drink mixes).

Hope this helps...

Comment #60

I got headaches and bloating from the sugar substitutes, and I can't eat black beans and mushrooms. So I went to the homepage and clicked on the meal plan. You can check the ingredient labels for each meal..

I avoided anything with sorbitol, malitol, and sucralose and there were still quite a few choices left..

The food is much better now. When I got food about 16 months ago, there was fish oil/fish gelatin in everything to get omega-3 even the chicken soup. Now the recipes have changed. Thank you, Nutrisystem!..

Comment #61

I find that people who compare others to someone they treated are going for shock value. If you dont like a persons attitude you can offer a positive suggestion or no suggesstion. If you are offering a negative suggesstion you are no better than the individual you are blasting!..

Comment #62

I feel like I'm dodging lasers in a hall of mirrors...

Comment #63

Nope I am dyslexic, with a cleft palate, and ADD. So it appears you like mocking the disabled...

Comment #64

It is only bullying if YOU stand defenseless. If you push back then it's a battle. Like I said. If you want me to stop what YOU think is wrong don't respond...

Comment #65

BT, how are you feeling today? Better?.

Like Born2Think said, I had to stop eating the foods with sorbitol, malitol, and sucralose. They triggered migraines and caused bloating..

This could be something for you to look into, as well...

Comment #66

That is what I say..

People want this to end, but they keep posting. They don't want me to be rude but in turn say something rude to me to make a point. I think this is funny. I am willing to take the help, yet now some people just want to be negative. As others have said the first week is the toughest...

Comment #67

I am going to be honest here. I have asked that the moderators shut down this thread. I don't think it is beneficial to anyone. The guy asked for help. He was offered a lot of help. Now it is his choice as to whether he wants to take it..

The thread has become a place just to be combative with someone who seems to enjoy the negative attention. Time for it to go and let people who really want help get it.

I would hate to see people who meant well get banned because they are being frustrated by someone who enjoys the attention!.

Good luck on your weight loss beyond therapy. I truly mean that...

Comment #68

WELCOME, Beyond_Therapy! I am glad to see another newbie on the program like me. I have read this whole thread, and I just want to say that you are welcome here and if you ever need support, I'm here for you! I don't have any advice about the headaches... I'm sorry... I do have some ideas on how to "doctor" the food to match it to personal taste... and mostly, I'm here to motivate, encourage, and be a support for another person who wants to lose weight and reach your health and wellness goals. I am someone with a bit of a unique personality myself, and I like yours and I admire you for speaking your mind! I'm glad to have you around!!!..

Comment #69

I am taking the suggestions on the headaches trust me I am. YOU just keep on pointing out the positive would you!!..

Comment #70

I am POSITIVE this thread will be shut down soon...

Comment #71

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