Feeling full eating Nutrisystem food?

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Does anyone else have this problem? There are some days when I slide past breakfast right into lunch time or have a good breakfast but am not hungry for lunch. The food makes me feel full so it's hard for me to eat at every meal time. Am I sabotaging myself?.

In the past I have used a personal trainer who had me eating what seemed like every 4 hours and I hated it but in addition to exercising with her a lot, I lost the weight.

From your experience, if I eat the 3 meals a day and a lunch bar here and there in between meals, is that going to help me lose the weight more successfully?.

What's your advice?.

Also, how much do you eat besides the food for that mealtime. Do you always incorporate other food or have you just eaten the meal for that mealtime and nothing else.

Lastly, my Achilles heal is Dt. Pepsi. Please tell me how not drinking diet pop will help me, I'm having a hard time giving up my diet pop!.

Thanks for your help!!!..

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Your question was: Feeling full eating Nutrisystem food?.

It is very important to eat breakfast to start your metabolism. You can spread out your food for the day...

Comment #1

Question....Do you eat before a workout? If so what and how soon before?..

Comment #2

Thank you, everyone for your help. I didn't expect to receive such snarky advice but I guess cold, hard "tough love" is what I needed to hear.

I occasionally only drink one glass of dt. pop a day but am really trying to drink more water with lime or lemon in it since drinking straight water is hard.

I enjoy the food, the hardest part is really just making sure I eat enough at every meal...

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What everyone is saying is what you knew already there are no shortcuts. So settle in, do the program, and let's get this weight off!..

Comment #4

Straitforward the point maybe......simply stated.....dry......

But I wouldn't say snarky......

Pretend your best friend wrote it....maybe it will sound more helpful. Seriously, the folks above are being real - follow the plan and it works. You'll see.

And welcome to the boards!! Stick around - there is great support and often a laugh or two here!..

Comment #5

I have the same problem, but after reading all the comments, I will do better. My biggest problem is eating the desserts. I just don't like chocolate and I don't like salted snacks. Do I still have to eat these or can I substitue something else for dessert?..

Comment #6

You can substute a fruit and a dairy/protein serving for the dessert. A yogurt parfait as an example...

Comment #7

MRSGMOMG- don't like chocolate???? Can I have your desserts??.

OBIE- I just love the corn picture!.

MOTOR- they were frank and right. If it is softened, what is the point of an answer you want to hear vs what you need to hear? Stick with the guidelines if you want to lose the weight. We ALL gave up things and have lost tons of weight. If you want it bad enough- you will. I hated eating every 2 hrs too, when I basically ate just once a day. But I did it and met my target weight...

Comment #8

I am on my first week and find that breakfast is not something I like or feel better with. I like to have a bite about 10 and then lunch at noon. I get to work at 7. I have found so far that I am full on the lunch and dinner. I have added fruit, salad or veggies with lunch and dinner.

I am a healthy eater but a quantity eater so I am really liking the quantities to gage myself. Hoping to start walking or something - hate to exercise.

Lost 3 lbs. the first three days so that is good - don't want to get used to those results..

Comment #9

Why would you spend time and money on this plan and then not follow it? The most effective way to lose weight on this plan is to follow it exactly. The reason you need to lose weight in the first place is because your way of doing things didn't work.

Not eating all the food will slow down your weight loss and IS NOT HEALTHY!.

Diet soda isn't healthy food. But you can drink it on this plan as long as you still get in your required water too...

Comment #10

Eating breakfast first thing is hard at first but VERY important. It gets your metabolism fired up and burning fat right away. Waiting to eat just means your metabolism stays in sleep mode until you finally eat...

Comment #11

She isn't waiting to eat breakfast, she is skipping it..

Did you read post #2 and 3? The answer isn't any different for you. It sounds like you are skipping foods and/or entire meals - breakfast, dinner fat (keep skipping that and say goodbye to your hair, gall bladder, bowel movements, etc.), the dairy/proteins (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack). Is that the case?..

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Thanks for the great support everyone, I really appreciate it! Today I have officially lost 9.5 lbs and I have been on the plan a month. Although I'll admit that I have have skipped a breakfast or lunch here or there I will keep to the plan. Heck, why wouldn't I want to stay full, right?.

I think for me it is more about creating it as a habit then anything. I am unemployed right now and home all of the time and time slips by before I know it. I'm going to have to "schedule" eating to really make it become a habit at least until I get a job and have a more scheduled day.

Thanks everyone. Its nice to see that I'm not the only one struggling...

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