Fat free dressing suggestions for Nutrisystem?

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I have never liked fat free dressing, it tastes horrible to me. Can anyone give me a suggestion on one that they have found that tastes good?..

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Your question was: Fat free dressing suggestions for Nutrisystem?.

It's hard for me to find a fat free/light dressing I like too. But - 2 wks ago, I got a salad at Potbelly's and I LOVED the non-fat vinaigrette! I think it had rice vinegar and sugar because it was sweet. I've been trying to replicate it using Splenda, but so far I can't seem to make it taste as good as the dressing I had on that salad. I havent been back to see if I can buy a bottle from the restaurant, but I may try that this weekend...

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Since starting NS, I've been eating nothing but Walden Farms dressings. I like almost all of them, and today I used their Cole Slaw Dressing. I simply added it to some shredded carrots & cabbage, and added a wedge of avacado (for my fat)...

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Ken's FF Sun Dried Tomato is wonderful!.

I hear alot about Walden's Farms products. Where do you buy them?..

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Walden Farms take some getting used to. They are fat free, sugar free, gluten free, calorie free. According to the ingredient label, where the ingredients start with purified water, vinegar..

They are not thick. I buy the honey dijon, ranch, and balsamic vinaigrette. They also make a coleslaw dressing but I did not like that one that I mixed with some lite coleslaw dressing for taste..

A trick I use so that I can use other FF dressings (now that I am used to the thin consistency) is to add about a tbsp of salad (or red wine or balsamic) vinegar to a tbsp of salad dressing. I mix it in a coffee cup and pour it on...

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Kraft ff Italian, I could drink it from the bottle..

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I find Walden Farms in my regular grocery store in the refrigerated produce section next to those salad-in-a-bag choices. You can also order online just google Walden Farms salad dressing...

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You can mix 1tsp. olive oil ,1tsp. vinegar, and 1tsp mustard..

You can also try just oil and vinegar. Squeeze a little lemon juice or try other citrus fruit juices. Try spraying a little pam over your salad then sprinkling your favorite seasoning, such as ItalianThe pam will make it moist and make the seasoning or herbs stick...

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Tonight I found Walden Farms Buttermilk Ranch, Honey Dijon, and Slaw dressings on sale for $1.58 at Food Lion! I'd never tried them. Love the Ranch! The sodium kinda high, so I mixed equal amounts of the dressing and buttermilk. Pretty dern good!..

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