Fasting to Lose Weight?


I am finally starting my 10 day water fast today. I've heard that really overweight people can lose alot of weight on a fast, but how much weight do you lose if you're around 135 pounds? Has you tried a water fast? How much wieght did you lose?


I think water fasting is far too intense for the long term, which is what it takes for significant weight loss. I just did 48 days on the Master Cleanse, and am now following with ten days of juices. I have gone from size 18 to size 10, and feel fantastic! My main focus is intestinal cleansing, as I believe it is for most anyone interested in lasting weight loss.

Any kind of fasting- or dieting, clearly depends on a long term plan of diet and exercise to follow for lasting weight loss. I started my fast with 30 days of fruits and vegetables, and will break the same way. My focus will remain on fresh fruits and vegetables, gradually adding fish, chicken breast, whole grains and beans... a little yogurt...

Yes! Fasting can be an incredible, life changing experience not only for the weight loss, but for the internal cleansing and mind and soul changing experience regarding food--how we eat, when, where, with whom... so much to learn! Fasting is an incredible teacher.

I agree that the cleanse along with the fast is so effective. I try not to think about pounds off as much as inches lost, and for every 20 years of life, you could have 3-5 pounds of debris built up in your intestinal walls. So just by colon cleansing along with your fast you could lose lots of pounds and inches right at that waist and abdomen line!

I tend to lose about a pound a day when fasting (which I do by the Lemonade Diet , not just water, still just 300 calories a day or so), and I take WOW by Nutrafina instead of the psyllium and bentonite stuff. I never really eliminated as I was supposed to, and it was pretty harsh on my system. WOW doesn't scrape off like the psyllium, it works very deep to loosen the really old stuff. After my fast, when I started eating again, all the black old stuff was coming out for 2 or 3 days. Wow!

Then when the fast is over, I gain back 2 or 3 pounds and then maintain as long as I'm eating right.

If you're going to all the trouble and effort to fast, you might as well get as much benefit as possible!






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