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Hey all, traveling for work soon and looking for your advice on the best OP fast food/chain food optionsany suggestions? Thanks!..

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Fast food i'd definitely have to say fuddrucker's. They have an all you can eat salad bar for 'hamburger fixins' and they sell buffalo, elk, and ostrich burgers that you can ask for minus the bun. All from the 'leanest' category of meats. Don't know if they have dressings though, I got my order to go from them last time.

Restaurant chains: I like red lobster too (crab, lobster, steamed shrimp, grilled fish of the day). Or any steak house (chicken and steak dinners). olive garden has been flexible with my order before and prepared the dish in a really light way for me off-menu. I've also gotten hibachi before with double vegetables, no rice, and dressing on the side: scallop dinner (only problem there is the sodium levels). Or go someplace that is likely to have a grilled chicken ceasar salad or a cobb salad without the bacon, chick peas, and avocado. You can pick a light dressing and have it on the side...

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Stanfords is really accommodating to dieters. I often get a piece of grilled fish (no sauce) and extra grilled veggies (not their regular veggies, they are sauteed in oil) in place of the rice or potatoes. They don't even bat an eye at special requests...

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This is a good question. I go out to eat a lot and I find that almost any restaurant can accommodate our lean & green requirements if we ask for the food with no sauces, creams, oil, etc. It's really up to us to only eat what we know we can. A lean piece of broiled meat and some plain vegs can be handled by almost any restaurant. I bring along a few extra paper towels in my purse in case anything needs a little drying up from oil, etc, before I eat it. Maybe that's tackey, but I am determined to win at this no matter what!..

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I can't find anything in the fast food world that I'm comfortable eating as a L&G, but we go to The Outback all the time. Grilled chicken or steak on the barbie, lite style, and it's about the perfect L&G. They're everywhere which makes it really easy on a trip...

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For fast foods, you can always get a grilled chicken salad pretty much anywhere. I carry the Walden Farms dressings that come in the 2oz packets with me all the time in case I run into a place that does not have OP dressing. I am not sure how spread around Mimi's Cafe is, but they have a Fresh and Fit menu ( and they are always willing to make substitutions for different things. I usually get the 5oz petite filet and pay for an extra serving of asparagus. It is the perfect L&G!..

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Ann: I've never seen the WF dressing in packets. Do you buy it any particular place?.


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I have found them at a place call Sprouts ( I LOVE that place and if you go on Wednesdays (they have the sales from the previous weeks circular and the new ones for the next weeks circular active at the same time) you can get some killer deals on produce. They have the BEST around, imo. The packets are a bit pricy, but always having dressing with me is worth the cost. I have never looked for the packets on line, but I bet you could find them...

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You can get the individual packs of wf dressing at netrition. I always keep one in my purse, desk at work and glove compartment of the car...

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Thanks, I just ordered 2 boxes from Netrition. They will come in handy when we drive to Florida next month..


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I saved a few empty spice jars. One has WF BC dressing in it (no extra fat days), one has Trader Joes Balsamic Vinaigrette (days that I can have fat) and one has a combo of both (love the taste and for days I can have one fat). I put which ever the choice for that day in my purse when I go out and in a stealth manner, I sneak it out of my purse to use for my salad. Makes me so happy...

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All good ones...And for me, I will add, when I gotta do drive-thru, (which I really try to avoid), but life happens ya know...Wendy's has some outstanding salads and the dressing and toppings are always on the side, so you can have the lean chicken breast with greens and control the dressing, etc and they are VERY fresh and yummy...Also, Sweet Tomatoes or Soup Plantation are wonderful...all the veggies you can imagine and always a broth based soup.....

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I had California Tortilla twice so far (only "fast food" I have had)..

The first time I had a jerk chicken salad, then subtracted just about everything to leave chicken and salad green/mix. They even weighed and added extra chicken for me (it was not busy). For the dressing I just added two of their little servings of salsa.. This was not the best, I thought it was dry and the mixed greens had carrots. I didn't eat all the greens mix, but ate all the chicken..

The second time I went I ordered the steak Fajita Platter, again subtracted beans, rice, cheese, tortillas, quack and then added extra veggies.. The extra veggies cost me another buck, well this was a suitable meal, maybe not exactly OP (light on the greens and the meat was not the leanest) so I had some extra green when I got home. Next time I have to subtract the onions (but I didnt eat them either)..

So far they have been great.. They also offer a Police, Fire, and Military (to include veterans) discount...

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Thanks for all the tips, everyone! A friend of mine has a teenage daughter and she always tells her daughter to "make good choices" when she's going out for the night. Your suggestions will help ME make good FOOD choices!..

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Applebees has a 7 oz. sirloin steak dinner and the steak is very good. I get a side salad instead of the starch and it comes with a vegetable....usually broccoli. I take some of the steak home with me because it is over the 5 oz. allowed. Also, Sheri's has a good flat iron steak dinner and a grilled salmon dinner.

At Red Robin I get a plain burger and ask for lettuce leaves to make the "bun". The burger is delicious. They sandwich the patty between several thicknesses of crunchy iceberg lettuce. I get a side salad without the croutons and cheese..

Check out the Dining Out with Medifast forum. There are lots of suggestions there...

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I'm new to the lingo, so forgive me. I was wondering what OP stands for...

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Applebees is ok, they really only have the one thing that you can eat, on the other hand Ruby Tuesdays has several OP meals including a yummy Talapia bakes, Green Veg and really good mashed cauliflower...

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I enjoy the Applebees grilled steak and steamed broccoli, but I found that their other veg is already seasoned with oil/butter. So be careful, and make sure to ask for the steamed without oil/butter..

I went to Mimi's Cafe and had a strange experience! I actually got the steak from their light menu, asked for everything without oil, additional seasonings, etc., and they made it that way, but delivered it with a big scoop o' butter on the steak. Strange!.

I love the Outback for their menu as well, and they're very accommodating. Just keep in mind that their usual side of "steamed" veg is seasoned with butter and all their steaks/fish/etc., are also seasoned/cooked with butter. They will gladly make it without, you just have to ask specifically...

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There is a thread over here about this too: .

What I found that I love is at Denny's. I get a Grilled Chicken Salad with the Spring Mix, double serving of chicken, no croutons & blue cheese on the side. The blue cheese is higher in calories, but little to no carbs..

It is so incredibly tasty!!..

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I'm shocked no one has mentioned salmon! Bob Evans, Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster, Outback, Uno Pizzeria, TGIFridays...all have delicious salmon and then get double veggies steamed. Love it, love it, love it! Make sure at TGIF they leave off the maison butter. Other than that, a grilled chicken salad with extra chicken works anywhere you go!.

Fast food options for the salad are the best at Chik-fi-la!..

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I once had to return a simple grilled chicken salad 3 times because they kept adding off-plan crap to it. It was pretty funny! I made sure to give that waiter a good tip because it was a nightmare for him...

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