Experimenting with 3 Medifast shakes per day

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Another poster mentioned that someone she knew who had great success with medifast had been told by a medifast counselor that she should do 3 shakes a day and 3 of the calorie burn flavor infusers..

Today was my weigh in and the start of a new week. I lost 2 pounds this past week, and have been losing a pound and a half or two each week steadily. Nothing to turn my nose up at, but I would like to see if there is anything I can do to crank that up. So I am going to try the aforementioned plan for one week, and see if it works. Even if it works I don't know if 3 shakes a day is sustainable, but I could definitely tweak this diet by doing something like that every third week or something like that..

I don't have any flavor infusers because I am in the middle of my order cycle and won't be making another Medifast order for a week, so I purchased a product that has 90 mg of egcg and 50 mg of caffeine from a local store. The flavor infusers have 90 mg of egcg and 100 mg of caffeine, I drink a few cups of coffee a day, so I will easily come up to 300 mg of caffeine a day..

Wish me luck, I would really like to lose 3 or 4 pounds this week!..

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You have much less weight to lose than many people here, and are probably not in the 3-4 pound a week range, realistically. Generally those losing 3-4/week are much larger. I'm thrilled with my 2 per week at this point..

As for the shakes, it's not going to make a difference. All the meals are interchangeable. While it may seem exciting to deprive yourself further than the plan calls for, generally the best idea is to do whatever will let you stay OP with the greatest ease. If you stay OP you WILL lose weight. Trying to rush it may just lead to frustration..

5&1 takes the time it takes, and this is a good thing, for learning what we need to learn to be able to maintain. This is a lifetime change, not a quick fix. So practicing patience and daily adherence to a food plan, without trying to get it all done this week, can be the best plan.

Good luck!..

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Oh, and Medifast recommends limiting caffeine intake to 3 caffeinated beverages per day. I don't know what a "few" cups of coffee is. Caffeine will affect you more strongly on 5&1...

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Hang on for a second....

If I am reading this correctly, you are talking about consuming about 300 calories per day plus your lean and green.

This seems really low...not every Medifast counselor says the correct thing all of the time. Please check with Nutrisystem before doing this. (You can call them via the1-800 number during the week to reach them quickly. Ask for a nutritionist when you call.).

Cutting calories too low can lead to gall bladder problems, slowed metabolism, hair loss , decreased immunity, etc.

Take care of yourself!.

Mama CG..

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Lakina-I'll be interested to hear what the results of your experiment are!! Keep us updated!! <3..

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I hope I'm not reading this right... but are planning on ONLY doing 3 shakes a day plus calorie infusers (and nothing else)?? If you are, then I highly do not recommend this as you'd throw yourself into starvation mode and that would have the opposite effect. I may have read that wrong and if so, PHEW!!!.



Comment #5

Yup... My average is just under 2 lbs...I'll take it!..

Comment #6

I'm thinking they meant 3 of the shakes plus 2 other Medifast meals...

Comment #7

I thought long before responding here..

There are threads like this every couple of months. We live in the 'fast food' generation. The instant gratification world, and we want what we want when WE want it, and as fast as possible. We don't like to wait in lines, and hate to be put on hold.

Threads like this, speak to a much bigger issue than 3-4 pounds. But I'm no professional, and won't share what I think it means..

I will just say, you have gotten great advice here. It is your plan, and you can do whatever you want.

For others thinking about really 'changing' an already very low carb/cal plan into something else on their own, I wanted to comment. I just want to share that all my life I've been doing things MY way, and look where it got me?.

100 pounds overweight and struggling on yet the next Fad diet and tweaking it fit into MY needs and MY way..

This time I decided to try something different..

I decided to do it the way Medifast and the Drs. who designed it to work best. Medifast does not call this a DIET, but a Life plan.

That is a critical mind shift for most of us fatties. (or obese in my case).

I decided to forget what the scale said. Oh I weighed in for a beginning weight, and I weighed every Monday for tracking, but I told myself it doesn't matter what that scale says anymore. What matters was to Stay OnPlan and just relax. Get off the roller coaster of yo-yo diets and once and for all get healthy. I bought a pair of GOAL sized jeans and also tried them on each Mon along with my official weigh in..

That was my first thought, the second one was to REMAIN healthy..

The first goal was honestly the easy part. Staying OnPlan, when you don't give yourself permission to ever cheat, was not as hard as I had thought it would be. In reality, all the tweaking, and counting points to fit in a Baskin Robbins Sundae, were what was exhausting. Planning cheats, regretting the cheat, and dealing with self esteem issues of feeling like a failure, trust me when I say, THAT WAS HARD.

I saw a couple little quotes in a Veterans signature when I joined Medifast back in Aug of 2007. I keep both of them in mine as a reminder to myself each day..

The second goal, (to remain healthy) was the HARD part.

See there is an excitement in DIETing and seeing the scale move. Each week watching numbers go down along with sizes. But once you reach Goal, there are no more deadlines to meet. We have to find other ways to get that same "HIGH" that Successful Dieting can give us. There is no end to Maintenance. It is forever.

(Which btw I rarely EVER had one of those big losses we hear about ) I had to learn to be content with REMAINing w/in my range ( I only give myself a 5 pound swing these days).

I never in a million years thought this was possible.

But trusting in the plan, relaxing about what the scale says and how fast or slow I was losing, set me free..

I say all this to you because, had I lost any faster than I did, or 'played with' my Medifast plan, I would have NEVER learned what "I" needed to learn to become a healthy woman for the long haul.

And this time, THAT was my ultimate goal..

As I said, you can do what you want. You have been given some great advice here.

But plunking down 300 bucks a month for space food, got my attention. I stopped playing and got real..

I wish you well and hope you can relax and just enjoy the process, no matter how fast or how slowly your body needs to release the fat...

Comment #8

Please reconsider if you are truly considering going to 3 Medifast instead of 5 Medifast meals per day..

It simply is not healthy and you won't be getting the protein needed to maintain muscle mass..

Weight loss will include more muscle and then be HARDER to keep off because our muscle is where the calories are burned!.

I rarely comment when folks decide to try to vary the program but I feel you are trusting advice that was not conveyed correctly or from a source that should not be advising..

I do wish you success in whatever you decide, but PLEASE be careful...

Comment #9

Did your counselor also inform you that if you regularly consume to few calories, your body may go into starvation mode and you may not only STOP losing weight, you may actually gain weight as your body stores every calorie you give to simply to survive?.

Just because your friend was told this by a counselor, does not make it a healthy or even safe choice...

Comment #10


We all want the quick this and the instant that..........if you really want to change your behavior and lose weight the plan will work for you.....just work it!!.

Best of luck!!!.


Comment #11

What I'd say is don't screw around with the program this wayIf you stay on the 5 and 1 plan as written, you'll lose weight the way your body is designed to lose weight. And, you'll do it in a healthful way. If you are staying on program and losing around 2 pounds a week, that is great. The calorie burn infusers are NOT A MEAL! They provide 5 calories, 2 grmas of carbs, 0 grams of protein and no vitamins or minerals and are intended to be used in addition to the 5 Medifast and 1 lean and green meal. To take something that someone you told that a Medifast counselor told someone else is not a good idea. If it sounds like I am yelling, it is not at you.

I am glad you posted your question because it gives people a chance to warn you away from doing something so potentially harmful to your health and ultimate success. Please listen to Freya and others who have posted in response to your thread. People really do care about how we do here...

Comment #12

Chatty, your response was just the positive message I needed to hear today. This process is about lifting ourselves up for life (not beating ourselves up physically & spiritually until the scale says what we 'think' it should say)..

I just started Medifast yesterday and I, too, will try not to focus on the scale. Really enjoyed your tips (and those quotes). Thanks much!..

Comment #13

I assumed she meant that 3 of her 5 meals would be shakes. If I'd thought she was going down to 3&1 I would have been a bit more... forceful... in my feedback.

But I think the thing of "I'm going to have more meals that don't fill me up and seem like less and deprive myself of pretzels/brownies/soups/etc" is just silly. They're interchangeable. Eat the ones you like...

Comment #14

Again Chatty, you are speaking Truth! Part of the Medifast journey of losing weight and reclaiming health is the JOURNEY. Doing the 5:1 the way we are suppose to is for a reason. It is teaching us about moderation (to much or to little, it goes both ways in regards to vol. of food). It is teaching us about patience, health, learning to listen to our body and what it is really saying...not what we "want it to say"....The 5:1 allows us that are on the Medifast journey, to clear away the clutter and get to know what our bodies really need for health. It is boot camp for maintence.

Be patient and learn what you need to learn about your self, your body and those around you. It is not a race, it is a way of living. Best of luck!..

Comment #15

OK, I thought I was clear, apparently I wasn't given how many people misunderstood what I am doing..

I am having 5 medifast meals and a lean and green every day. 3 of the 5 meals will be shakes. This is supposed to be totally acceptable, and someone mentioned another person who did this and had great success..

I don't see how it could hurt to try this for a week, I would still be on plan, and if it doesn't work at least I will have burned through the glut of shakes I have ordered but not consumed because the bars and brownies are more fun. Even if it does work, I could not do 3 shakes a day for more than a week once a month, I would feel too deprived, so no danger of it becoming an obsession...

Comment #16

Let us know how it works! I've wondered about doing this myself!! Or even all shakes..

Comment #17

Lakina & Kristin: I actually belong to a boards group called "The Shaker Sisters" and it was started by another MFer with the intent of doing some or mostly or all shakes and see what happens! Some people had awesome results with that, so I'd say yeah, go ahead and try it!! <3 You've got me thinking about it now and I've got tons of shakes so I may join you too!..

Comment #18

Phew... Wiping brow.....

Glad I misunderstood you.The way I read it, I thought you were only having 3 Medifast meals.

Hey, whatever combo works for you. I have been making my shakes and mixing them into hot coffee b/c it is too cold out.

No cold shakes for me right now!..

Comment #19

I understood what you said. I dont see anything wrong with it. Yes, the diet takes as long as it takes and we should not try and rush it, but who wants it to last longer than it needs to? If you feel deprived then that is an issue as it might lead to going off plan. But if you dont feel deprived then there is nothing wrong with what you are going to do. At least in my opinion. The 50 shakes only have 90 calories and a lot of other meals have 110.

Is any of this enough to make a difference? I am unsure. I would however make sure the infusers you are using say for the whole packet, not half of it because if it is only half then you will be drinking too much caffeine. You should NOT have more than 300mg a day. (1 cup of coffee is about 100)..

Comment #20

I am so glad that I misunderstood you! Good Luck. I would often mainly have shakes because it was easy and I did not need the "think"... LOL.

Certainly no harm was done. When I got bored with it, I changed to other Medifast meals!.

I don't know if it made a difference in amount per week but it certainly did not hurt..

GOOD LUCK! & continued succes!..

Comment #21

LOL well, that makes us all feel better.

As for all the other comments, they are still great and I appreciate folks taking time to even CARE about a member here.

WTG for being a wonderful Online support here!.

I will throw this out there for anyone interested:.

There are several threads over in the Nutrisystem (The Nutrition Support section of these boards) that talk about this 'shake' issue, and the results from the pros say there is no significant difference between doing just shakes and mixing up the 5 Medifast meals a day.

Now there is something to be said for doing the following tho:.

It is recommended by Nutrisystem for a TRUE plateau ( you know 3 full weeks 100% OnPlan and not losing even an ounce OR AN INCH).

They suggest to eat for 3 days from the High end of the carb/cals allowed followed by 3 days from the low end of the carb/cals allowedIt seems to jump start the metabolism..

So hey, do what ever works for you...

Comment #22

OK. Thanks for clearing this up for all of us who were worried about you. I think the best thing for people to do when they have a question like yours is to contact the Registerd Dietitian Support forum. That way, you get the official Nutrisystem response. It's hard that they don't answer on the weekends or holidays though. There's nothing wrong with posting your questions to the general population (in fact there are so many people here who know so much) as well.

Keep us posted on how you're doing...

Comment #23

Wow..we all jumped to all kinds of conclusions. Not sure what the purpose of "all shakes" are. All Medifast meals are interchangeable. need to do that. I feel that you are meant to have a big week or not. Just the way the universe (and science) works...

Comment #24

Whew... I was really concerned for a moment there.

That's what is so great about this plan, that you can mix up your meals however you want. I mostly consume shakes because that's what works best for ME. I enjoy having a brownie sometimes as my last meal of the day (heaven!), or sometimes I'll have a bar while I'm out running errands, but most of the time I like to have a shake and move on. I have other Medifast meals on hand for when I really want to have something different, like a hot cup of soup on a cold day. Whether or not it will make a difference on the scale, I have no idea, it's just how I choose to work the plan for myself. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you're happy with what your feeding your body and you're getting all of your meals in. Best of luck on your journey...

Comment #25

I just jumped on this thread to see about this "experiment thing." I just have to say...thank you to everyone who cares so much to offer up any and all wisdom. I know I certainly appreciate these threads and learn something each and every time.

Just a shout out to all of you who are working the plan and for sharing your thoughts and experiences along the way.


Comment #26

I agree with CG!! WHEW! It really did come across like you were going to replace 2 Medifast meals with 3 infusers! So so glad to hear otherwise...

Comment #27

Well thanks for the input, even if there was a misunderstanding about my intentions...

Comment #28

The posters critiqueing you have no room to call anyone obsessive. Also, I got that you were going to do 5 meals the first post By the way if you keep on the original medifast plan and dont do this change I think youll lose the weight in time...

Comment #29

This is something I learned when doing Body for Life many years ago. Keeping your calorie intake mixed up keeps your body guessing so it can't anticipate what is coming and settle into a routine which ultimately leads to a plateau..

I have never had a plateau when doing Medifast and I attribute it to mixing up my calorie intake between the low and high end of the range on a regular basis..

I also wanted to say to Lakinapook that I have 3 drinks as meals on all school days because I teach and I can drink while I am talking, but I can't really eat with my students in the classroom. I have a coffee and 2 teas as my first three meals every day. Then I have solid Medifast food and vary my lean and green to go between the low and high ends of the spectrum. I feel pretty happy with my success...

Comment #30

Thanks for your words of wisdom Chatty. So true...all of it!..

Comment #31

Great advice from Chatty.....stick with the advice from the winners and the long time me anyone that can maintain their loss consistently rocks! Also great call on how we're all in a hurry to get everything done and don't want to wait. Thanks for another reality check Chatty...

Comment #32

Yay! I'm glad I read your original post wrong LOL. Some people find just switching the meals around helps, even if they are all interchangeable. Good luck and let us know how you make out!.



Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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