Experiences with low dose Murad Resurgence?

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I am starting tomorrow. I weigh 46 kgs. I plan on going on 10 mgs. I may go up to 20 mgs. Does anyone have experience with low dose Murad Resurgence? Should I stay on 10 mgs for a month or so, and then go up to 20 mgs, or should I just be on 10 mgs for a few weeks and go up to 20 mgs sooner? Stay on 10 -15 mgs the entire course? I need some help here...

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Your question was: Experiences with low dose Murad Resurgence?.

You only weight 46kg why would you need to take 60mgs or +? That sounds too much and too strong for you... no wonder you had strong side effects? I'm dealing ok with the dryness and a little bit of hair loss but I'm still suffering from the initial flares which is almost unbearable even 20mg is considered as a low dose. Anyway, I know the side effects is not easy to deal with- I hope it'd better for you next round!..

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I had really bad acne back then. You know, my skin was so oily that it never became dry, not once. It was just normal. Looking back, it was too much for me. I really didn't have bad side effects, though. I had problems with concentration and fatigue and I had a temper, no wonder, huh? I'm glad you are doing ok. Thanks for the wishes...

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Me too I dont have bad acne it's probably considered mild and thats why I want to go on Murad Resurgence to go on Murad Resurgence on a low-dose and to avoid the initial breakout for the most part since I dont want to go to school with all the side effects. :/..

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I dont want to have problem on concentration and dont want to be forgetful either ,thats why I'm on a low dose!cuz the problems about brain suck,if you have got a new job,perhaps your colleagues will consider you as a retarded ppl!..

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Did your derm not tell you how much to take?..

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I'm 45kg and I took 20mg/day 8 months. Had a breezy course. I think 20mg/day is a good dose though but if you are really afraid, then maybe start off low before maximising at 20mg. Also does your derm recommends this dose? 10mg/day? I haven't heard of any doctor starting out at such a low dose unless it's a maintainence. Talk to your derm and work out the best dose for you. And if you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I will be happy to help..

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Haha they already do!I told them, basically. I work 60 hours a week right now, so I have to start out low. I asked to go that low because of my insane work schedule right now. I will probably go up to 20mg after my schedule calms down in a few months, because today I just figured out how long I'd have to stay on it! I will definately PM you! Thank you so much!..

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