Ever had bloating from Nutrisystem?

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I'm fairly new to nutrisystem and for the first 2 or 3 months, had no problem with the dreaded nutri toots. By the fourth month.....everything changed!!! I work as a nurse on the eve/night shift, and the gas is so bad, that I have to wear pants 2 sizes bigger than my normal due to the bloating. And I have so much gas that the pain is unbearable to try to continue working with this. I don't know if this is normal or not. Is it normal to have the bloating and gas continual from around 4pm until usually after sleeping for a few hours? Has anyone found a way to deal with this without having to quit the program? I've done pretty well on the program and don't want to quit, at the same time, I can't quit my job either. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks..

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Your question was: Ever had bloating from Nutrisystem?.

Oh Rick!.

I never knew you were a "blame the dog" kinda guy!!!.

Very smart by the way!!.

We have 4 dogs and a roaming skunk and the hubby so I usually fly under the radar!! (unless I have green peppers).


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We will still love you if you have Nutri Toots...No toots for me so far!..

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Toots are bad. Beano only thing that works for me, thank God. Go to "search" and type in gas, nutritoots, maybe bloating and will get tons of info. I do not have the bloating issue, but do the gas..

My problem now is, I only do 1 or 2 Nutrisystem bars a day, and sometimes they are just the South Beach ones people mentioned that are good as a replacement and the ones with the higher protein. I am maintaining and doing regular food..

BUT I STILL HAVE THE TOOTS! Why from the bars??.

Sure would like to know why...

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Congratulations Minidonk on reaching your goal.

I thought the toots come from fiber and dairy. I haven't had that issue this week at all since switching to soymilk. But again, systems are different. Are you drinking enough water? Maybe try increasing it to clear are some of the toxins...

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Yeah- lots of water still. Figured it was from the Nutrisystem meals, but not eating them any more. So anything maybe causing it now is the bars. odd. Hope it goes away...

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Try some tums. You'll get some calcium as well. Or maybe try a colon cleanse. Maybe all the processed food may be lingering..

How is the maintainance going for you? I have a big fear about when I get to that point and have to go back to real food...

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Gas and bloating can be caused by what you eat. Avoid sugar substitutes for a while and see if that helps. Nutrisystem meals with sorbitol, malitol, and sucralose give me gas and headaches..

Ingredients in low calorie items could contain the same ingredients and give you the same problem..

Everyone is different, but if you eat lots of fruits and veggies, that can also cause gas. A relative who was a vegetarian and health food person had this problem...

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