Embarassed while on Nutrisystem?

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Hello all.

I am barely starting my second month and have discovered that one of my obstacles is that I'm embarrassed at work. it's quite a petty environment and the last thing I want is to be mocked for deciding to be on this program.

My situation is a very open environment with no privacy and 12+ hour days. now that I am adding the small snacks of dairy and fruit I am getting a little self conscious, even overheard one person say I eat all the time.

I dont really have much of a support group among friends/family - mostly told to ignore it or get over it. any suggestions for helping to 'get over it'?..

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Your question was: Embarassed while on Nutrisystem?.

I have to work with "the guys".

They saw me chewin on a piece of celery. Oh boy....

But I do what I gotta do. It's for me, not them...

Comment #1

If it's said loud enough for you to overhear it, feel free to respond. "She's eating all the time!".

"Yes I am, but I'm eating healthy, do you have a problem with that?"..

Comment #2

What do you do for work? I don't understand what their problem is besides not too friendly! I am sure easier said than done but just ignore them they are not worth the waste of energy...

Comment #3

Exactly! This is for you, so take charge and don't let anyone get to you. You might want to come up with some snappy comebacks for their comments, like:.

Them - "She's eating all the time".

You - "Yes, I am, so?".

Them - "Are you on a diet?".

You - "No, I'm on a live-it".

Some of the standard replies work, too - "What's it to you?", "Is that any business of yours?", "Do you think I care what you think?", "I don't need a mother, I have one"..

Whenever I overhear someone discussing me in that way, I glare at them and make a scissor motion with my fingers (meaning - snip, snip; telling them that they are being snippy and petty)...

Comment #4

Everyone at work teases me about eating all the time (never in a mean way though, and were always supportive). Trust me on this - when you start looking noticeably thinner, they will be asking exactly what magical stuff you are eating. Of course, since they are so b!tchy, they will probably say a lot of things like "you'll put it right back on," "you're getting too thin," "it's not gonna kill you to eat one piece of this cake." Ignore that too...

Comment #5

I'm pretty sure anyone who didn't care what someone thought wouldn't ask this question.

And OP, just focus on the fact that you're doing something good for you... I don't know why your coworkers should even care how you're eating. Truthfully, they probably don't... they're probably just bored and looking for anything to talk about for a minute or two to pass the time. Regardless, any comments from the peanut gallery are just another obstacle you're going to overcome. It's still worth it!..

Comment #6

I would say " You are right OMG, Nutrisystem is great, you get to eat all the time, best decision I ever made! Want a carrot?".

Sometimes people feel guilty about themselves when they see others doing what they are suppose to do. I felt like that when I would see people out for a walk in my neighborhood. But now I just feel guilty if I skip a day..

I have lost 44 pounds since January 25th, and around the 20 pound mark I had so many people at work ask what I have been doing. I tell them Nutrisystem and they didn't realize that it really works. Just think about how good it feels when your clothes are too big!.

We are all here for you...

Comment #7

Don't let them get you down!.

At work, I was very open about being on Nutrisystem - I wanted the accountability. I could never cheat at work because I'm sure I would hear "I thought you were on NS?" It actually made me stay 100%..

I heard it all, too. "I know someone who lost 60 lbs and gained it all back" - My response "Sounds like your friend didn't learn a thing, huh?".

Here I am 50 lbs lighter and now I hear "You're not going to lose any more weight, are you?" This is none of their business!!! I think it's a lot of jealous/envious people who wish they could lose weight, but have every excuse in the book why they "Can't do it" (like: "I can't lose weight because I have kids" - HELLO? What? Do your kids hold a gun to your head and force you to overeat?????).

Do this for you!! You can do it!.


Comment #8

Be strong amongst these elementary people. those of us who are so easily detrailed anyway dont need this kind of help..

I say, dont hide eating your celery! make it more visible - even offer them some!!! that tells them you are sooooo okay with what you are doing that thier comments are meaningless.

Dont lower yourself with rude/ignorant comments - eat your food freely - hiding it shows you are ashamed of what you are doing...

Comment #9


Okay, this is hard initially but you'll get over it quick. I promise. Change is difficult. It is difficult for you, it is difficult for the people around you. They are extremely immature if they can't see that this is a positive change. DO NOT LET THEM DERAIL YOU! You are what matters here.

Their opinions don't matter, their comments don't matter. It's about you.

I can understand where you are coming from because I feared this a little bit too as I work with the boys. Luckily, they are trying to eat healthy too. I think I've had some influence..

I wouldn't snap back with comments unless you feel you have to stand up for yourself. This will pass. They will find something/someone else to bother soon. Keep up the work. Stay strong. With each comment about how you are always eating, instead of getting upset maybe you should smile and think about the great decisions you are making every day.

All the best - Amy..

Comment #10

I imagine that part of the embarrassment is caused by the fact that you are afraid that Nutrisystem won't work.

And I have heard a few people claiming that, "I tried NS. It didn't work.".

Well I can tell you that IF you work the Nutrisystem plan the way you are supposed to do, the IT WILL WORK and YOU WILL LOOSE WEIGHT.

(unless there is some medical something fighting against the plan).

So keep at it.

Keep coming to these message boards, they are an INVALUABLE source of information, support, and accountability!.

Tough it out for now because like a couple of people above said, as soon as your coworkers start to SEE your weight loss, it will be a whole different conversation!!!.

Remember, this is YOUR LIFE and YOUR HEALTH we are talking about here!!!!..

Comment #11

Don't be overly concerned about what others think! You are doing this for yourself, not them...

Comment #12

I agree with what others have said. It's hard to have people around who are unsupportive, critical and nosey.

First, remember that it's none of their business. Second, realize they just don't understand and they're just being very rude ("consider the source"). Third, they may be jealous and feeling guilty about their own eating habits. Do they see WHAT you're eating? It's not like you're eating cookies - it's fruit and dairy..

Do they know you're on NS? If so, you could try to explain to them how Nutrisystem works and show them a meal planner. That may shut them up. If you're shy about the whole issue, you'll just have to just stand your ground. Once they see you losing the weight, they'll quiet down. They may even ask you how you're doing it!.

It's hard to be strong. We've all been there in one way or another. You have to decide what is more important to you... pleasing the people at work or yourself..

Be strong... we're here for you!..

Comment #13

Fly that Nutrisystem flag with pride!.

I admit I was also a bit self-conscious at work at first. I felt like everyone who saw me walking down the hall to the microwave knew that I was carrying the "fat guy food". And a couple people at first gave me a kind of casual "well that's good" but I could tell they were thinking "ya, that'll last what, two weeks, tops?".

20 lbs later they said "huh that really does work.".

40 lbs later a few of them started asking me questions about the details of it, how much it costs, etc..

60 lbs later they called me the incredible shrinking matt..

85 pounds later they're in stark disbelief...

Comment #14

I work from home, so I don't get comments like that. However, some friends have noticed that I am ordering differently when eating out (asking to leave out the potatoes and add an additional vegetable or salad...) and asking lots of questions when ordering. I've told all my friends what I'm doing and they are really supportive and impressed that I stick to the program even when eating out. Some have already noticed the change in my appearance (13 pounds in one month!). Who cares what others think! You are doing this for yourself and no one else...

Comment #15

"The Fat Guy Food" I know what you mean. Flying that Nutrisystem flag is hard at first because you're dealing you're finally dealing with the weight issue. I was in denial and didn't want to deal with it. It is soooo ridiculous because it isn't like they can't see how fat I WAS. It is similar to how I don't want to tell people how much weight I have to lose. I'm uncomfortable with it.

Having the food that everyone else has makes you feel normal, like nothing is wrong. But in reality, they are probably judging when I have a fried chicken sandwich and fries every day.

Bottom line - it's healthy to get out of denial, look in the mirror and make the right choices...

Comment #16

Congrats on the 13 lost!.

I have felt that telling some friends that I'm on Nutrisystem is sort of like a confession. Weird because they only want what is best for me. Again, I think it comes from acknowledging there is a problem. When previously every time I would order that bad food right along with them, I was denying the problem...

Comment #17

When I was still eating Nutrisystem food, I felt funny whipping it out in front of people, too. Now, I still get remarks about always ordering healthy when I go out to lunch with co-workers..

You know what I noticed? Not ONE SKINNY PERSON has ever made a comment about what I eat!! It has always been fatties!!! They needed to eat the Nutrisystem just as bad as I did. But now, I am no longer a fatty, and I am eating healthy. And if you look around, you will notice the thin people are usually eating healthy. Even if they splurge and get the burger and fries, notice the fact that they eat 1/2 of it or less. I now eat like a thin person, which does not mean I am on a 'diet.' I'm just managing my weight. That's what you are doing, eating like a thin person!.

So let the bitter fatties say all they want, the truth is they wish they could do what you are doing, and are jealous that you are about to leave their ranks...

Comment #18

Serenity, Hang in there. Your co workers one day will be asking or talking behind your back how did you lose the weight? You are doing this life style change for you and a lot of people are not comfortable with change even when it is someone else that is making the change. Keep up the good work...

Comment #19

Yep. It takes a mind-switch, and sometimes the pendulum can swing too far in the other direction too. I'm still not entirely comfortable taking compliments from family yet. When they tell me how great it is that I've lost all this weight, I mentally beat myself up for having gained the weight in the first place, and/or immediately remind myself I still have another 43 to go.

But I really do look back at the last 10 years and wonder how the hell I managed to be oblivious to it all along as I had grown and grown...

Comment #20

If someone is being snippy and rude to me, I don't consider myself rude or ignorant for coming back at them with a dose of their own medicine. It's called standing up for yourself! Sometimes the only way to get those people to understand that you are not a target or a doormat is to assert yourself...

Comment #21

Someone on(e said, "What others think of me is none of my business." I gave that some thought, took it to heart, & am mu(h happier for tuning out the opinions of people who, in the grand s(heme of the Universe just don't figure into my life very mu(h.

DH says," Opinions are like a$$holes. Everybody's got one.".

NS su((ess to you!..

Comment #22

At first I would hide my food and did not anyone to see what I was doing but I have long decided I just do not care what they say or think - and actually most people really do not care and I am losing weight and I am feeling great. Good luck with your journey and I hope you can get to a place where you will feel comfortable with the Nutrisystem food, just know that you have made the right decision for you and hold your head high...

Comment #23

When you are done with your journey, you are going to realize that this was the smallest thing in the world. If you let it derail you here, I bet you let restaurants, relatives visiting, holidays, etc derail you too.

I wouldn't even blame it on your coworkers if you stray...but you! So don't stray...

Comment #24

Just go for is. Now that I'm close to goal, I'm finding that people are asking me about the program. I have had one person start. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple more start soon..


Comment #25

Thank you all so very much. I didnt expect such wonderful replies and suggestions - especially so quickly.

Its been more of a shift than I expected but like one person said, I didnt realize how bad off I was before I started. I am slowing identifying my obstacles and trying to get down to the root of them and what I need to admit or realize about myself..

Thank you all very much. I look forward to learning more from everyone here..

Very grateful.


Comment #26

+1. I also take all the Nutrisystem food out of their packages so no one knows what I am eating. I just spent a week flexing on a business trip with a co-worker. She was surprised how much I knew about cals, carbs, protein, fat and the amounts to eat daily. Nutrisystem is not a magic have to have the drive and dedication to your program. You are doing the work Nutrisystem is helping...

Comment #27

Friend me....I'll email everday! I do know this I've been the "most attractive in the room" and people will be jerks....and Now I'm over weight and feel the people are just as big of jerks! So just eat your food...and smile inside knowing how great your going to look! And those same people will still make comments because the general just plain rude!..

Comment #28

I know it's hard not to care about what "they" think but they don't sound like they are your "friends" at work...... Are they? If these people aren't your buds, then I'd ignore them as long as I could..... Everyone that responded to your post is so right on - this program is something GOOD that you are doing for yourself.... so just keep on doing it.... You will be the winner in the end!..

Comment #29

I can now completely relate to this! This is my first week on the program, and people at my work (one in particular) were ganging up on me. My body isn't at a point where I'm completely endangering my health, so they don't see why I'm starting this program. And they were going on and on about how people always gain it back and about how I shouldn't be doing this because I don't need it. So on and so forth.. And I would tell them that "I just want to get to the weight I want to be before my metabolism slows down in the next couple years. I don't want to become complacent about my health.


But I'm convinced that people say those sorts of negative, discouraging things, though, because they're made uncomfortable by the situation. They want to take care of themselves and seeing someone trying to actively change and step out of the norm is bothersome. Not a single one of my friends or co-workers that are happy with their bodies and with their weight has said anything less than kind or uplifting. Because they're happy and they want the same for me..

Don't take it to heart (I'll try not to, too). But I totally understand what you mean. When I signed up my mother told me that people would probably make a big fuss about it, but I didn't believe her. It's true, though..

Just remember that you're doing this for yourself. And you'll feel so good when you complete your goal, whatever that may be. Best of luck!..

Comment #30

I would speak up. If someone in you office is talking behind your back, it's creating a toxic environment for you. Put your foot down and call those people out on their pettiness. You are an adult, and deserve to be respected in your workplace NO MATTER WHAT. They need to be put in their place so they know what is unacceptable behavior, because obviously they don't get it just yet...

Comment #31

I can completely relate to what you are saying. At first I would put my Nutrisystem food in another container because I didn't want people questioning what I was doing. When it became noticeable that I was losing weight, I went ahead and told people I was on NS. I would say that 90% of my coworkers were either indifferent or very supportive. Unfortunately, the negative ninnies would say horrible things to me (like the food was like dogfood and I would gain all the weight back plus some, etc). Ironically, as another poster noted, the negative people were all fatties.

But I did so well and am maintaining fairly well that I inspired one of my coworkers to start NS. She is looking great and she proudly displays her bears on her desk. Since there are now 2 of us I haven't heard much from the "haters." Just keep doing what you are doing be proud of your accomplishments!..

Comment #32

Im a bit like you I'm a nurse and I donotwant a soul to know I am on ths ;program it's not there business and they could really careless, They just want to gossip. what I do out of owrk is My business not everybodieselses...

Comment #33

Can you give me ideas of how to plan my meals just startign out..

Comment #34

Who cares what other people think?.

Our group at work has 'birthday lunches'...where, as a group, we go out for lunch to the restaurant of the birthday person's choosing. I've never cared for it as it's an added expense that as a poor person don't care for. (Birthday person doesn't pay....we divide up the total of that person's meal among us.).

So since I started NS...I always get comments from them at these outings. I'll bring along an Nutrisystem bar and attempt to order healthy and within plan from the menu. Doing so makes me stick out like sore thumb. But I do it and after eating my order I whip out my Nutrisystem bar and munch happily on it..

I could care less what others think. I'm losing weight and feel better!..

Comment #35

Why not take out your wand and cast a spell..

Comment #36

I SO relate to what you said here! When I first started bringing Nutrisystem foods to work, I didn't care who knew I was on it. I was proud of myself for taking charge of my health and doing something about it. But it seems that some people don't like to see others doing what they are unable to do themselves. I've taken a fair amount of flak for choosing Nutrisystem because of the cost or because they heard the food is awful, and I've privately thought it hilarious that most of the people who say rude, unsupportive things to me are people who are very overweight. I would never, ever judge someone by their weight, but it really seemed to me as if these people were lashing out at me because they wish they had the will to change their poor eating habits too, and it makes them feel bad to see me doing it.

When people make their remarks, I just tell them that I added up my food expenses and Nutrisystem is either costing me about the same or saving me a little money, and that I really like the food. People eventually stopped with their snotty comments, but they still roll their eyes or smirk when they see me getting out my salad and preparing my lunch entree. I really don't care. They can say what they want, I know that I'm making a good choice...

Comment #37

Puh-lease! I am a professional chef and I have been on nutri-system since February and have lost 20lb! I have heard it all, from 'you eat all the time', 'you know how to cook, why dont you just cook the right food' (I actually seldom cook at home!), to 'how can you eat that stuff, you're a professional chef!?'.

I say that eating what and how much I am is the decision I made to improve my health. Having reached goal I can now tell them to kiss my sweet, slim, shapely patootie!!.

Do what you have to do for yourself. Leave the rest of them in the dust.

It is funny though, when one changes ones eating habits, how quickly people will comment on it. Especially if you are making these changes to lose weight. When I was a body builder my eating habits were shocking - major protein, minimal carbs and just about nothing else. I received very few judgemental comments...

Comment #38

I wouldn't worry about what others say. They can say that they see you eating all the time, but in the end when you have met your goal, it will show that even though they saw you eating all the time, you lost the weight! You do your plan and don't worry about everyone else! You can do this! Don't let them bring you down...

Comment #39

Don't be surprised when these same nasty people are rooting for you to fail. It happened to me. Nasty catty women all feel threatened when a strong person starts to 'get her groove on'. Don't allow them to dominate your thoughts. You are stronger than that. Use their nasty comments to motivate you further..

Then blow them away with how great you look and feel..

Good luck! We're here for you!..

Comment #40

I agree that a lot of people act this way because they are jealous. They've tried diets and failed, so they figure you will too. Then they see this works for you and they get jealous about it. When I first started on NS, there was this one woman who knew I was on Nutrisystem and was always asking me if I wanted cake when they have our monthly birthday celebrations. She knew I was on the program, but she always had to push. I found out that she was unhappy with her weight and trying to lose, but it seems she could never stick to a diet.

I guess she didn't really want to lose the weight that bad...

Comment #41

Hey Don't let it get to you,I work full time and I sit here and feel like I am eating all the time but almost 35 lbs gone and I see the difference and so can they. Most won't say anything especially those that need to lose some weight themselves so dont feel embarassed I dont' I kinda just strut my stuff now LOL.

Glad to meet everyone...

Comment #42

When I was first thinking about trying Nutrisystem I was talking to a work colleague I am close with and others overheard, so it turned in to a big discussion. At first I was a bit nervous because the food had not even been delivered at that point but now I am glad. They take the time to ask how I'm getting on and are always interested in what I have for lunch or snack each day..

One of them did say they had a friend who had tried and did not like Nutrisystem but other than that everyone had been positive and I'm happy on a diet where I am full nearly all the time.

You're doing this for yourself, don't let others' opinions discourage you!.

On a side note, more people in work know of me being on Nutrisystem than those outside of work...

Comment #43

I can understand how you feel serenity. When I first started the plan I only told 2 people and asked them not to mention it. These ladies were in close contact with me and would have noticed it right away..

I didn't want people thinking I was weak and not able to do this on my own..

To be honest I had almost decided to do Nutrisystem twice ...even up to picking my food selections before I backed out..

I felt like I should be able to do this on my own. I knew I was a very strong person and should be able to go it alone..

But as you can see here I am on Nutrisystem and have been very happy with everything..

I am strong and I prove it to myself everyday.It's my choice..

Comment #44

Me too! The cost was a big factor, and I really had to sit down and write out how much I was spending on food and realize that there was virtually no difference. But the other factor was fear. What if I try this and I invest this time and money and effort and I still fail? What will people think? What will I think of myself?.

In the end, I decided that I was worth taking the chance on. While I'm not losing weight quite as fast as I daydreamed about, I've lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks and I don't think that's anything to sneeze at, especially since I'm still going strong!.

I know it can be really challenging to try to change when other people are trying to get you to stay the same. They have their own reasons and their own demons. Don't worry about why they can be unsupportive and even nasty. Don't try to figure it out. You haven't walked a mile in their shoes. Just do what YOU need to do, for YOURSELF! And remember, we're always here on the boards if you need to speak to some real people who are going to support you!!..

Comment #45

Ultimately Nutrisystem is the helper, but you are doing this. YOU. You are the one that looks at the sugar filled temptations and walk away. You are the one that picks up your water instead of a Pepsi. You are the one who opts to walk the steps rather than take the elevator. YOU are much, much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Keep going! You're worth it!..

Comment #46

That would be a BIG NO-NO as it would cause harm...

Comment #47

There was certain people who would always make fun of my super big salad but I didnt care. I am eating healthy and lost a ton of weight so I could care less what they thought. But most of my fellow employees were so great. They would tell me how good I looked and they were very supportive. They were some of my biggest fans. I would not worry about what people think.


Comment #48

Just because I'm feisty today... I would tell those people, "I'm sorry you don't approve, but I'm all out of give-a-s***." Seriously? When we're overweight, most of us feel self conscious about what and how we eat in front of others, but as we lose weight, we can feel proud. I proudly piece meal my food at restaurants, turn down host's offers of Munchkins, cake, etc, and you know what? I have lost a noticeable amount of weight, and so no one says boo about it. This is your life, and you are taking charge. They can go pound sand...

Comment #49

I occassionally get this as well. Usually when someone comments about my eating all the time I simply ask, "jealous?" Ironically, these are the same people who will push food on you at every opportunity. I'm known to be somewhat caustic, so maybe I can pull if off but when those occasions (food pushing) happen, I usually respond along the lines of "I look better than that can possibly taste".

Results and a determined personality may not make them supporters but may earn you more respect for standing up for yourself. Good luck!..

Comment #50

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