Egg Beaters and Medifast

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I am new to the program and was wondering if the meatless option of 2 cups of egg beaters is cooked or raw (that's an AWFUL LOT of eggs considering 1 egg is usually 1/4 cup). Does anyone know????..

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Heidi...i think the quick guide tells us to only have 3 eggs per week....but maybe I am wrong there......

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Heidi, I read in the guide that they suggest you limit the "3 real egg" option to once a week...not sure why but that's what it says..

Nice ticker!!..

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Yeah I know but since I really don't eat any meat and they are very concerned about cholestrerol and mine is good I dont' worry too much about it.

If I had worries about cholesterol I wouldnt' have the eggs so much.


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I can't find a post that tells you how much egg beaters to use for Medifast eggs in a recipe not as a Medifast meal. Is there an equivalent, please? I want to make a few of the recipes and don't have Medifast eggs on hand...

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Oh my gosh. I'm with some of the others. 2 cups of Egg Beaters sent me over the edge. It was A LOT. I made it through one third and was done with it. I'm not sure if I'll ever eat Egg Beaters again after that.

However, to answer you question...I assumed it was raw. Maybe you're on to something there. Maybe we all did it wrong, and they meant cooked? LOL..that would be seriously funny. I think I will email Medifast and ask them. Good judgement call!..

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Okay...I have the official word from the Medifast team. It is 2 Cups raw ..You have to really like EggBeaters, or eat it in segments throughout the day, because it is seriously a lot when it's cooked up on your plate. Have a great day!!!..

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I'm with you abbylyn- I almost threw up when I was trying to eat the 2 cups of egg was FAR too much. I think even if I split it up and ate some for breakfast and some for dinner - I think I would still be wayyy too full! 3 real eggs for breakfast once a week is fine with me though..

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I thought 2 cups of EB sounded like WAY too much as well. So I had 1 cup of EB and then I had a 1/2 serving of MSF Veggie Sausage (3 links) and made a scramble with some diced veggies. VERY YUMMY!..

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