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So everyone,.

I am headed to New York City for a day of fun, and of course Id love to have a meal while I am there. Now...does anyone know of any places in the city that serve food that will meet my L&G requirement. If it helps, does anyone know a chain place like TGIF or something close. I dont want to fall off my meal plan, but I do want to have a good day in the city.

Best of luck to all and keep up the great work!.


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If you use the search icon above and look for restaurants, there are a number of other threads that might help you out. I've found that there are usually one or two dishes that are good as is. For instance, the Turkey Wrap with a salad instead of the fries (Ruby Tuesday), the brick oven chicken hold the salad dressing (Applebees). You have to be assertive and ask how the dishes are prepared, ask to have the starches held (if there are any with the meal), and ask for vegetables from our list..

Best wishes for a fun day..


Comment #1

I always play it safe with grilled chicken salad, vinagarette dressing (and optional cheese) on the side. Ask the waiter how many ounces of chicken comes with the meal, and ask for 7 if they don't give you enough, pay the extra (if they charge for more ounces), it'll be worth could always use the cheese to make up for the missing could eat some more lean later so you get your entire lean serving. I love you Chris! Have a fun time! When it gets warmer, I'll go with you!..

Comment #2

Going to the guggenheim and some galleries. avoiding the bars...grrrrrrrr will be fun either way...ahha..

Comment #3

There is a TGIF in the 5th avenue shopping area. They have a tilapia that will surely meet your requirement and they will do steamed broccoli. Good luck and enjoy the city...

Comment #4

I wanted to give you one other suggestion too. This is my favorite place in NYC and I am positive the fish at this place will fit. It is an asian place called Chiam Cuisine. It is on 48th between Lexington and 3rd. They have a whole fish dish which is poached and yummy. Don't be intimidated by the whole fish.

It comes with steamed bok choi but I you could get another veggie if requested. And if there are others with you, they will love it too. They do an excellent Dim Sum on Sundays as well as offer the menu...

Comment #5

Zenith is the most amazing vegetarian restaurant on earth. And I can't remember the street names but it's near Broadway. Find it.

I wasn't on Medifast when I ate there but I'm sure you'll be able to find something legal. It was SO GOOD...

Comment #6

Hey, I'm off to NY too! Not to galleries, but to see "Go Diego Go Live" with my 2 year-old..

My uncle wants us to go to Cheesecake Factory in NJ. I'm hoping I can get out of there alive. Good luck to you sticking to the plan!..

Comment #7

Ohhhh my goodness. If you can't find a restaurant with just about everything you could ask for in NYC, it doesn't exist!.

My personal fave...Del Friscos steakhouse. You can get a small steak and some steamed broccoli. To die for!!.


Comment #8

If you do go to TGIF I love to get the sizziling chicken and broccoli it's actually on their low carb menu... and is sooo yumm... and if you dont feel too conifdent on that just don''t eat all the chesse since the place a lot on and just eat one breast since they give to I love it b/c I can eat it for dinner and lunch ;D (2 for 1 yay!)..

Comment #9

I'm from New York and it's true, there is something on every corner that will fit your need. If you don't see it on the menu, ask, they are very accommodating and have a great time...

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