Medifast recipe for Easter Lean and Green?

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This was easy for me because hubby is also on Medifast and we didn't invite guests for dinner! Thanks to Willowind's blog today we roasted fresh cauliflower. Cut it into florets tossed it with a little olive oil onions (yes onions my splurge for Easter!) some greek seasoning and drained diced tomatoes. Roasted at 400 on a flat pan. Oh my goodness!!!! I also prepared some oven pan grilled chicken breast. I spray a skillet that can go in the oven with butter pam season chicken up and sear in hot pan on both sides then stick in the oven for 25 minutes at 400. Best meal I have had in a very long time.

Thanks Willowind!!!..

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That's great that you were able to have a nice easter dinner and still stay on plan. I avoided the whole thing by not even having easter dinner...

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I had family and friends over. I ate turkey and fresh green beans. There was plenty of food and things that were not on plan went hope with my guests! Let it go to their hips, not mine! I did not make dessert and no one even noticed!..

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I ended up with 26 people here for Easter. We had a big egg hunt for the kids. I fixed ham, red potatoes, asparagus, green salad and fruit salad. Everyone brought other things like chips and dip, lots of desserts and candy, etc. I ate my lean and green and then just visited with people in the other room. My DD's friends cleaned up the kitchen for me and everyone took home all the candy, cakes, fruit, etc.

Just had my Medifast cocoa and now am ready to call it a night...

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Good for you Judi you are showing amazing maturity and wisdom. We can all do this and still enjoy the company of friends and relatives!..

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Congratulations to all of you! I did well at Easter too. I think sometimes we confuse holidays with eating frenzies instead of what they are meant to be...joyful celebrations of family and friends. I actually enjoyed myself better because 1) I was proud of myself. 2) I enjoyed more conversation because I wasn't scouting around looking for a goodie to eat and 3) Some of the people noticed my weight loss and complimented me, which felt great and 4) Nothing can beat the feeling of going home satisfied and proud instead of full and miserable and guilty..

Have a great week..


Comment #5

I had possibly the hardest weekend since I started MF. I simply felt "abused" over the fact that I couldn't/didn't eat candy, lamb cake, Easter eggs etc. I felt like I was being "neglected" by my old friends, carbs! I think I was a little envious because my sister decided to have a planned cheat and every piece of candy she put in her mouth I resented! Weird huh? I wish I could take time off and know I could get back on. I don't trust myself. She has trouble getting back in the saddle but doesn't mind having to lose the same 5/10 pounds over and over. I want to do it and then figure out how to have planned cheats and maintain.

I went over 300 calories yesterday on protein and veggies. I just had trouble last night so I ate a little broiled left over fish and fell asleep on the couch. When I awoke, I was fighting the urge to eat something. I had left over pork chops in the fridge and I ate two bites of the baked meat and went to bed. I know I did good and I'm proud of that but, man, was that a challenge! Am just venting, don't really want any "good girl" posts.

If I had been on WW, losing .5 pounds a week or something like that, I doubt that I would have made it...

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Pam - Don't beat yourself up. At least you stayed with the protein, so you probably didn't go out of ketosis. Going over on the calories is a lot better than the carbs. Don't envy your sister for eating candy - you don't have to work it off like she does. Just be proud of yourself for your perseverance!!..

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Pam I totally get where you were yesterday!! I start to feel all great about how STRONG I am and then old self creeps back in and all but knocks me over. Luckily you were able to overcome which will make you stronger for the next time!..

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We're in Texas so we ordered BBQ (beef and chicken)- with all the sides. I added a spring mix salad with a side dish of low-fat cheese. They had pineapple upside down cake I had one of those fabulous choc mint bars. I'm not big on sweets..but those new choc mint bars are wonderful if you need a dessert. I had my meat and salad and didn't miss a thing...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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