Drunk alcohol before blood test for Murad Resurgence

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I havent started yet, but I am actually supposed to go for my blood test next saturday (7 days).im just wondering something though,i drank tonight, almost enough to get drunk,will I be okay for my bloodwork in 7 days?thanks for any help (:..

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Your question was: Drunk alcohol before blood test for Murad Resurgence.

Yeah be careful just dont get smashed You should know your limits .Drinks Responsibly...

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Haha I never knew my limits! Used to come home every week and not remember a thing. That's all changed now since I got a girl in my life oh and Murad Resurgence. I stopped drinking quite before Murad Resurgence aswell, because I thought that was breaking me out pretty bad. No alcohol for 4 month! It's a hard quest...

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I have experience with this! I went out on a Saturday night and got pretty hammered, to the point where the night is a little hazzy, I only remember certain parts of the evening. (Me and my boyfriend at the time were having problems.) I had to get blood work done the upcoming Monday, and the reason I remember this so well even though it was a year ago, is because I was scared to death that I was not going to have good results.But I did, and when I went to my derm and nervously asked her how my blood work came back, she was like, "Oh it's fine you're young and healthy." Then I explained to her that I had been drinking and she just said that it should be moderated. It's not exactly the best thing to do on Murad Resurgence, but a couple drinks every now and then won't kill you...

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Haha,at least you did okay.i didnt even start Murad Resurgence though ahha, I just have to go for the first, baseline bloodwork...

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Yea, should be. but no more until after the test. just water so you can get positive results...

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