Drinking water during Medifast

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So we all know that drinking all the water that we drink makes of us COLD! (especially here in NW Montana.) I know there are herbal teas and the Medifast hot drinks....yadda yadda. I like to drink my water room temp or COLD! The thought I had this evening is:.


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Hehehee...Well, I have always heard you do burn more calories when you are cold...I say, count it!.

I take all my water bottles, or I will filter water and put in my gallon pitcher the night before with sliced lemon rind...I drink it at room temp all throughout the day and when it's gone, I know I have my water in! No shivering neccessary!..

Comment #1

I shiver when a drink my water room temp too! I filter water into 2 gallon jugs and know I'm done when they are! I've been having a very hard time thermoregulating lately. I hear that it is a side effect of being in the fat burning state. I'm going to go with that as it's a Wonderful thought!..

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I am always freezing. I really hate being cold but it seems to be my natural state now. I dream of warm ok not warm but hot hot days. I have been cold for 3 months now but it is worth it...

Comment #3

I think I was the only woman I know who was thankful for HOT FLASHES!.

Age does have it's benefits afterall?.

Seriously, I just saw on a network news report: There is actually a current weight loss trend that includes drinking ice water, going in tubs of ice, and exercising in bitter cold with shorts/t-shirt on!.

Supposedly it kicks in the body's need to burn more calories to keep the body temp normal. Meanwhile, I am thinking: not many skinny animals in the Artic Circle!..

Comment #4

So who do we see about adding "Shivering" to the Log Your Exercise section of this site? I sure have been doing my fair share of it lately. I like my water cold too, and I am just about to freeze to death up here in Wisconsin. I have always been the one in the house who is burning up, even in winter, but not this year, baby, LOL! My husband is so happy that I've agreed to turn up the heat a bit!..

Comment #5

I'm always cold too! I try to drink my water at room temperature but it really doesn't matter. The water makes me coooooold! I don't think shivering will count as a calorie burner though... I could be wrong. lol!..

Comment #6

I say...invest in a electric throw or blanket!! Yes, shivering does burn calories and pretty fast too! I drink my water at room temp as well. Easier to get down as I'm a chugger. Drink one 12 oz glass every hour. I go through a LOT of TP...

Comment #7

I bought myself an electric mattress pad...SOOOO much better than a blanket. If you sleep cold, you must try one! AMAZING! (never thought I'd wear socks to bed either!)..

Comment #8

LOL, I used to have one of those. Being in Texas the weather isn't as cold as it is where you are!! I can throw the blanket off me when I have a flash.....

Comment #9

When I'm really cold, which recently is all the time (live in New England, been on Medifast for 6 mos), I drink my water hot...

Comment #10

I LOVE to go for a ride in the evening just so I can sit in the heated seats in my car! I have been SO cold this winter and we really have not had THAT cold of weather yet!..

Comment #11

I saw the same thing. Here's the link to the article I found on it..


That's why I dirnk ice water and not room temp water...

Comment #12

Thanks for the link...I love it! That's why I'll continue to drink mine iced, too! 1+ Gallon of ICE water in....electric mattress pad on....Goodnight Medifast world!..

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