Drinking tea for constipation during Medifast?

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I bought two boxes....

The brand is Laci Le Bleau in cranberry twist..... and a maximum strength in the cinnamon spice....

I have never used this before and am alittle concerned on what to expect. I think I am alittle 'backed up' and a friend of mine that is on Medifast told me to try this. She said that she uses the max strength... she tried the regular strength and it did nothing for her.....

So, ladies... and sorry to all the gents... it happens to all of us... Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I have been drinking 120+ oz of water everyday... trying to do atleast one shake a day if not two... so I feel like this is just my body right now.... Thanks in advance!..

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I've used the super dieter's tea. I definitely works. Make it exactly according to the directions and do not over steep it. Good luck and hopefully everything works out smoothly for you!!..

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I find that taking MF's probiotics (Digestive Health) makes a big difference. I tried a mid-range store brand (Colon Health) and regretted it..

I've also used Smooth Move which I kept reading about here on the boards, and it was both decent tasting and effective. Brewed and drank it at night, and it worked the next morning..

The ones you've bought sound yummy for teas though..

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It this a Medifast tea or one you purchased at your local grocery store?..

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It was at the grocery store... there were several brands, but this is the one that came reccommended to me...

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Smooth move ripped right through my digestive tract. It doesn't work for my DH for some reason. But me? After I drink it I swear my colon must sparkle it's so clean...

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Some people say that adding 1-2 crunch bars (not the maintenance bars) per day as part of your 5 Medifast meals does the trick. I have not had issues, so I can't really speak to what helps me out of a "jam"...

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You can add psyllium husks to your shakes (disappears in the blender) Benefiber disappears in water or coffee. You can take a pill form Citricel. The tea works well too. You won't know how it works for you until you try it. I usually use one teabag and make it in a glass jar and use it over 2-3 days. I keep in in the fridge and drink it cold or hot. Good luck...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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