Double Chocolate Nutrisystesm Muffin doesn't taste good

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Just had this for the first time and I will not have it again. For people who like it, this leaves more for you. SO over sweet and chemical tasting...

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Your question was: Double Chocolate Nutrisystesm Muffin doesn't taste good.

I greatly appreciate you leaving the Double Chocolate muffins for me - I heat them for 9 seconds in the microwave and eat. Tell you what I will leave all of the Apple Strudel Scones for you..

Comment #1

I love it. I had one this morning. Zapped it in microwave for 15 seconds. Cut it up in a bowl and covered with no sugar added chunks of peaches. Yum...

Comment #2

I wasn't expecting an Otis Spunkmeyer muffin, so I like it just fine. I have one often with my latte and banana in the morning. I haven't thought much about improving on maybe a bit of choc syrup on top?..

Comment #3

I love 'em! Matter of fact, I wish I had ordered more. I will next month...

Comment #4

I agree with those that warm it up (although I've definitely eaten it untouched, unheated and right out of the packaging). There is a slight "alcohol" smell to this one when you first open it, but it doesn't bother me at all!..

Comment #5

I like both the chocolate muffins and the apple strudel scones...leave them both for me. Next BBB is not going to have any cereal because I can buy special K as a replacement but it will have all scones and strudel...

Comment #6

LOL those aren't on the top of my list either. Oh well...

Comment #7

Yeah, I heated it up and topped it with a little ff cream cheese. Everyone has totally different taste which keeps life interesting...

Comment #8

I used to like them heated until one morning mine got cold on the way to work, it was even better. Now I throw it in the fridge for an hour before eating!..

Comment #9

I used mine for dessert and make my own breakfast. I do that with the cinnamon roll too...

Comment #10

Everyone has different taste but I absolutely love the double chocolate muffins! They're especially delicious when you consider the previous formulation of blueberry muffins that came in a gas inducing hockey puck 2 pack. Also Nutrisystem nice work on the new Blueberry Muffins. Vast improvement...

Comment #11

I absolutely love, love, love the chocolate muffins. I order at least 10 and will order about 15 this next time, plus some apple scones, and cranberry orange pastries.. I do need some variety! I warm these up in the oven and let the chocolate chips melt .... ummmm.. sooooo good, esp. for breakfast!..

Comment #12

It just shows that no one should take someone else's word on what tastes good and what doesn't. What some people like others don't. And that is what keeps life interesting. I like to hear what other people think of something but will always try something at least once to get my own opinion...

Comment #13

Great minds think alike but I include the muffins also and I buy Kashi Go Lean cereal...

Comment #14

I'm a pastry addict. I never ate cereal so I'm loving the fact that I can have a pastry for breakfast every morning if I want to! My order is comprised mostly of pancake mixes, scones, muffins, and pastries...

Comment #15

Does anyone know where you can buy a similar chocolate or choc. chip muffin? I really love this item too and plan to do my own "maintenance" program when I go off NS. Theirs is too expensive and ordering a la carte is like $3 for just a small muffin! I'm looking for a 200 calorie or less muffin, like this. Thanks!..

Comment #16

There is more than just calories to NS. You need to look at whole grains, protein, fat, etc...

Comment #17

Well since you have dinners to sell see if a member will trade their muffins for dinners?..

Comment #18

I haven't tried these, but from all the ruckus about em I might I like the chocolate chip scones to no end. Ordered enough of em to eat one a day for a week lol...

Comment #19

Tastes change too... the first time I had the chocolate muffin I was a big fan no a few months later it is my favorite breakfast! I too like it warmed up... can't wait for my next order because I'm all out right now...

Comment #20

Hard to imagine the words "bad" and "chocolate" together I will receive some in my next order and look forward to trying it...

Comment #21

Yeah, too hard to imagine bad and chocolate together lol..that dessert brownie tastes a little like cardboard to me, but I like them! CARDBOARD BROWNIES FOR THE WIN!..

Comment #22

I too can taste the synthetic chemical taste in the chocolate muffin, maybe the sugar alcohols that Nutrisystem keeps using, wish they would stop and only use Splenda, agave nectar or even Stevia sweeteners, they taste so much better and don't cause bowel issues. I can eat my muffin but they are not a favorite of mine so I won't order them again. I heated mine up in the microwave for 10 seconds. Maybe it will taste better if I don't heat it, we'll see. It tasted better when I ate it cut up and put on top of a serving of organic low fat vanilla yogurt...

Comment #23

I love love love the chocolate muffin!! I nuke it for 10 seconds.... yummy!!..

Comment #24

For a true chocolate lover like me, I want it to really be good, not just chocolate but CHOCOLATE...

Comment #25

My favorite breakfast entree, nuked for 12 seconds. Ordered 25 of them in my last order. That chocolate breakfast starts my day off right!..

Comment #26

Just out of curiosity what was the other three?..

Comment #27

One of my most recent orders was 28 of them (The other most recent order had a few blueberry and banana nut muffins mixed in). I LOVE the chocolate muffins!!!!! My husband, who is not on NS, pilfers them for dessert (of course, he tops them with ice cream so not quite so diet friendly)...

Comment #28

After all this Double Chocolate Muffin talk I am going to have to have this for breakfast in the morning...

Comment #29

I wouldn't mind having one for dessert right now...

Comment #30

I love their of the best on the menu, imo Mine never have a chemical taste to them. The banana nut ones have been a little dry a time or two....other than that, I think the muffins rock...

Comment #31

The stats for the breakfast sweets are similar to the desserts, right? I've never paid close attention. Would Nutrisystem let us use a muffin for dessert at night if we've already had one for breakfast? Because sometimes I have a breakfast craving at night....not just with the muffins. The other night, I wanted that cranberry-orange pastry for my dessert. I don't see why not? I know the program tends to be flexible at times. I've switched out a fruit/protein snack for their soy chips and was told it was ok for the program...

Comment #32

Switch my meals around all of the the time, that works great for me. I like my first meal to be a Nutrisystem lunch entree and then I eat my Nutrisystem breakfast entree as a mini meal later in the day and so on. We all have to do what works for us as individuals, just as long as we stay on the Nutrisystem program and we eat all of our foods and add in's and drink our water everyday. IMHO..

Comment #33

Soon after I wrote this I had another double chocolate muffin and this time I didn't heat it at all and it was very good!! I just won't heat them anymore...

Comment #34

Actually, Dietary Services said you could have 2 chocolate Vitalicious Muffin Tops as a replacement for the chocolate muffin. You can buy them on-line or I find them in my grocery store in the frozen food section...

Comment #35

Noralee, try it out of the fridge, I love the cold choco chips.....

Comment #36

I am on the Costco 35 day plan, so I have 10 more breakfasts. I ordered 5 chocolate chip scones (I didn't like those in my first order 6 months ago- but then I discovered what it tasted like when toasted- yum). I ordered 3 chocolate chip granola bars, and 2 pancakes (that I add chocolate chips to). See my pattern here?? I loves me some chocolate!!! My lunch order had 25 chocolate peanut butter bars, and my dessert order had around the same amount of chocolate crunch bars, which I liken to a Nestle crunch bar. Yummo!..

Comment #37

It's my absolute favorite breakfast! Half banana, milk, chocolate muffin!!!! I'm going to miss it when I'm off NS. Will have to make my own!!!..

Comment #38

Did you check the recipes? There probably are some..

I make a little chocolate cake out of the pancake mix, add dark cocoa and use less milk to make a thicker batter and bake it instead of frying it like a pancake. Deep rich chocolate flavor and not the strange flavor I got from this one...

Comment #39

I love the fact that I can have an all chocolate day with Nutrisystem when ever I want one. Yum...

Comment #40

Yvette, where do you live in Alaska? I used to live in Fairbanks but left in the 80s. Not by choice, but DH was getting transferred and I thought I would like to continue living with him..

AK is the most beautiful place on earth...

Comment #41

Yes Alaska is the most beautiful. I live in Peters Creek and work at Ft Richardson. AF sent us to Europe and nothing was beautiful because Alaska spoiled me with it's vistas...

Comment #42

When I have described Alaska to people, they thought I was making it up. When the whole world is made from cut crystal and even the air sparkles but it is all in shades or red or pink or orange because the sunrise turns into a sunset, who cares if day light is only for one hour. It is one hour in a fairyland...

Comment #43

OH YUMMO, that sounds fantastic Goldieann!! I just love cold chocolate and the Nutrisystem bars and candies are also good that way. Thank you for sharing that idea with me, I hadn't thought of that!!..

Comment #44

Yes...those Crunch bars are favorite The mint ones are nice too....had one for dessert earlier...

Comment #45

Well, I had another bad double chocolate muffin today. I refrigerated it as suggested and it tasted strongly of chemicals, my hubby tasted it and smelled it too and agreed. We both spit it out and threw it away and then opened another one and that one was fine. I will have to let CS know that there is a problem with some of them. I have about 10 more of them left and would like to have the bad ones replaced with something else. I really enjoy the good tasting muffins and they are very filling...

Comment #46

I had that experience also. I love the chocolate muffins but a few months ago I got a "bad" one. I knew right away something was wrong and had to spit it out and throw the rest away. I usually order 10-12 of these per order, and I have not had that happen again. you must have gotten a few from that same bad batch...

Comment #47

Six out of ten of my double chocolate muffins were bad and when I looked at them more closely, they had odd looking spots on them and a strong chemical smell & taste. I would compare the smell to the smell of machine oil or strong petrolium. They all came from the same lot number also, lot #SF04020 B3. I called CS today and gave them the lot numbers and they are sending me Banana muffins instead of the chocolate. Such a waste of food. The few that were edible, I really enjoyed and they really kept me full for a long time.

My hubby said that it sounds like a machine problem...

Comment #48

We try not to let on how wonderful it is here. Tell everyone it is cold and dark that way we keep the population down...

Comment #49

Yvette, I tell them about the Mosquitoes. That scares them away! LOL..

Comment #50

Good job. mention the bears that are roaming around looking for tourists to attack...

Comment #51

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the muffins and pastries except the cinnamon roll. I heat all the pastries for 20 seconds in the microwave. I'll usually have some kind of fruit and a container of Oiko's Greek Yogurt (honey flavor is my favorite). I adore the Cranberry Orange Pastry. Wish they had a lemon flavored pastry and I'd be in Heaven if they would come up with a NutriSystem friendly cheese danish. Now I'm REALLY dreaming!..

Comment #52

Nicky you can make a cheese danish easily. I think there is a recipe for it, but what I do is use the pancake mix, add a little Splenda (I don't use a whole packet but the items you like are WAY to sweet for me so you may want a whole packet) and just enough milk to make more of a dough than a batter. I do it in my toaster oven, so just spray the baking pan w/Pam and put the dough on that and make a slight hollow and put ff cream cheese on it (portion of protein/dairy) and even a little sf raspberry jam (free food) and then spray the whole thing with a little more Pam and sprinkle some more splenda on top and bake at 350 until done.

Now all your dreams have come true! Enjoy...

Comment #53

Thank you, SmallerSixty. I am also starting to transfer from riding Gus, the mule I've been taking lessons on, to riding Satchmo, our own mammoth jack donkey. Riding has been my dream for my whole life. So absolutely all my dreams are coming true. LOL I'll make the cheese danish and think that it doesn't take much to make a donkey or me happy. Another of my dreams was owning my little Nicholas (nickystripe) and carting with him.

Well, my precious husband started it all!..

Comment #54

Oh, I LOVE the double chocolate muffin! I never claimed to have good taste though... it's very difficult for anything to be too sweet for me. Haven't noticed a chemical taste, but if I do now I'm blaming you..

Comment #55

I love it but I have to have it with milk or a coffee with the required milk...

Comment #56

I have 1 but have not tried it yet. kind of scared LOL..

Comment #57

I love it! Zap it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm the chocolate chips top with a few strawberries and yum!..

Comment #58

I greatly appreciate you leaving the Double Chocolate muffins for me - I heat them for 9 seconds in the microwave and eat. Tell you what I will leave all of the Apple Strudel Scones for you..

Comment #59

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