Done with Murad Acne Complex, huge improvement!

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I just took my last pill from my 5 month course of 80mg/day! I havent been this clear in 10+ years and I couldnt be happier with my results. I just hope it stays this way thanks for all of the support over the last 5 months guys!!! you all have helped me more than you knowand to all of the new people starting Murad Acne Complex, good luck and I hope you have fantastic results! and if you are going through the IB, hang in there!! it WILL get better. I had doubts that my skin would ever clear up... but it is a gallery of my pics from my Murad Acne Complex journey: HUGE improvment!

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Your question was: Done with Murad Acne Complex, huge improvement!.

Congrats! I'm kind of on the other end of the spectrum in that I just started at the beginning of the month, but it is awesome to hear that things went so well for you...

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Thank you for keeping us updated with your course! Your posts were very helpful and after reading your posts and many others I started my course last Wednesday! Stick around to give advice to everyone else! Have fun with your clear skin!..

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CONGRATS ! I can't wait to get clear !!! It will defiinitaly change my life....

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Congrats Adrienne.Are you going on any maintenance regime? Perhaps a Retin-A a couple of times a week at night to keep those pores open or the all natural water method?Whilst we have crossed paths and been confrontational on posts and opinions in the past, I really do hope you stay clear and live a happy and healthy life.Gregx..

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Congratulations. I hope I get to that point soon...

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Congratulations!I was wondering in your pictures is the final picture of you WITH makeup on or all natural?Anyway , Good Luck and Hope it never comes back for you...

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Thats awesome. Talk about a dramatic improvement. My only question for you is when did the red marks begin to fade? I'm on week 17 atm and although one side of my face is all but clear, the other side seems to be fading much slower...

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