Doing Nutrisystem for a 2nd time

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Nearly 4 years ago I came to Nutrisystem as a last resort to losing weight. I was almost 300 pounds and wildly out of shape. I had no willpower and quite honestly I expected to fail at this like I had failed at so many other plans.

I did very well and dropped from 290ish to 214.5 in just a matter of months. I was running and felt great. Unfortunately that all came crashing down when, in the span of a year, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, had a house fire, and then a second brain tumor. My life was suddenly not my own anymore and it spun wildly out of control. All the progress I had made started to vanish right before my eyes. My weight went from 214 to 225, then 240, 250, 260, and Monday I was 268.5.

I'm at my breaking point. Last night, I was vacuuming my bedroom and started sweating after just 5 minutes. I sunk down on my chair and cried. How have I let myself get back in this situation? How could I just throw away all that hard work I did. Sure, I can say that I've been stressed more than any one person should be stressed but really, is that an excuse? My family tells me all the time to relax, that I'm just fighting to many battles at once and I need to pick the ones to fight carefully. I know they mean well but isn't that just enabling me to keep making the wrong choices by giving me an excuse?.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to by the Nutrisystem food at this point, way to many bills to pay. However, I did very well the last time with doing it on my own and I don't see a reason why I can't do it again. Sure, it will take some planning and hard work on my part but anything in life worth doing is worth doing right.

I don't want to live like this anymore. I want to be healthy, happy, and fit. Sure, I could say that I want to be a size 6 and weigh 130 pounds but if I'm not healthy, then what's the point? So instead of setting a size/weight goal, I'm just going to say that I'm going to work to be as healthy as I can be. I'll eat right, exercise, and lose weight. I'll monitor my progress with my doctor to make sure that I'm doing all the right things. For once, I'm putting me first.

I know that there will be times I slip but I won't use that as an excuse to start again the next day. I'll start again at the next meal. To long have I said I'll start on Monday or I'll start tomorrow. No, I'll start today. This evening with dinner in fact.

I'm a bit rusty at the guidelines but hopefully I can find my copy of what each meal should entail and if not, I'll figure it out somehow. You may be wondering why I've come back here if I'm not going to be eating the food. The answer is simple. This is the only place that I have ever felt supported in this endeavor. Sure my family supports me but I don't think they truely understand the difficulties I face in doing this. You all have always been wonderful.

I apologize for the rambling but I just needed to talk this out. I know you all understand that part...

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Your question was: Doing Nutrisystem for a 2nd time.

You can do it! We are here to help and we are also on our own weight-loss journeys with you, so you are not alone...

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Hi Jamie! Welcome back, and best of luck to you. PLEASE take a breath and give yourself a break. You have been through A LOT of s*** Thank God that you are healthy enough to now change your life..

AND YOU CAN DO IT.many people use their own food. There used to be threads and blogs on how to go about it. I'm sure you will find it if you search google. I know that I eat every couple of hours on Nutrisystem and that has helped me. You could certainly do this with your own food. Good luck, Rose..

Comment #2

Thanks all for the kind words. I gathered up the materials I had before and am ready to rock. Now to lose 2 pounds before next Tuesday...

Comment #3

Jamie - Welcome back! Wow, bless your heart. You sure have had a lot to deal with. Making the decision to eat properly and take care of yourself is the best decision you can make. You CAN do this. You are worth it. All the best to you in this journey! We are all here for you...

Comment #4

Thanks! Hey I'm in Houston too! Well, Cypress but close enough...

Comment #5

Welcome back Jamie! I've been at this since 2005 and I've never left the boards because of all the wonderful support and accountability. We're here for you and here's to a 100% Day 1. GO JAMIE!.


Comment #6

So far so good! I had a great breakfast consisting of 2 scrambled eggs, 3 slices of ham diced up and scrambled into said eggs and a banana. I'm saving my carb for lunch as I am going out on a business lunch and wanted to make sure I planned ahead as much as possible.

I cut my starbucks habit cold turkey this morning so it's kinda a struggle in that department but not caffeine wise. My usual breakfast for the last few months has been a grande double chocolate chip frap, no whip (hey gotta watch those calories ) and a black forest ham breakfast sandwhich..

Just for comparison and so I'll have this to refer back to...

Starbucks Breakfast.

Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino Blended Beverage.

Calories 500.

Fat 9.

Carb 98.

Fiber 3.

Protein 14.

Black Forest Ham, Parmesan Frittata & Cheddar on Artisan Roll.

Calories 370.

Fat 16.

Carb 32.

Fiber 0.

Protein 23.

Total for SB Breakfast.

Calories 870.

Fat 25.

Carb 130.

Fiber 3.

Protein 37.

NS on my own Breakfast (yes I know it's not perfect but it will all work out by the end of the day).

2 Scrambled Eggs with Ham, 1 Banana.

Calories 369.

Fat 16.8.

Carb 31.

Fiber 3.1.

Protein 25.

Wow, that's quite a difference and I have the added benefit of not feeling sluggish this morning...

Comment #7

Man I am feeling in control! For lunch today I had a grilled chicken sandwich, but only took 2 bites of the bread to get some carbs in me. I also subbed fruit in for fries and I drank water. Not sure how many calories that was but the sandwich was dry so only Chicken and Tomato plus the fruit which was strawberries, grapes, and pineapple.

I'm full and not the least bit tempted to eat something I shouldn't. Although on a funny note, I forgot how much time one spends in the bathroom when one's system is getting cleaned out. Fiber FTW!..

Comment #8

Hello Fluffytofit,.

It sounds like you are having a great go girl!! Some people sell their meals for really low prices on these threads and did you know that you can also purchase Nutrisystem foods at Big Lots if you have one near you. They are the Nourish foods but are compatable with the Advanced plan. They are $1.00for the lunches and $3.00 for the dinners and sometimes they go on sale and the dinners are 2 for $5.00. You can also buy ala carte if you desire some of the Nutrisystem foods such as the breakfast muffins, bars, lunch bars and any of the Nutrisystem pizzas and newer meals. As you probably know, ala carte is more expensive in the long run plus you have to pay for your shipping. I have purchsed over $200 in ala carte int he past and only had to pay about $18.00for shipping...

Comment #9

Thanks for the tip, I'll check into that. I'm actually content though making the food on my own since I'm cooking for husband anyway. This way he gets good food and doesn't even realize it. :-)..

Comment #10

I cook seperate home cooked and healthy meals for my hubby every day and I find it no problem at all. I do miss my home cooking but I will be able to enjoy it once I get to Maintenance and continue to count my calories everyday and eat my own foods. I stay around 1200 cals. a day right now to continue to lose weight. That was recommended to me by a counselor @ NS. My hubby and I both have a nice big garden salad evey night and a lot of times we eat the same steamed veggies.

My hubby knows it's best for him now and he cooperates most of the time. He has some health issues with high cholesterol and is 30pds. over weight so we have some work to do for him. I wish you the best!!..

Comment #11

If you want Nutrisystem food, try Craig's List. I have scored twice with Nutrisystem food and I also get stuff from Big Lots..

Good Luck and welcome back...

Comment #12


I was very happy to see your post. You have dealt with so much and instead of giving up you are back and focused on your diet and health. I joined 3 years ago and fell off the wagon hard and here I am starting over last Sunday. But I truely feel very motivated and would love to keep in touch with you. You are an inspiration to me. You had every reason to forget about a diet when you were going through your health issues.

Good luck to you..

Comment #13

Hi Jamie! NOTHING feels as good as being in control, girl!!!!! Are you eating every couple of hours? That really helps me to stay full. Best of luck, Rose..

Comment #14


Welcome back to NS.

You have overcome so much. You are obviously a strong person. You'll find the strength you need to tackle your weight now. It was my friend (and boss's) fight with brain cancer that finally brought me to NS. I had already been obese but when she was diagnosed with the cancer I turned to food and just stuffed all my sadness and sorrow with more chocolate & chips and... and...

Finally, shortly before she died I realized that she would not want me to kill myself too, which was where my overeating was taking me. Today, 17.5 months after starting Nutrisystem I finally reached a BMI of under 25.

You'll be able to make this journey too. Remember that all the foods on the planner are important including the low GI carbs (both those that are built into the entrees and those that you need to add for needing to loose more than 100 pounds. You'll get back into the swing of things quickly. There are lots of threads about doing Nutrisystem on your own, and how to flex meals. Be sure to check them out.

You so deserve to loose this weight and become the healthy person you want to be. And you are worth the time and effort it is going to take to do this. I wish you much success as you start your journey to a new and healthier you...

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