Does your weight fluctuate with Nutrisystem?

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I am in my second week with only 1 pound lost. In my first week it was 11 pounds. It seems that each day when I get on the scale my weight fluctuates up or down, I am following the menu, drinking water, hitting the gym, What else could it be?..

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Your question was: Does your weight fluctuate with Nutrisystem?.

Read Pam's post. It's a good one..

My personal experien(e is this: With 70 lb.s to lose, I dropped the 1st 10 lb.s in a (ouple of weeks. Then I lost no weight for another 2 weeks, but lost 2 sizes. Then the weight (ame off at a pretty steady 1.5-2 lb.s weekly. I've lost 27 lb.s in 2 months, now, & I'm stu(k hopping up/down 2 lb.s, but I've dropped 2 " from everywhere...upper arms, upper abs, waist, lower abs, hips, & thighs. My (on(lusion is that there's more to weight loss than the number on the s( the not(hes on your belt, the looseness of your formerly tight (lothing, et(. I only weigh on(e a week, so daily flu(tuations of up to 3 lb.s don't drive me nuts, & I re(ord both my weight & measurements on the 1st & the 15th of ea(h month.

Loss & size loss. Hope this helps!..

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This is so true!! Especially for those of us who are also lifting weights or doing other muscle building exercises. I would much rather have a lower body fat % then concern myself with the number on the scale. When I was anorexic I weighed 84 pounds...I lost way more then body was consuming itself. I have a hard time committing to a "goal weight" simply because I want to look and feel good and have a bodyfat % on the lower end. That may happen at 132 pounds or at 126 pounds...I won't know til I get there, then I will know where to maintain!!..

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Men can lose more initally depending on how over weight they are. I alsp make it to the gym 6 days a week, so I l've got a jump on it!..

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As of today I am 15 down! However the headaches kicked in again...

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