Does the Medifast Diet really work and is it safe?

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First question I got is Does the Medifast Diet really work and is it safe? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. having frittata with cauliflower in it and 4 wedges of LC cheese as my heathly fat spread on TOP of them..YUM!!.

(taking me all day to eat this LOL).

Nope, no cheese sticks yet....maybe tomorrow hahaha.......

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You betcha! however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

Thinking tonight will have some baked chicken and roasted yellow & zucchini squash mmm.....

Comment #2

I did a 1/2 portion of OhBother's Tofu/Egg salad (a total FAVE) with a MSF griller/original with 1 LC light on it! YUM-O!.

Congrats and getting off the cheese stix, STEPH! (admit it, they're like crack to you, aren't they?) ((HUGS)).

The Running CreamPuff (working toward Eclair!)..

Comment #3

Turkey burger, no bun. Spaghetti squash with homemade tomato sauce, and cucumber slices...

Comment #4

I'm doing the cheesey-broccoli bake...the one with cottage cheese and cheddar...

Comment #5

Leftovers - Thai crockpot chicken with broccoli & cauliflower..

Comment #6

Lean Ground Turkey with all kind of spices made into patties along with some cucumbers, yummy!..

Comment #7

Grilled swordfish & asparagus YUM My favorite! Now counting down the minutes until I have my "treat" for the day: FROSTY!!! YUM YUM YUM!.

Frosty = one Medifast Hot Cocoa + 1/4 cup (or more) H2O + 4/5 ice cubes. Blend well 'til FROSTY!..

Comment #8

That does sound super yummy! Maybe I'll do that to my chicken instead hrmm.....

Comment #9

I had cod baked in a foil pouch with dill and a light dijon sauce with sauteed spinach. The cod recipe came from a Medifast user, but I can't remember who to credit.

It was delicious!!.

I also made my first PB cups in my mini muffin tin tonight and just tried those...OMG soooo good!..

Comment #10

Pork lettuce wraps - ground up left over pork loin with cooked red peppers, mushrooms, garlic and teriyaki sauce, wrapped in Bibb lettuce...

Comment #11

Roasted chicken and roasted string beans with sliced tomatoes. Very good...

Comment #12

I love living on the West Coast! Ya'll have all had your dinner by the time I get home, and I can mine the posts for ideas!..

Comment #13

Lean steak, salad and Creamy Bacon WF dressing yum!..

Comment #14

What is the cheesey broccoli bake - do tell!.

And can you really have lc cheese for your healthy fat? I would be beyond happy..

I had a massive dinner - 4 egg whites with 5 oz of super lean canadian bacon (mmm salty), with some mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, green onion and tiny bit of jalapeno. I think it was the largest serving of food i've had since I started...

Comment #15

U guys r eating yummy i've having salad for 2 weeks now going on 3 boring I know lol..

Comment #16

Thank goodness, no cheesesticks... Steph....

I had Two vegi burgers, and a vegi delight salad from Subway!! yuummmmmm..

Comment #17

Tonight I had a turkey burger grilled on the George Foreman fixed up with a little WF BBQ sauce and raw cauliflower (the only way I like cauliflower). Yummy!..

Comment #18

2 MSF prime grillers, steamed broccoli, Newman's dressing for dipping..

Comment #19

Baby spinach salad with raw mushrooms and canned tuna, with light three cheese ranch. Sadly this was one of the more disappointing L&Gs in a while, I used tuna because I didn't feel like cooking some meat to put on it, but the salad dressing all stuck to the tuna when I tossed the salad and my spinach was very dry as a result...

Comment #20

I bombed it tonight....had a double cheeseburger from Sonic, minus the buns. So two meat patties and the dot of mustard on it, plus the smidgen of lettuce and a skinny tomato slice, and two pickle slices. I'll admit it was soooooooo good, even without the buns, but I know I really should have had the grilled chicken salad. And it calmed my motion sickness considerably (out riding around town, looking at houses for sale). I love the diet lime-ades, too. I drank those all the time before MF..

So I'll have my remaining 3 Medifast shakes over the course of work tonight, and drink my water, and get back on track tomorrow. Anyone know how I should log that, BTW? I had no way to weigh the patties, and the veggies were hardly there. I can get the nutritional info from the Sonic website, but it doesn't show the bun-less stats...

Comment #21

Turkey meatballs with cooled tomato sauce, over broccoli. Yumm and quick!..

Comment #22

Tonight's dinner was pretty good, on the whole..

Cooked mushrooms and 99% fat free turkey with 1/2 tsp olive oil per serving. Seasoned with black pepper, thyme, tarragon, and lemon zest (= 2.25 condiments). Served over shaved strips of zucchini, cooked in the same pan as the turkey and mushrooms with a tiny bit of water, and "caulirice" (shredded barely cooked cauliflower, then heated again in the microwave for about two minutes after shredding). The DH meter said it was better than just OK, it was actually good, about an 8.5 on a ten-point scale, with 10 being really great gourmet food. I thought it was pretty tasty, too!.



Comment #23

Hey Bayou, I've been logging my "bad" food entries by clicking on "Add Food" at the top, selecting "Other Foods" I think it's called, then typing in the name of the item and clicking on Restaurant Foods or choosing the other food groups in the drop-down box. Then click Search. They have a lot of Sonic stuff there, and I suppose if you just type burger patty they might have a selection that's close to what you ate. I've been using it to choose the closest thing that I've eaten to get a rough idea of the calories. Like I had some beef tip penne pasta with pink sauce for our birthday dinner night before last; I chose a pasta dish with meat sauce of some sort which sounded most like the same ingredients as what I had at the restaurant. I had a few other things that I looked up, and added them in too.

So yesterday I was back OP, and had turkey cutlets and steamed green beans for dinner. I added just a few drops of smoke flavoring, a little sprinkle of Truvia, and some butter spray to the beans. Plain, but it was good...

Comment #24

I think what you are going to find when you enter the Resturant food.....especially fast food burgers is not so much a huge difference in Calorie count......but the amount of sodium!.

Sweet Mother of God!!.

My eye opener was Carl's Jr. 6$ Low Carb burger. It has a lettuce wrap that pretty much equals about a cup of iceburg lettuce, tomatos, pickels. Leave off the cheese and other condiments, add some salsa from the salsa bar.....and you are pretty much "On Plan"......well....except for the 1070 mg of sodium that is in the Burger!!! However, if your going to slip....the sodium is going to be a lot more forgiving then excessive fats or carbs. Just my two cents on making this diet.....tolerable!!..

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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