Does the Medifast diet really work?

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First question I got is Does the Medifast diet really work? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Anyone ever ween themselves off splenda AND creamer in their coffee? I drink WAY to much coffee (like others have said- stupid Keurig) and I take 3 tsp of splenda and 1 tbsp creamer- I am down to a teaspoon of creamer and today I only have 1 tsp splenda- BUT I am drinking the BEST pecan torte coffee. So my question, what do I do away with first/ the creamer or splenda?..

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You betcha! although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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OHHH, I just ordered the island coconut! The pecan torte is actually from Gevalia (yes I still get their coffee) My DH says I am a salespersons DREAM- I use my K-cup to brew it..

Comment #2

Coconut milk is low in carbs and can be fat free..... for creamer..

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You could use part of a vanilla shake as cream and sweetner and then just drink the rest, oooooooor, you could do what I've done: totally did away with morning coffee, sort of, I mix my coffee with a van or choc shake add some ice and blend, tastes like a frap.


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Heather, I am new online member, still learning my way to use this website. Actually I am originally from India, we use a lot of cocoanut in our daily food preparations, however now that I am living in the US, I have cut down on the use of the fresh cocoanut. My question is cocoanut milk added to coffee might 'split' meaning get spoiled right? also what about the high cholesterol? I do drink the pure cocoanut water which is high in nutrients..


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I've found that the Coffeemate creamer (the little individual cups, non-flavored) are 0 carbs and like 6 calories for each one. I use 1 of those and 1 packet of Splenda for the little bit of coffee I drink...

Comment #6

I only liked sweetener in my coffee when I was a kid, so that wasn't my problem. It was milk/cream..

I did wean myself off of that and it was harder than it should've been! I got down to three drops and couldn't go lower..

My kids hated getting me coffee!.

I could tell if they just didn't do it or if they added four..

One day I blindfolded them and had them take a sip from three cups. One with nothing, one with three drops and one with four. They were really irritated that they could tell the difference!.

Finally *I* got sick of the BS and just started drinking it black. Once I bit the bullet, it was a quick transition...

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Nothing but black coffee over here, thanks goodness or I think would have some serious plateau issues because I drink soooo much coffee throughout the day!..

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I always used tons of flavored creamer in my coffee but stopped cold turkey when I was on the 5 and 1 and learned to drink my coffee black or with 1Tablespoon of half and half (1/2 serving healthy fat). I also use part of a vanilla shake for creamer sometimes or mix my Medifast hot chocolate with coffee...

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I have weaned my self down to just one teaspoon of coffeemate. That was hard. I also stopped using splenda and and put two pumps of SF irish cream syrup or sometimes SF chocolate. It is really good...

Comment #10

I need to switch to black coffee. I like it so it doesn't bother me. But I drink way to much coffee. I need to cut down. I am not OP when it comes to drinking caffeine...

Comment #11

I never drank coffee black, but stopped drinking coffee completely when I started 5&1. Now I drink coffee (only flavored coffee - love that Keurig) and add 1/2 tbsp of one of the SF davinci syrups and I love it! I miss the creamer, but it was really the elimination of the bitterness that I was looking for and the SF syrup seems to do it. This morning I had hazelnut coffee with 1/2tbsp amaretto SF davinci yum! Good luck!..

Comment #12

I used to have coffee every morning with skim milk and splenda. I was very very sad to give it up. I now have a cold "shake" in the morning. I add 1 of the following: vanilla shake, chocolate shake, cappuccino, or hot cocoa to cold coffee, throw in the blender with some crushed ice and whip. It is delicious and I don't really miss my old coffee anymore. I did make myself learn to "love" black coffee if I want it any other time of the day. Going to black coffee was rough the first couple of days but isn't so bad anymore...

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Hey guys, you can have 2 T of real, full fat half and half as your daily fat for the day. 2 T also counts as one condiment, and you have 3 condiments per day. There is no need to drink black coffee. I believe you can also use 1 packet of Splenda as a condiment..

Drinking coffee black hurts my stomach and makes me really hungry. I've used half and half throughout my entire time on MF...

Comment #14

Why is it necessary to give it up? I use 2 tbls creamer for my healthy fat. I drink a cup in the morning. I really do not want to use up one of my Medifast meals on a coffee. I use 1 stevia. Is this such a bad idea?..

Comment #15

Thanks everyone- for my 3rd cup I have been doing the cappuccino calorie burn mixed with coffee- great Idea to use just a part of it- I could make that go a long way. I am on my 4th cup now.

I have had 3 tsp (1tbsp) creamer and 3 tsp splenda- OVER for the condiments today.

I LOVE COFFEE. I am a preschool director so I actually NEED coffee!!!..

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Yes, I am afraid it will mess up the tummy. If I drank just one or two cups I would be fine but I usually drink 4-5. I will get some 1/2 and 1/2 maybe if I used a teaspoon for each cup I could have 6! Great Idea Sassy..

I felt like I was overdoing me condiments- didn't think about healthy fat...

Comment #17

I think I've come to the conclusion that my love languages are coffee and mashed potatoes..

So since mashed potatoes are out of the picture for a while, I had to figure out my coffee scenario..

My solution was the Vanilla Shake (as someone mentioned.) I really love my keurig! So I have one regular coffee creamed with about 1/3 of the vanilla shake in the morning, then a decaf cup sometime like an hour later with another 1/3 of the shake which I keep in the fridge until I'm ready. That leaves me one more decaf for the afternoon, using the rest of the shake!.

It has been perfect for me! My shipment came yesterday and I ripped into the box so I could hug the vanilla shakes! I'd been out for a few days and my poor cravings were going into a tailspin, haha!..

Comment #18

It has been perfect for me! My shipment came yesterday and I ripped into the box so I could hug the vanilla shakes! I'd been out for a few days and my poor cravings were going into a tailspin, haha!.


Thats how I feel about the calorie burn cappuccino- I am almost out.

Will be ordering soon...

Comment #19

Before MF, I was a six cup a day drinker. I liked my coffee with a couple of tbs of sugar and a generous splash of flavored creamer. I'm not down to 1 cup each morning. I brew a cup in my Keurig - love that thing- then I pour it into my Ninja with one of the following - vanilla pudding, chocolate mint soft serve, hot chocolate or capuccino - and blend. I end up with a delicious Starbuck's type latte to enjoy every morning. I could use Splenda or a little creamer, however, it doesn't give me enough of the creaminess that I enjoy.

I don't miss my 6 cups of coffee every day. I love having that one special cup while I catch up on the boards to start my day...

Comment #20

That is exactly how I feel. I am willing to spend one condiment on my one cup of coffee per day, but the healthy fat and rest of the condiments I prefer to use in my L&G. Sometimes with the stomach issue, it helps not to drink coffee on an empty stomach. I never paid so much attention to my caffeine intake until Medifast - heck I apparently didn't pay attention to my intake of much of anything..

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I use 1 T of liquid creamer from Trader Joes (1's creamier for me than half and half) and 1 drop of EzSweetz (liquid sucralose. 1 drop=1 packet splenda). Unless I missed it, there's been no ruling on the ezsweets, and I love it. I get the sweetening of the splenda without the carbs. It's genius!..

Comment #22

Wow I live under a rock. I didn't know what a keurig was and I saw it mentioned so many times in this thread that I had to google it. And now I have a major crush on the keurig, and put it on my list of "things to buy" once I start getting real paychecks at my new job..

That said, I was a major coffee drinker before MF. I do think that one can have coffee on plan. At this point, I can have a little coffee on plan, but I have switched primarily to tea. I have have a large cup of tea with one splenda and no milk or creamer (had to wean off the milk, but it wasn't too bad). With coffee, I like it sweet and light in color. I can load it up on the half and half.

I had to quit the coffee cold turkey for about a month before I could start testing it out again, because the way I like drinking coffee is one of the contributors to my weight gain. The idea of drinking coffee black is extremely unappealing to me..

My taste buds have adjusted a bit, and I now prefer equal in coffee but will use splenda if equal is not available just fine. But I still have to use a fair amount of half and half, so I avoid drinking coffee in general. I think if I had a keurig though, and tasty coffee flavors, I could experiment with this. Also I'm going to look into the coffeemake creamer cup things, someone mentioned they have 6 cals and no carbs, and that sounds like a pretty sweet deal (no pun intended). I've found that drinking flavored tea, and focusing more on the flavor and less on the sweetness, has helped me enjoy tea that isn't as sweet as I used to make it, so perhaps the same thing will happen with coffee...

Comment #23

Sandi- Well all I can say is that the Keurig changed my life- haha just kidding BUT I used to like down 4 "mugs" of coffee in 2 hours before my pot cut off and then ended up pouring out the rest. Now, I have a mug then in an hour or so I have another one. I will have a decaf in the evening if I want something sweet and already had my brownie. I do indeed love it!..

Comment #24

I love my Keurig too. I usually drink flavored coffee black..

Late at night if I want something sweet I will have a decaf mixed with vanilla shake...

Comment #25

Great thread with some good ideas. I only drink 2 cups in the morning and use up all my condiments by 8:00 AM! Not good on some days. I am buying half' and half and switch out the cream for that and now trying to use just one packet of Splenda for the two cups. I tried mixing the shakes, puddings, etc., but decided I can't sacrifice a meal for coffee. Amazing the trade offs we do!!.

I can't do it black, have tried! BUT I can't give it up either...

Comment #26

Before MF, I looooved coffee (another Keurig addict here). But then I realized that I loooved coffee WITH half and half AND sugar. Without, it didn't hit the spot. So I switched to tea for now. I think, after a couple of more weeks on MF, my tastebuds will change and I won't miss the cream and sugar so much..

I know I could use the cream as my healthy fat (but honestly, I used way more creamer than 2T), plus I like having an afternoon snack of laughing cow light cheese wedges.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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