Does the Medifast Diet drink Work?

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Got a quick question: Does the Medifast Diet drink Work? Thanks for any answer. Another question... Ok I totally know alcoholic beverages are not on the plan. And I have been very disciplined and done everything pretty close to plan since I started 2.5 weeks ago. My problem is I have a very important first date to go on Friday night and I really would like to at least have 1 social drink with him. And then I have no problem switching to diet soda or water or something.

So my question is, will one solitary alcoholic beverage do THAT much to my progress? And if I do choose to have one, what is the best alcohol to drink that won't wreak total havoc on ketosis? Wine? Vodka? Rum?.

I have no intention of doing this more than once while I'm on plan, so any help would be appreciated..

Thank you everyone..


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You betcha! however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I wish there was a "like" button on several levels. Do you seriously think you are more "likeable" because you order a Vodka Soda in stead of a Soda? I would think hard about that...

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Four ounce glass of white wine. Low carb, and be sure to make your other choices throughout the day be from the lower-carb products and veggies..

Be aware that if you have been following the plan strictly for the last two or three weeks alcohol can affect you a lot more quickly, and a lot harder, than it used to. That's because you are taking in quite a low number of calories, and there isn't as much food and such to balance out the alcohol. Two drinks could really knock you on your behind, so if you choose to drink, stop at one for both the sake of staying in ketosis and the sake of staying in control...

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Um, I'm not going to even touch the whole "likeable" argument that others are attempting to make because I think you're just trying to assimilate to the situation without drawing any extra attention to yourself and I get that, but I will say this: having one drink with him now kind of sets up the expectation that you will continue to do so, assuming there are future dates? My friends that drink with dinner - always drink with dinner! Not that anyone has to, but if you want to get the message home that you're not drinking these days, just don't do it. I really doubt the guy will care! Just my .02...

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That is exactly what I don't get. Why does having alcohol or not having alcohol matter at all? So the "likeable" argument is valid as far as I'm concerned. I can "assimilate" as easily with zero alcohol. Just my .02...

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I think there is a difference between just trying to not draw extra attention to yourself or the diet versus the thought process of "he won't like me if I don't drink!" I think the OP falls under the first distinction. I can also see why people wouldn't think there's a difference. But I do. *shrug*.

I could care less now, but when I started, I was extra cautious about drawing attention to all things Medifast and diet-related. I didn't have a meal outside of my house for the first month I was on plan. So, I can relate to that...

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Do you want the truth, or do you want permission?..

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You're a grown up and can do as you please. Just know that this probably isn't the place you're going to find suggestions for alcohol to have that isn't that bad for your diet.

Have a good date! But not sticking with your plan for the first date leads to definately not sticking to the plan on the 2nd date. If you establish now that you're not drinking right now, not even one, then it sets a precidence instead of for your 2nd date when you say you're not drinking and he says "but you drank last week. won't hurt anything"...

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I get the not wanting to draw attention to ones self. I don't get why not drinking alcohol would do that. I have to say I have to go out with clients a lot..I know it isn't a date, but still..I have never felt I should drink alcohol to fit in. I quietly order my plain soda (it comes in a highball so not obvious) with a lime squeeze. I still say if anyone has a problem with that, it's their problem, not the OP...

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I think the word that got to me was "important". What makes a first date "important"? I mean, obviously you always want to make a positive impression when you meet someone for the first time... but what makes one first date "important" while others are not?.

There is no need to make a big brou-haha out of not having something alcoholic. Simply order whatever nonalcoholic drink you'd like. If the guy makes a big deal out of pressing a drink as an issue... red flags all around. If he's truly a good guy, he probably won't even notice!.

You never want to compromise anything important to you, especially in the beginning of a new relationship. It leads to compromising everything for the sake of keeping some specific guy happy. There is, unfortunately, a segment of men out there who prefer insecure, overweight women for the sheer joy of controlling them. Chances are this guy is NOT one of them... but it is always important to be true to yourself, especially when evaluating the suitability of a dating partner..

Don't learn this one the hard way. It really sucks to get parts of your face rebuilt, and both divorces and court proceedings to prove abuse and strip jerks like that of their parental rights are terrible to have to go through...

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At over 5 carbs per 5 oz of wine and 120 calories with zero nutritional value..I don't see it as harmless as you do...

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Contrary to everyone else I say if it were me.....

If you want to have a drink at this date, go ahead and have one, but limit it to one..

I've had things off plan since I've started. I've eaten a butter roll once a week since I started. I'm sure there's more carbs in that than a lite beer or a glass of wine, it hasn't killed me..

I'm a guy and I don't date, I am married. But I have friends still in the dating scene..

I can see you not wanting to draw attention to yourself because having a drink is what people do in the real world Right or wrong opinions are based off first impressions. And yeah, he should accept that you don't want to drink and not question it, blah blah blah (insert perfect world scenario's here)...

But in the real world, the not having the drink probably opens more questions, even if he doesn't ask. A majority of the population drink If I went to a bar and a date didn't order a drink, I would wonder why. Am I dating a former alcoholic??? etc..

Where as you have one drink and it's not even a thought or issue..

So I see where you are coming from..

If you want to have the drink, it's your choice, but if you do, don't go crazy, have one or even half of one and be done with it. Move on, your next Medifast meal awaits you...

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I think you should wait until the date is over to decide if you should start drinking, ha ha.

Good luck, have fun..

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I usually have a rum or whiskey and diet coke when I choose to drink. It does slow down my losses a little but I enjoy a drink occasionally and the slow down does not bother me...

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If you want to have the drink, it's your choice, but if you do, don't go crazy, have one or even half of one and be done with it. Move on, your next Medifast meal awaits you..

I've had a occasional drink since starting MF. Yes, it slowed down the weight loss for that week, but I knew that going in and decided it was something I could live with. Life happens. When I do have a drink I have a White Wine Spritzer. It is 4 oz. of white wine and 4 oz of club soda.

Have fun on your date..

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Not sure if I should post this or not - but my brother when on plan actually called nutritional support and asked this - and while of course they do not recomment drinking on plan - they did tell him if he had to have one - to have vodka and diet soda. Again - you are eating way fewer calories then before - One drink usually goes right to my head!.

Good luck on your date. I am dating as well and I know how you feel...

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"For best weight loss results, Medifast recommends no alcohol consumption during the weight loss phase of the program.".

That says it all right there. Good luck, and consult with Nutrition Support further if you would like their advice..

My name is Tammy, one of the Registered Dietitians on the Nutirtion Support Team here at Medifast. Thank you for your posting and welcome to the Medifast Family!!!.

Alcohol is not on the 5&1 meal plan during the weight loss phase of the program. As you may know the stomach absorbs between 15-25% of alcohol when ingested, the remainder is absorbed in the small intestine..

Alcohol yields 7.1 calories per gram and is closer to fat in terms of it's caloric value versus carbohydrate and/or protein. Alcohol is metabolized as fat and is thought to promote fatty acid synthesis (making of fat) due to the excess of NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide + hydrogen) formed during the metabolic process.


For best weight loss results, Medifast recommends no alcohol consumption during the weight loss phase of the program..

Hope this helps!.


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Jake Flake.

Stay in need to drink just order a tea and that should not be his concern if you are drinking or not. Remember your mission and do not let social pressures throw you off. You have come to far and you are not familiar with the effect of the alcohol could end up souring.

Your date instead of enhancing..

Stay Motivated!.


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If you don't want to share that you are sans alcohol because you are losing weight, then simply say you are taking medication that has adverse effects when combined with alcohol: antibiotics, pain reliever from a hard workout or dental work, whatever...

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To those of you who answered my question withouth ASSUMING you know me or the situation, THANK YOU. Rum or Vodka and diet soda....GOT IT..

The rest of you who think that for some reason you felt as though you had to lecture me like I was 15 years old and going out on my first date, that is not appreciated. I am a 38 year old woman. A "very important first date" to me meant that I am very nervous and would really like to have ONE alcoholic beverage to take the edge off and not spend all damn night talking about Medifast. He already knows I'm on the diet, it's not like I'm hiding it and he would never tell me I HAD to drink. But I do not want the night to turn into a night of talking about what I can and cannot eat, drink, do on Medifast. Period.

My mistake was posting WHY I was asking this question. Next time I'll stick to the facts. Live and learn...

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Take it from this guy...he's a dude and makes a very valid point! In the real world drinking is a big part of the social scene. I'm a young woman in my 20's and have no intentions of giving up alcohol FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! I still have a small glass of white wine here and there. The difference now is I don't do it every night, or every week for that matter. Maybe once a month, if at all, or on special occasions. It is all about portion control, not only with our food, but EVERYTHING we put in our bodies. So yes, PLEASE enjoy your drink with this guy! Relax, and have fun! You are a GROWN WOMAN! I highly doubt if you order a drink one night, and not the other, that anyone will say " Hey you drank last time, whats wrong now?" and if they do, well WHO CARES, you just dont feel like drinking tonight!!.

My new favorite drink to have is a white wine spritzer, your choice of white wine with lots of ice and club soda, lime or no lime. You can make it last ALL night, when it starts to get low ask for some more ice and more club soda on top of what you already have. It is perefect, and it will keep that big BUZZ away from your decreased calorie count..

Have a wonderful time!.


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I'm not going to lecture or anything of the sort, but......I never have a drink, not that I'm against drinking, my husband usually has his beer, but I simply don't like the taste. I don't see why what you order to drink should cause a discussion at all. I always have water and no one has ever really questioned why that was my choice. I have been out with people I don't know very well and ordered first and then been asked if I minded if they drank, but they never questioned my choice. You are an adult and can do whatever you please. But don't come to Medifast to ask if something off plan is OK and expect to NOT hear the truth and the truth of the matter is......alcohol is not OP. You either are following the diet or not, but that is your choice...

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I did not ask if it was OK and I acknowledged it NOT being part of the plan so at least get your story straight. And, believe it or not, there are some people on this board that answered my original question and left it at that. And that question was WHAT alcohol is the best choice. Not asking for anyone's permission or anyone's 2 cents..

End of discussion, I got what I needed and I won't revisit this thread again...

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I think everyone here has given you good advice....which you then chose to throw in their faces..

I agree w/ Cara. You are an adult. You can do what you want..

However, don't ask questions you don't want the answers to. Questions about foods/drinks that are OBVIOUSLY off-plan are going to garner a response from the had to expect that. Next time, if you don't want the opinion of everyone in Medifast land, post your question to Nutrition Support, or call them on the phone.....

Just a thought.....

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I think it just that for many of us, our obesity is a life-threatening illness. I realize you don't have nearly as much lose as some, but for some people, if they don't get their weight down, it could really hurt them physically and could even lead to an early death. We all know that obesity and extra weight are linked to heart problems, cancer and a slew of other diseases..

So when people start talking about the least harmful way to go off-plan, it leads to a slippery slope for many MFers. They start to think, "Well, this person was able to get right back on and if I have this, it only has x number of carbs," and a door is opened that is sometimes difficult or impossible to close again..

I know for me and for many people, one cheat leads to days, weeks, even months off plan. It is detrimental to many of us to see encouragement to go off plan because we are battling a tough inner demon that wants us to do exactly that, which is why there is so much concern voiced whenever a question like this comes up. I don't think the responses were meant to be taken so personally, it's more that we are trying to let people know that even with the best intentions a slip or "planned cheat" can cause a great deal of harm...

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It could. it depends on how you handle failure, some people have one drink and are fine- others have one drink and then think they can eat what they want, and then it's days of trying to get back on plan- you are the only one that can answer YOUR question. Everyone else is giving their answer on how it affect them, thats all they can say- THEIR opinion...

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If you're trying to quit smoking, will one cigarette hurt?.

It's not the single cigarette itself, it's the decision to have that "one" that is damaging..

The quickest way to enjoy a drink is to get to goal and then to T&M. I would venture to say that drink would be much more satisfying then!..

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OK, so....I didn't answer the question exactly as asked, but....asking how best to go off plan and how it will affect your weight loss IS asking for someone to tell you it is OK to go off plan, whether you think so or not...

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To the Opening titled your thread "Help..can I ONCE have an alcoholic beverage". I guess you should have titled it "I'm gonna drink, so since I have made that choice, what should I have". Most of us would have seen that title and not even opened it because we don't like to be frustrated by reading about silly choices. You are an adult. Do what you want...

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It is best to skip the alcohol, but many here have had breaks consisiting of much more than 1 drink and still hit goal and are maintaining. I personally DON'T recommend it. Try club soda over ice with twist of lime instead. If you do choose to drink, that is certainly your choice, and I can understand on a new date you don't want to throw your diet out there. Choose what works for you, just be aware it may show a slow down in your losses..

No judgement here,,,,have a great time on that date,,,,take the advice from this thread that works for you, and ignore the rest. Sometimes you need a thick skin around here,,,..

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Drink, don't drink, but how are you going to manage to order an on-plan L&G if you don't even want to draw attention to being on Medifast by not ordering an alcoholic beverage?.

My normal order of "chicken breast, no skin, no butter or oil, and green beans, steamed only, no additional sides or bread" draws a lot more attention than "I'll have a diet coke" ever will...

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And that's why we aren't the same person..

The poster asked for a factual answer about a question. She didn't ask for a lecture, or for the slippery slope of abuse, control, and divorce..

There sure are a lot of people quick to make judgments about other people's lives around here..

And it is quite easy to find white wine for 1 carb and 20 calories per ounce. My favorite sparkling white, Prosecco, for example. I have occasionally had a single glass of that on a Friday night when out with my colleagues after work, and the scale has never noticed..

Obviously one must choose carefully, not only the wine but the other foods one eats that day make the lower choices in carbs for the Medifast products (some are 13, some are 15, for example) and for the veggies with the lean and green. Four or five carbs here are easily accomodated with no harm, no foul, unless of course it is a trigger...

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You asked for opinions on what having one drink will do to your progress. You got anwers ranging from "it won't hurt you, go for it", to "it's not on plan, don't do it". You are an adult, you can choose which advice to follow..

You stated that he knows you're on a diet, so I don't know how not drinking alcohol will draw attention to the fact you are on a diet. I have to say that I disagree with the few who stated that drinking alcohol is almost expected and that if you don't you are drawing attention to yourself. My husband doesn't drink. When we dated, it didn't dawn on me to question why he wasn't drinking alcohol. I drink ocasionally (not now while on MF). The fact that he didn't drink didn't bother me in the least.

Not one of them has questioned why I don't drink since on MF..

I don't think that anyone here meant to be harsh with you. As you stated, you are not a kid, you are 38 years old. You are old enough to know how to date and when and why to drink..

A lot of time when people ask for advice, they are not actually looking for opinions, they are looking for permission. I agree with a previous poster, perhaps you should have simply stated you are going to have a drink, which one will do the least amount of damage to your progress. You got answers to that question..

Good luck on your date...

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I think we can end this thread. The poster said she will not be back to check it......

Comment #34

I totally agree with Amy and the gentlemen above I understand the Medi Fasters that are 100% OP ALL THE TIME. That works for them! There are times in our Medi Fast lives that some of us would like to celebrate with an Adult Beverage. If you understand this might slow things down a bit and are ok with that choice then go for it.. I know I have had a glass of wine or 2 since I have been OP..

My experiences have been for about 2 days the weight loss has slowed then by day 3 I am back to normal losses. It did not stall me for weeks!.

I think the absolute worse thing we can do to ourselves is feel like we are failures if we go off plan for a drink. If we go into this with that mindset then if we slip it makes it that much harder to get back to plan. She not saying she is running off to binge eat at a buffet. It is ONE drink. I understand the slippery slope this can create but, just like all of you who are steadfast about staying 100% OP she too can make a decision that it is ONE drink and nothing more. I am afraid if we start treating people who go off plan "less than" this will only push them further away.

In the end it is their choice we can either help lift them up when they fall or continue to beat them down. I know I did not come here to be beaten down when I make a choice or have a day when I struggle..

Tough love is great but, please remember to LOVE. All of us have spent our lives feeling unloved because of our weight. We cannot treat others the way we were treated before we found medi fast..


Comment #35

YES! Ugh, I went on a date on Tuesday night and had a salad, no croutons, dressing on the side... I get how hard it is to date and be on MF, and if I was younger I'd put off dating until I was in T & M. I feel for the original poster, but I've made the choice to stay on plan no matter the situation. It's not an easy choice, especially when going out with someone I'm excited about...

Comment #36

Indeed. There seems to be an overabundance of tough and a dearth of love around here. Way too much judgment. If you all want to be "tough lovers" on your own cliquey thread, that's cool. Don't force it on everyone else unless they ask for it..

There are at least two general types of MFers on this thread. One is the group that MUST lose the weight immediately and as fast as possible for health related reasons. The other is the group that wants to lose weight probably more for appearance and clothes related reasons, and who aren't as mindful (as perhaps should be) of the health issues, either because they haven't experienced any or they are just too young and still think themselves immortal. While it's VERY understandable that the first group would react strongly and negatively to the idea of any sort of going off plan for any reason, it's not at all unreasonable for someone in the second group to balance the costs on both sides and decide to accept a temporary slowdown or even small gain in exchange for going off plan once in awhile..

Neither side should be condemned, scolded, or lectured, unless, of course, they have specifically requested that other people do so. It's the knee-jerk disapproval and condemnation of many, usually those from the first group, that really makes this place much less supportive and friendly than it could be toward EVERYONE...

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Here's the thing though-the only people in the last 7 months I've been on Medifast and on these boards I have seen get to goal are people who stick to plan 100%. The others talk about how a cheat here or there doesn't hurt their loss and then end up dropping off plan before reaching goal. I think it does a huge disservice to people to tell them that a cheat here or there won't hurt, because it does...

Comment #38

And Sassy, I think you are completely incorrect. Some people can "cheat" as you call it, although I don't particularly think that the moral overtones to that word are appropriate, and pick things right back up and go forward. Some can't. The fact that YOU can't think of anyone ON THIS BOARD who hasn't done so isn't, I'm afraid, evidence of the fact that they can't. For a start, this board is composed of a very very tiny number of people who use Medifast. Second, we have a tendency to screen out "evidence" which doesn't agree with our pre-formed conclusions.

The TRUTH is that for those who CAN handle an occasional mouthful that is not strictly on plan, the weight WILL come off. There may be a cost in terms of time. Some people don't care about that cost, others do..

Really, the hard part isn't taking the weight off. The hard part is KEEPING the weight off...

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Oh my goodness! Jackie.....I have allowed myself a glass of wine here and there along my journey. Truthfully, one is really all that is needed while on this plan to give me that relaxed feeling that I enjoy from consuming alcohol. just need something to help you chill. I understand the stress of the dating world all to well......have yourself a glass of wine if that is what you choose......sip it slowly and enjoy it.'s not on plan...but then you already know that. I just drink extra water the day after's fit okay into my new lifestyle. Hey....good luck on the date fingers are crossed for you!!!..

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Don't most guys expect women to not eat on a date anyway? LOL! At least they did in my day...ok so that was 20+ years ago but still... ;-).

As far as the drink, I would get around it by having an iced tea myself and asking to have 'just a sip' of his drink to taste it - kinda flirty, no?..

Comment #41

Wow! This board is brutal! I'll be sure to not ask any questions here!..

Comment #42

Sassy Hope I too disagree with the only ones who make it to goal are the ones that are 100% OP..

Just like Melinda said there are two types of groups here. If you looked at the original posters weight loss goal you would see she fits into the second group. She obviously is not a BINGE EATER..

The gentlemen who compared her choice to a smoker having just one cig is not an even comparison. She is not alcoholic..

She only has a small amount of weight to lose and is not here for huge weight loss. Everyone has different goals here and we cannot push our weight loss plans on others. I am sure there are several people who were 100% OP got to goal and then fell off the wagon and gained it back. Just because a person is 100% OP does not mean they can't fail or stumble. The whole point is how we treat people on this site that have moments of weakness or make their own choices...

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The only reason I am on this diet is because I saw how amazing it worked for a couple of my friends.

Both of whom were never on the boards- one had a glass of wine every night and did not weigh her chicken or dressing and the other accidentally had the boca burgers twice a week that had 21 carbs instead of 6. both reached their goal weight and have maintained. I personally have stayed OP during the 3 weeks I have been on it but sometimes after reading some of the posts on here I get totally scared that I will never be able to eat again lol. we all have our own journey and our own way and need to be supportive even if it is not our way. the people that have been on this journey longer are invaluable to us newbies and hopefully it stays that way..

Comment #44

I'm sorry you feel that way....not all of the MF'ers are like that. This is a hot button topic and I would suggest that if you do ask a for an opinion, to be prepared for an answer and that answer may not be an answer you like...

Comment #45

Last week I had a low carb beer and I lost 3.6 pounds that week, and never got a headache or felt like I fell out of ketosis. I do not plan to do it again b/c I didn't fell great due to the low calories we are taking in, but I was on vacation and I had one and I don't regret it...

Comment #46

Who do you know has cheated their way to goal?..

Comment #47

I'm not talking about slipping up and then getting back on plan. I'm talking about people who are constantly cheating. A glass of wine here, a cookie there, etc. I have yet to see one single person in the 7 months I've been on Medifast that cheats and get to goal. I can, however, name quite a few 100%ers that have not only gotten to goal but have maintained their loss..

About 5% of the people on a diet lose their weight and are able to maintain it, which is why the diet industry is such a money maker. Eating in moderation doesn't work-just ask the WW and JC CEOs who are laughing their way to the bank...

Comment #48

Just because some people don't come on here to confess all their dieting sins, doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. I agree that 100% works and I agree with the thought that that way will work for everyone..

But because of many of the reactions, some people who HAVE reached goal maybe didn't count all their condiments, or did endulge in a drink or two. It doesn't mean that it is right for everyone, but it's quite a leap to basically say that no one has ever cheated their way to goal. Everyone here is an adult, making decisions that suit themselves and their lifestyles, and making such broad assertions basically does nothing in a supportive community..

I think it would be much wiser to focus on speak for oneself as an individual rather than for the whole board. But maybe thats just me. And I am certain I am not making friends with this post, but so be it..

I made goal in September 2010. I am maintaining at 10lbs under goal...

Comment #49

This was posted on this thread by Tammala:.

"the only reason I am on this diet is because I saw how amazing it worked for a couple of my friends both of whom were never on the boards- one had a glass of wine every night and did not weigh her chicken or dressing and the other accidentally had the boca burgers twice a week that had 21 carbs instead of 6. both reached their goal weight and have maintained. I personally have stayed OP during the 3 weeks I have been on it but sometimes after reading some of the posts on here I get totally scared that I will never be able to eat again lol. we all have our own journey and our own way and need to be supportive even if it is not our way. the people that have been on this journey longer are invaluable to us newbies and hopefully it stays that way".

You can not tell me that the only people who are successful on this program are the people who are only 100% OP. Please, that is just silly to say. I myself have every morning a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I have just finished my 10th week and lost 38.8lbs. So, guess what it WORKS FOR ME!..

Comment #50

I am your FRIEND! You are a Rock Star for what you have accomplished. Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

Comment #51

DeeDeemo! You are rocking it too. I am sorry if you thought any of that was directed at you. I really was trying to stay out of the argument, but then it got to a level or ridiculousness that no one ever reaches goal unless they are 100%. Not true..

Congrats on your loss so far! Good luck!..

Comment #52

Right, everyone here is an adult and able to make their own decisions, so why did the OP post the question in the first place since she even admitted it was not on plan, she could have just made her own decision. I don't think folks should come to these boards asking for the rubber stamp of approval to go off plan, because anyone who has been around a while knows that these boards are very personally opinionated and you may have to be able to withstand some storm if you begin talking about off plan. So if everyone states their own personal opinion, no one should get upset. The OP could have googled alcoholic drinks to learn how the body digests and treats alcohol etc., in the system and made a quiet decision on her own...

Comment #53

No, I didn't think you were. I did not want to get into this either but there are times when others need to be stood up for. I usually never say a thing on these boards but fo some reason this got under my skin..

Thanks for being an inspiration!..

Comment #54

I'd just like to say that it is very comforting knowing that I've been gone for 5 months but when I come back it's like the same ol' family..

Sometimes a little dysfuntional, but family none the less..

And for my 2 cents- it's your journey- travel it in the way that works for you...

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I have had cherry vodka with diet cherry 7up two times and been FINE!! Have a great date!.


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True but she was not asking for approval - from what I got she was just asking for some ideas from some of the people who have maybe experienced her situation and might have some advice on the best drinks if you are going to do it and how it affected them-. isn't that what this board is for to connect with others and throw questions and ideas around. I do agree if we are going to put it out there, if we get an answer we do not like than we have to just deal with it and move on...

Comment #57

It's when someone gets defensive that these threads get totally out of hand. You have to have a thick skin and ignore the answers you don't like. And sometimes the thread heads in a direction totally different than where it was meant to go and you have to be able to distinguish that also...

Comment #58

Actually she did ask if it would hurt her progress...

Comment #59

After reading all of this I feel like I could use a drink LOL..

Comment #60

Wow!! Someone pass the wine bottle...I don't think I can take reading any more of this...

Comment #61

Drama, drama, drama. It's quite overwhelming at times. Maybe Medifast should come up with a "margarita" drink...

Comment #62

I'll say it again. The title of the thread is in itself asking a question and advice. However, by her reaction to the answers that she didn't care for, it's clear she was looking for permission or justification. That is simply my opinion..doesn't count for much, but I am entitled to it...

Comment #63

I get it completely...I do like to drink socially and have worked really hard not to miss it on MF. I have allowed myself a low carb beer or two from time to time and it hasn't hurt my weight loss at all. It does hit you a bit more quickly though! Have a great time!..

Comment #64

Ditto! And the real kicker is that I don't even drink when not on plan!..

Comment #65

Really good point Bunny. I must say I am surprised at how quickly offense can be felt when none is intended. I'm actually glad that the OP brought up this question, I for one have learned something I didn't expect from a thread like this. That lesson was multiple coping skills, and isn't that one of the things we are all looking for? I also learned this, and have copied it to my personal reference journal for future use:.

<<Alcohol is not on the 5&1 meal plan during the weight loss phase of the program. As you may know the stomach absorbs between 15-25% of alcohol when ingested, the remainder is absorbed in the small intestine. Alcohol yields 7.1 calories per gram and is closer to fat in terms of it's caloric value versus carbohydrate and/or protein. Alcohol is metabolized as fat and is thought to promote fatty acid synthesis (making of fat) due to the excess of NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide + hydrogen) formed during the metabolic process.>>.

I had no idea. I learn something every time I visit the boards. Many thanks to all of those who participated in the thread. So sorry the OP took the comments in such a negative way. Just my half pence worth. Violet..

Comment #66

Tough "LOVE"? I didnt see any love in that post. The poor girl was asking for advice, not for a mother to lecture her, I'm sure she already has one of those. God, Dee, lets get some of the Melbec of yours and have a toast! lmfao. Shes not an idiot, she knows it's off plan....thats why she wanted advice as to which drink was low carb and how it would effect her. Chill out. Jesus!..

Comment #67

Even though I know it's not OP, I occasionally will have a glass of white wine. Not often, actually only a couple of times. I make sure to drink it slowly and I only have one. I've only done this a couple of times since I started in late December 2010. It hasn't seemed to slow my weight loss at all but I plan on not having anything 98% of the time but there are times when I will go ahead and have one. That's been my experience. Also, I make sure to drink a little extra water to wash out any extra carbs etc from the drink...

Comment #68

I'm a big wine drinker and it's been killing me to stay op so when I go out I'll order a sparkling water and ask for it in a wine glass. I think it psychologically makes me feel as if I'm having a drink even though I know I'm not. It sounds weird but it works for me..

Good luck on your date!..

Comment #69

Your post is a example of why threads get ugly. Youre seem to be condescending and look down your nose to people and seemingly forgot where you came from. Sing on sister believing youre above reproach - - denial isnt just a river. The way you talk down to people is terrible..

Some lose weight and help others. Some lose weight and talk down to others...

Comment #70

I think you have to do what is going to work for you. If you're able to have a drink and not beat yourself up over it and understand that if the date goes well you will probably have a drink on the second date than there is no problem..

Personally I would have the drink. You have to be able to continue to live your life while on plan and if not being yourself on a first date can't happen on plan than it will be much easier for you to ditch Medifast permanently..

GOOD LUCK and don't listen to all of the negative comments on here, we all have enough negative voices in our own heads, right?..

Comment #71


"we all have enough negative voices in our own heads, right?".


Comment #72

We know alcohol isnt on the program. By the way, wouldnt it be tough on your system to drink when consuming so few calories and fat anyway? I think the alchohol would affect someone pretty harshly while in this regime...

Comment #73

I don't usually butt in on the boards, in fact this is my first time. The point is she said she "Would like to have a drink, one social drink". Not that she needs to, but she wants to. Does anyone have any suggestions for her?.

When I was on Adkins I drank Diet coke and Rum...NO CARBS!!! and very few calories..

Good luck with your first date....have fun!!..

Comment #74

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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