Does seltzer water count as water on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I got is Does seltzer water count as water on the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... I am very interested to hear what your doctors have told you since you have lost weight with MF. Every time I see a thread that says "I went to my doctor today" I get excited but then it doesn't say what the doctor said. Have they told you your thyroid is better/blood work is better/cholesterol has changed/etc. Sorry if this has been posted before.


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Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

After just TWO months on Medifast, I saw my doctor and had bloodwork done. The improvements were dramatic. I posted all the numbers here (before and after):.

Bloodwork after Medifast..

Comment #2

My cholesterol dropped in 1/2..

My A1C levels went from pre-diabetic to normal.

My sleep apnea is 90% resolved - no longer need CPAP...

Comment #3

In 6 weeks I was off of my cholesterol medicine...

Comment #4

My blood pressure has gone down a few points since I started...

Comment #5

I am off:.

1. all diabetic meds (was taking 110 units of lantus, 60 units of humalong, 2000mg of metformin a day).

2. all cholesterol meds (went from 198 down to 114).

3. all ibruprophen for joint pain..

Life is good..

Comment #6

I am no longer taking meds for insomnia. Strange, but I am sleeping great for the first time in years...

Comment #7

No more daily inhaler (asthma) and I am even doing c25k! and ran my first 5k march 20th - yaaaaay MF!..

Comment #8

Medifast has been a boon for my health:.

Blood pressure from high to normal.

Cholesterol from dangerously high to fantastic (LDL= 183-47, if I recall correctly).

Heartburn: gone.

Snoring: gone.

That last one is more for my wife's benefit, in a sense, but I'm sleeping better, too, so there's that...

Comment #9

Blood pressure has dropped from 140/90 to 90/60..

Fasting blood sugar from 115 to 80..

Cholesterol from 210 to 126..

Zero Tums since last june when I was eating them like candy..

No snoring but now I wake up to pee, so that's kind of a trade-off..

Nothing hurts...

Comment #10

My blood pressure has somehow always been pretty good. Yeah, I don't get that either, lol. I think what I like most is that I am no longer out of breath when I climb the stairs and the plantar fasciitis in my feet has gone away. I work out, too, though, so between Medifast and working out I am in better health than I was 50 pounds ago, even though I have a long way to go...

Comment #11

What an awesome thread!! I'm only 2 weeks in and I can't wait to go to my doctor in May; twenty five pounds lighter with glucose in the normal range!!..

Comment #12

At 25 lb lost, I came off the BP meds. At 40 lb lost I joined Curves. I had a 6 mo. checkup soon after that and my MD was very pleased with the weight loss and normal labs - I had been prediabetic. What my MD said - "if everyone took control of their own health like you have, medical costs would start to come down!". I brought her lots of Medifast info printed from the website and she was going to check it for her own use - : )..

Comment #13

After 8 weeks on Medifast and 23 lbs down my BP went from 130/100 to 118/70 and my cholesterol went from 269 to 174. So Happy..

Comment #14

I used to eat pepcid and tums like candy for years. But I haven't had one since the latter half of my first week (tomorrow starts week six). I even threw them all out. That felt great!..

Comment #15

I have an check up with my cardiologist tomorrow and this is the first time I am looking forward to it! Can't wait to hear what he has to say. Last year he recommended Medifast to me and I scoffed at the idea that a cardiologist would recommend a diet of "prepackaged junk"...I'm so glad I came around and finally listened!..

Comment #16

I used to have Tums all over the house and a lot of pain in my knee. Knee pain is gone, heartburn is gone. When I saw my doctor a few months ago and she saw the results of my latest blood work, she said "go home, you're boring." This is not the response that many women my age (52) get from their physicians...

Comment #17

Same here! It was getting to the point were I couldn't walk for more than 5 or 10 mins without extreme pain. Now, I can walk for hours!..

Comment #18

I am 4 months Migraine free!!!!!! I was plagued with migraines - at least 1 a week, sometimes 2 and they completely incapacitated me and could last up to 5 days. One of the wonderful things is when I start transition and maintenance I will be able to truly monitor what I am eating and what the reaction will be. This is amazing. I see the biggest result of being on Medifast as the no migraines and the weight loss as secondary! But, I'm loving the secondary results too!!!..

Comment #19

Me too - I have been amazed by this. I expected health benefits from Medifast but this was a totally wonderful surprise. I know I am sensitive to a lot of food triggers (MSG, nitrates, red wine, etc.) but I'd cut most of those out as best I could before I started MF. I am really interested to see if anything triggers migraine when I move into transition...

Comment #20

I have a condition called Intracranial Hypertension (a.k.a. Pseudotumor Cerebrei) and I am in complete remission (it never goes away, but I am symptom free!)! No more talking with the neurologist about the next steps to get the pressure in my head under control (i.e. brain surgery to install a shunt. SCARY!!)..

BloodworkTriglycerides went from high to normal. All other tests are totally normal.


Plantar Fasciatis (sp?)Almost gone. Not nearly as bad as it was!..

Comment #21

Heartburn is gone for me to..

Plantar fasciatis is gone and so are my silly 100 dollar shoes..

General sleep patterns have improved..

T.O.M is dramatically better, I had to wear a pre-Tom Patch, take Birth Control, and pre-TOM medicine because of Migraines and extrememly heavy flow. Now that is all resolved. My cycles are a regular as a clock and easy 4 days and he is gone. No more five pound weight gains before, with migraine, cramps that make you want to end your life and 7 full days of Tom visiting..

I am much more active and not limited by Shortness of Breath, muscle fatigue, or lack of energy! I love Medifast and what it has done for me and my Family!..

Comment #22

Biggest one for me is that my food allergies are in check. I haven't had a allergic reaction to food. I had one moment of weakness when I first started and my tongue swelled up. Adding one more thing to the food allergy list..

The dark circles under my eyes from food allergies are gone..

The lymph edema in my right leg is pretty much in control. My right leg is a teensy bit bigger than left..

My blood pressure is low..

All my blood work on paper is completely normal and a person in good health..

When I go through T&M the process is going to need to be REAL slow because of the food allergies. New ones may have appeared since my body has gotten better. The biggest ones are: Wheat, Gluten, Peanuts, Bananas, Scaled Fish, corn, and rice flour...

Comment #23

I forget the best one I have IBS or should I say HAD IBS. I used to eat Immodium like candy and I have only had 2 in the past 5 mos (and those were b/c I didn't realize the shakes had lactose in them)..

I also have almost give up Tums, in fact I'm not sure I could find the bottle if I needed to today...

Comment #24

I started this program on 7 Feb & at that point my BP was consistently 195/89 (or higher) & I was on medication for Hypertension. Now my BP is somewhere near 109/70....



Sleep Apnea...CPAC machine (yuck!).


Heartburn (!) on Prilosec....


Asthma, still on meds, however now it's.

Very well contolled.

& I did not have to use my emergency inhaler ever since I started MF!.

All of this in not quite 2 months! That alone is worth being on the program, not to mention my 21 lbs weight loss..

Comment #25

Blood pressure is down. Knees and hips allow me to walk normally up and down stairs again without pain. Feet don't ache. Swelling is gone. Periods are much lighter (I have endometreosis). I am no longer borderline Type II Diabetes. The list goes on and on...but I think one of the greatest changes is one that can't be measured, and that's the change that I'm making inside my head that defines my relationship with food so that I will never, NEVER have to worry about being the way I was before..

Comment #26

After reading all of these replies I think we are all smart MFers for doing this for ourselves! Thank you for answering this! I am now looking forward to my next doctors appointment!..

Comment #27

So far....

-My doctor told me that I have essentially 'cured' my type II diabetes - I was already well controlled, but he took me off the glucovance on day 1 of the plan. Fasting blood sugar is now 83 without meds..

-Off my cholesterol meds 2 months into the plan - my total cholesterol was down to 103 with meds, and only went up to the 130s without. As the weight comes off, the numbers continue to get better..

-I was also on a BP med - came off that 3 months in. I was on it for diabetic support, as my BP had, even when I was 400+, always been 120/80 like clockwork. But I started getting dizzy, and got checked at like 120/64. Went off meds, and last time we checked, I was 110/60 without dizzyness..

I go back in for a quarterly checkup in April. I suspect that we'll have to schedule me for another sleep study to see if I can get off my CPAP yet - I know we'll need to lower the pressure, as I'm now waking up in the middle of the night with a goodly amount of bloating - the pressure is higher than I now need, so I am swallowing air..

My doc is also my health coach (I'm on the TSFL side of the house), and he's told me that using this system, he has taken more people off meds in the last 9 months (he did the plan himself before recommending it, and lost 45 pounds in 4 months!), than he had in the previous 15 years he has been practicing medicine...

Comment #28

Now I just have one question:.

What took me so long to find this program???..

Comment #29

AngieB, I too had similar problems. High blood pressure, sleeping problems, heartburn. I had to start taking diuretics for the HBP, Prilosec (I think) for the heartburn, and kept getting elbowed in the side by my hubby for making so much noise while I was sleeping! But all of those conditions are gone now. Praise the Lord! I love MF! Here's another weird thing. Once when I was at the doctor's office for something else (minor) I asked him about how come my thighs had this weird texture to them, that I'd never seen before. Turns out, there was no layer of fat to cover up all my muscle, blood vessels or whatever.

Back and no longer have that "problem" but I'm getting there again!)..

Comment #30

I started the plan about 3 months and 43 pounds ago. so far I have noticed that my T.O.M has become regular again, before the plan I would go 3 or 4 months without a visit from TOMI had also serious problems with my ankles they were grotestquely swollen on both sides, so much so that walking could become painful at times. now they look normal and I can walk like a normal person. no more hobbling...

Comment #31

I have always been healthy, with the exceptions of injuries and animal bites. But when I was morbidly obese my doctor said to me "I have other patients as heavy as you, but NONE as happy as you." That did stick with me. I kept thinking the "co-morbidities" of obesity were going to catch up with me someday..

Now that I have shed off a lot of extra pounds I find that the difficulties I had come to expect, such as having a "bad knee" when walking up stairs, simply are not there. My balance is better, with the effect that I no longer look as much at the ground... so I do not find money as often..

But then, imagine this, I had eczema all my life and thought I had pretty much gotten it so it was liveable. I thought it was acceptable that I could just use lotions and wear gloves.... but restricting my intake of CHEESE and other dairy has caused it to go AWAY. I am a bit aghast that medical science put me on steroids as a child, and gave me no hope for a cure, when it could have been all along such a simple thing as the fact that the cheese I craved, which was to be such a factor in my weight gain, was actually something I was allergic to..

I now puzzle over this cause-and-effect. That the very thing you crave may be something that causes a "reaction" in you, a chemical response, that you end up seeking out..

CRAVINGS are such a factor in all of this, the impulse to consume something that is not on plan, which undermines the program. Small wonder so many people choose to continue taking drugs for medical conditions instead of the HARD WORK of learning to control their impulsive behavior...

Comment #32

Add me to the list as someone who use to have high blood pressure... gone, no more meds, which I HATED to take.....

I still have joint and leg pain and shoulder/neck pain, BUT when I was moribly obese, the dr's blamed my weight, it is the fibro and arthritis, which anyone at any weight can have..

It does sadden me that I still have such pain, but I have to remember, had I not lost all this weight, the pain may have me in a wheelchair.....


Comment #33

This is only Day 3 but I've stopped taking Prilosec and even better I've stopped snoring!.

I'm fortunate that my BP, cholesterol, and blood sugar has been normal even with an extra 125 lbs...

Comment #34

Congratulations, AnnePh! I, too, am looking forward to getting off all diabetic meds, both.

Oral and shots. I am down from 5 shots a day to 1 and am continuing to have good bs.

Readings. I go to the Dr. on April 28 so I will see how my others stats are doing..

No big weight losses so far (none the first week which was VERY disappointing) but.

I continue to be OP and hope for a good loss this week..

Great job!..

Comment #35

Ok - so I have to admit at 355lbs I was the healthiest obese person I knew- .. I got regular physicals - and BP was always excellent - never had issues with chelostrol or sugar. But I am sure that extra weight was not good for my heart. But some things I have noticed are:.

I use to take aleve every night before bed - to help with my joints hurting - After a few months on plan - one night I saw the bottle on my night table and was like wow - I have taken that in a while - didn't need it. Also I have quit snoring at least that is what I have been told. I can now wear my seatbelt in my car and have extra room which is a huge benefit. :-)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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