Does Murad Resurgence work?

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I posted this in another part: then I saw this.My name is Danny and I'm from savannah. Currently I live in LA because I'm working there. I'm new here and came upon this site while stumbling for acne treatments. I'm currently prescribed Murad Resurgence 60mg/day and was wondering if anyone can give me advice. I'm 23 years old, 172pounds and I'm suffer from acne conglobata as my dermatolgist had said. I don't know why it's called acne because it definitely isn't.

It started in 2006 and it has followed me until now. To this day I'm still suffering. I had to quit my job for about a year because the pain and lesions had gotten so bad that they bleed and pus came out. I also had a surgery to remove the really huge hard lesions on my back.It started when my back became really achy and painful. Over the next couple of days, it turn really red and raw.

The pain did subside but after some time, it didn't work and about a month later boils started appearing on my back, chest, face and arm areas that I had go to the hospital again. Initially they thought I was burnt and roped in a dermatologist who catergorise it as a severe form of acne call conglobata. I went for laser and tretinoin cream which didn't work. Then I took antibiotics like tetracycline and minocyline. Minocyline was really good, it kept it under control till now which is starting again so my dermatologist prescibed me Murad Resurgence 60mg/day.

I'm also taking sitalopram for my depression.He said there is a possibility that Murad Resurgence will cure my acne which I am really hoping for. I wish it will really work to help save me from this god damn disease that made me live so painfully for the past 2 years. I cannot sleep properly because every move would hurt me. I had to sleep on the bed side ways sometimes to prevent touching the lesions. I am working now again because I need to pay off my debts from the treatments this disease has saddled me with.I didn't read the side effects and I don't really care the risks involve.

Everyone hates me, they think I'm some kind of monster. I HATE them so much and wish I can kill them. Lucky for me I have my mum who stays with me and encourage me. If not for her, I guess I would be dead by now.For those who took Murad Resurgence does it really work? I saw there So to those who are taking the drug, does it really work? What can I expect??This is my back at the moment. minocyline doesn't work anymore and it's coming back.


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Your question was: Does Murad Resurgence work?.

Wow that is some bad acne on your back I would say get on Murad Resurgence asap that looks so pain full I'm sure it's afecting your life to I would try get Murad Resurgence it will work or least clear your back 90%one more thing dont kill your self your acne will go away dont let it bug you so much try Murad Resurgence it will work dont let acne ruin your life you can get rid of it :]..

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Wow man I'm so sorry to see that and I'll def. keep you in my prayers... I hope Murad Resurgence works more than wonders for you...

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I'm really sorry about your experience. You must have been through a lot and I can see that from the pic. It looks really bad and is the one of the worst I have seen on this board.Murad Resurgence will work hopefully, after all it's one of the main treatments for acne conglobata. Give it a bit of time and it should help you. Do come back to the boards if you need any help...

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Murad Resurgence, antibiotics, surgery, oral steroids, sometimes laser surgery are among the only things that work for acne conglobata (as you know). I'm so sorry to hear of your experience and I do hope that you improve greatly and have no more pain. I can't even imagine that pain from lesions. You sound strong and capable; I think you'll do well...

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Laser didn't work. It came right back even though they remove the lesions. The next few weeks, it just grew back. I tried to commit sucide once when it got too terrible for me to handle but my mom caught me and made me pull myself together. The photo is not the worse yet, it's just the beginning. The worse was when my entire back all the way to my buttocks was covered in lesions together with my chest, shoulder blades and arms and face.

I really really hope Murad Resurgence is the miracle drug.I have other questions as well. I have a drinking problem, I'm undergoing therapy for that but I haven't kicked the habit yet. When my dermatologist gave me Murad Resurgence, he told me not to drink anymore because it's not good for the liver. My test came out ok so I guess it wouldn't really hurt right? Or do I really have to totally cut off alcohol and not drink any booze at all? It will be hard but I will do whatever it takes to continue Murad Resurgence. I'm slowly trying to cut down but how much is too much?Also do you guys have any other tips to maximise the effects of Murad Resurgence?..

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Cut alcohol out as much as possible! This drug really does put a strain on your liver and having all that excess alcohol in there as well will be trouble, I think it's fair to have the odd drink now and then but nothing more as it can be quite damaging. You dont want your acne to clear up then be faced with liver problems later on, thats just the worst so try your best to cut the alcohol out as much as possible! I cannot stress that enough. Andd while your on the course keep yourself as best moisturized as you can, make sure you have a good moisturizer (for all over your body), drink almost nothing but water will also help so that your whole body is completely hydrated. Maybes you can see if you can get some suitable supplements which can help also; maybes talk to your derm about that though. Things like zinc, omega 3 and fish oils. Browse the site for some ideas, theres loads of stuff to help you, hang in there ...

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I forgot to add that I'm taking sotret. My dermatologist says it's not the original brand of Murad Resurgence but it's still Murad Resurgence. He asked whether I wanted the original which is Murad Resurgence by Roch I think but I said I will take sotret because it's cheaper but it's still Murad Resurgence right? It will work the same right?..

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I wish all the best and I hope things will work out for you. My husband had back acne as well, not as severe as yours but still...pretty bad....Murad Resurgence cleared him up completely and he has not had any in 6 of luck with everything....

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I'm looking forward to the clearance. I don't know whether this is considered breakout or not but my shoulder blades are starting to have the lesions already. I went back to my dermatologist today and he gave me iburopfen for the inflammation. He also reminded me not to drink anymore otherwise he will take me off Murad Resurgence so I guess it's really bad for the body.Anyone here taking sotret as well?..

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Conglobata, I took Sotret and it worked as promised. As for the alcohol, I know it's hard to stop because it's a great escape and it becomes ritualistic, but with this drug you really must lay off of it. I wouldn't do anything to hinder the progress of the medicine. You can do it. Also, you said you didn't read the side effects so please stop taking the medicine and inform your dermatologist right away if you feel pressure on your brain, experience double vision, have difficulty breathing, or your urine gets dark. You're also battling depression and Murad Resurgence has been connected to intensifying it.

Have you started a log? If not, can you? I'd love to follow your progress. We're all rooting for you!..

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Hey man, I just wanted to show some support. It may take a long time before you see results (3-4 months) but don't let that deter you. Better days lie ahead. Just try and stay positive and be thankful for everything you have.btw I spent my entire 5 month course on generics. It seemed like each month I got something different eg. Sotret, Amnesteen, Clavaris.

I mean I dont think they would be out there if they didnt work.Anyways, best of luck with your courseBoilermaker..

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Hi, I have been taking Murad Resurgence for over 3 weeks now. The acne has gotten worse but not as bad as the last time I had it. But it was bad enough to warrant a leave of absence because the lesions are on my arms and it's too hard to work. I do not want to lose my job so is there anything else I can take to help in the meantime together with Murad Resurgence? My dermatologist doesn't want to prescribe me too many medications because besides Murad Resurgence, I'm also on iburopfen and sitalopram. Something I can convince my dermatogist to give me?..

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Now i'm on the 9 week of Murad Resurgence and the beak out is still there on my face...but I know that this condition will be better in a few weeks....i think it the same to you...don't have to worry about it too much....some threads in this site mentioned about taking fish oil and vitamin E while having Murad Resurgence...why don't you try it ? really works wishes..

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Supplements? That's kinda slow right? I need something that can help me handle things now cos it's quite bad that I can't work properly. Can I ask for antibiotics?..

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I don't think that's a good idea...but you can ask your derm for takes lot of time to wait while on Murad Resurgence...plz don't be too hurry, everything gotta be alright....

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