Does Murad Resurgence give you blackheads?

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Did anyone else have loads of blackheads come out of there nose and now have loads of tiny enlarged pores on your nose? mine really annoy me, in certain lighting at certain angles it's so obvious, are these scarred pores forever now? btw loving been acne free, although I dont look like I am thanks to the red marks!..

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Your question was: Does Murad Resurgence give you blackheads?.

I suffered from that on my left cheek. I had dermabrasion, which I thought helped a lot in reducing pore size as well as red marks. If you do it, pick a Plastic Surgeon carefully! I went to one in Portland OR Dr Petroff "Very good" I had the full face dermabrasion, you can have specific areas done as well. the healing time using his technique was about 2 weeks, 3 weeks couldn't even tell the guy touched me...

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I know what you're screaming about the pores on your nose... I never got the black heads on my nose but the pores sure have opened up!! Kinda freaks me out to least I become one of those old men with the huge pitted red noses like WC Fields. When I wash my face in the shower I would rub and kinda squeeze the tip of my nose. I did this at first because I felt like the dead skin was sloughing off alot but perhaps it was and I think it was just the pores clearing them selves. Prior to Murad Resurgence the skin on my nose was tight and shiney right out of the shower.I dont know but Ive been off Murad Resurgence for a month now and I have noticed the pores starting to shrink back to normal but that area is getting oily again. Just starting so hopfully it will hold at it's current level... I was on 40mgs aday for 3months before I had to stop at the doctors sugestion...

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So yours got smaller now when your off accuntane? Ouh if that's true, I hope it will happen to me too (been off about a week) _^.^Cheers,Zech..

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Yeaqh, my sons pores on his nose got larger when the blackheads came out and stayed that way. He has been off tane three weeks. They do look smaller now. I think this is common. I have no idea why but I guess we will all see. His red marks are fading but there are several that turned into white round scars.

Does this make sense? I thought the red marks would fade and nothing. I wonder why he got white scars. I always assumed when people talked about scars they were reffering to the pitted or slopping scars. Did anyone else get the white ones. Are they there for life?..

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I just noticed this and it's driving me CRAZY! I have them on my nose and chin - much worse than I ever did before Murad Resurgence. OCM helps a LOT with getting rid of the blackheads (even if you just do it 1xweek or so) but the pores are still enlarged, so they tend to come right back for me!..

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I have this as well. when I first started my course, a bunch of blackheads popped up on my nose. then eventually they went away. now my nose looks like it has indented scars, but really it's just large pores...

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Ughh yes, they are so clogged they look like baby blackheads but they aren't! one thing that helpedd though was mario badescu's silver powder.

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