Does Murad Resurgence clear blackheads?

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Hey everyone,My name is Jared, obviously, and i'm currently stationed in Iraq. I will be coming home within a month though! YESS!Now I have had acne since I was 14. Mainly just some blackheads in my cheek area and I have nodules and huge pus filled acne on my back. When I come home I will be able to go see a dermatologist and get on Murad Resurgence, all paid for by the Army National Guard. Hell ya.So my question is, I have no fear that Murad Resurgence will help the ridiculous acne on my back, but will it ALSO clear blackheads as well? My skin is sensitive to hyperpigmentation, meaning my skin turns dark easily if I pick at it and usually remains for about a month or so.I have a really bad habit of trying to get these blackheads that are DEEP within my pores and I end up taking skin off and leaving a nice scab on my face. This is a frequent notion.Well, I know some of you have it worse.

I'm hawaiian and italian, so I have a fair olive skin tone.Thanks for the help and support!Dueces. -Jay..

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Your question was: Does Murad Resurgence clear blackheads?.

Oh you're so welcome. Happy to help if I can. The majority of folks around here do experience a breakout at the very beginning and additional breakouts if the dose is increased. There's usually relief by the end of the course though and further relief when it's over. Some folks don't break out worse than they already were and some stop breaking out right away. Hard to say, really.

You'll want to drink lots of water and keep lip balm, lotion, and eye drops handy at all times. I wish you the very best on your course!..

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Hey there. I was on Murad Resurgence once and it really dried out my skin. I mean there was NO oil and it started peeling really bad. My skin itched like crazy and it never cleared it up either. I had less acne but it was never gone. Apparently it messes with your body chemistry and I had to have a blood test done before they would refill the prescription.

It was weird but I just wasn't hungry. Most women are forced to take a pregnancy test (it causes birth defects) before they get a refill in addition to blood tests but my dermatologist never had me go through that humiliation - that and the fact that I talk to my parents unlike some teenagers. There wasn't much of a change the first week but you'll know when it starts working. My skin started to clear up but stopped at a certain point. I would also recommend you be careful when you go out.

More than anything you need to be patient, use a moisturizer with a high SPF and do as little as possible to your skin. When my regimen stopped my skin got worse! It was supposed to clear it up and make my acne manageable but that didn't happen. My skin got so bad a second course for me was not an option so I changed dermatologists. For most people, and I'll bet that includes you it's great but for me it was the worst acne med I've ever been on...

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I'm very sorry it didn't work for you, GoldenRatio...

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Yeah, that definitely blows. I dunno. My skin isn't really too oily, or that I notice at least. It was when I was first starting to get acne as a teen. But it doesn't look oily. I think it has to do with the oil inside my pores, as well as the SHAPE and SIZE of my pores.

That sounds nice, and I can definitely see where the dry effect kicks in. I'm just so sick of dealing with this and with picking so much that I get scabs, hyperpigmentation, etc.. I just want it GONE. So I'm going to take my chances. Sorry it didn't work for you.

And, uhmm...GO SOUTH!..

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Ive had acne for 10+ years and all of the black heads in my nose and cheeks came out by the 3rd week and havent retured! Murad Resurgence saved my life.... literally!! I was soooo depressed and now I'm the happiest ive ever been! take full advantage of heath care.... I'm a huge supporter of Murad Resurgence (80 mg/day for 5 months, 135 lbs) good luck!!! plus thanks for fighting for us!!!! you are a hero! I hope Murad Resurgence can be your hero..

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Jared, I just wanted to add one thing to what everyone else has said. Once you start Murad Resurgence, you MUST keep your hands off your face and not pick. Let the blackheads surface on their own.Murad Resurgence will make your skin more fragile than usual. If you pick, you will do even more damage than usual, it will take longer to heal, and it could scar. So make yourself a promise that you are going to let the medication work for you.Congratulations on coming home...

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Hi,It definately gets rid of them, like everyone said. You'll be happy you did it. Congrats on coming home and thank you for your service.....

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Good luck with the Murad Resurgence, Jared.I have a question, though...if your are redeployed, will you be able to manage in the 120 degree weather and Murad Resurgence? It seems like a dangerous combo...

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I have a question too I've wanted to be a Marine since I was twelve, I am now 17 and I suffer from moderate to mild acne. Anyways, do any of the guys give you crap about your skin over there? just curious..

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Oh when I say redeploy, I mean I deploy to go HOME. I'm currently in Iraq right now, so I will be in the U.S. while on Murad Resurgence. I really do hope it works like everyone says it does. I'm a bit anxious to finally have this gone for good.And i'm not sure about the marines, I'm in the Army-Spec Ops. None of the guys i'm with ever give me crap.

Mostly everyone gets acne wether we like it or not. But I understand what you mean.Thanks for all of the advice and SUPPORT! From us to you, thank you for all the help back at home. And thank you so much for helping me out on making a decesion to take Murad Resurgence. I believe it will be worth it in the end. Oh, and I am making a vow to myself and everyone else that I will NOT pick at my face..

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Jared, I understood that...what if you are called back to Iraq after you get home? I just hear about multiple tours. I was just wondering since the treatment is long term....if you had to go back, would be set up to get more severe side effects because of the intense heat? Good luck with your acne. Thank you for your service...

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No, I won't be redeployed for another 3 years or something like that. I should be set.Plus, I gotta finish gettin my degree! I'm a personal trainer right now, and aiming to get my B.S. in Exercise Science. Working out, another benefit to the body and a GREAT contributor to acne. GRR!I can't wait to get some Murad Resurgence. From what multiple people have told me, this thing is pretty much going to change my life.

Know what I mean? Anyone?Thanks again!-Jay..

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Good luck Jared.I was due to join the RAF in May 2008 but can't anymore because my joints are screwed though from Murad Resurgence. Go for a low dose and be very careful, a lot of people get joint pain and for a minority few their joints don't recover. You may seriously need to consider this if you wish to continue your career in the forces...

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Yo man good luck with it! Im starting mines today, 20 mg a day, then he is gonna boost me up. stay up dude...HOOOAAAH..

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