Does Murad Resurgence affect anger?

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Hi GuysSorry I don't really know who else to turn to about this - I find it difficult to talk to non-acne sufferers about my acne...Basically I have been on 3 courses of Murad Resurgence the longest being for 8 months at 20-60mg.I've been told by my family that it changed me, like - I'm always angry and short tempered now. I didn't realise how bad this was until recently, when I lose it - I explode!I hate my life now, I don't want to carry on with feeling this way, I've thought of anger management - but I don't want to "manage" the situation - I just don't want the anger anymore.I'd appreciate any advice or experience with this... I've been off Murad Resurgence now since October 08. Will this ever get any better?thanks for reading...

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Your question was: Does Murad Resurgence affect anger?.

Well the first time I went on it, I got really depressed, that didn't go away for a while - so they lowered the dose and then took me off it, I got over the depression, but apparently the anger side of things manifested itself and then stayed even after treatment.Am I happy with my skin? Well, I no longer have painful cysts, I am able to cover the red flat spots (hard to describe, perhaps scars?) with make-up, I don't feel confident enough to go without make-up, so no, I guess I'm not really happy with it.Happier than before, at least it's coverable now, no cysts etc, but certainly not blemish-free...

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Hi Me Am I stressed, well - I didn't ought to be, but maybeIt feels more like I get angry about trivial things and then that stresses me out...I have no real quality of life at the moment - I feel so self-concious, I'm basically f*cked off 99% of the time and frustrated like you would not believe.I'm also not sleeping - it's 4am here in the UK and my mind is absolutely tripping - I keep having whacked out anxiety dreams :s go figure....anyways,thanks for the replySugababe x..

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Whilst I have tried to control my feelings whilst on and off Murad Resurgence, the drug and acne itself has changed me. It has made me a more "boring" person as I would like to describe it my self. I used to be so engaged, so worry free but now I feel I get upset and let down on little things and less motivated in doing anything. However I have identified this, as have a lot of others around me (friends and family) and I am taking personal action to rectify this. My skin is better from tane but I have suffered from kidney stones, a lot of pain, poor health and slight depression at such a young age due to both acne/Murad Resurgence (cant point the real culprit but the stones are due to tane) but I still try not to blame the past as I need to focus on the future. What ever damage has been done I am trying to move on.

I am trying to get out more and enjoy life. I saw a surgeon last week about my kidney stones and he was a very good man and told me that education and appearance is such a small part of life and that there is so much to focus on. He assured me and so did my family. He told me to stop over diagnosing myself over the internet, it's not healthy. Hes right, whilst I support this site a lot (it has helped me so much) we should realize we have a life outside it, use the support from this site by all means, take some advice, but don't go over board with "this product and that product" or contradicting opinions (its a never ending chain otherwise).

Moderation goes for everything. Its hard to heal from the scars of pain and suffering but it is possible. Sometimes bad dreams and anxiety and anger can be related to poor overall mental/physical health (not just acne). I suggest you do something you enjoy e.g. swimming, reading any other leisure activities.

Whilst the beginning of the fight will be a struggle, things will get easier over time for you. Try and exercise and keep fit, it is a necessity.I hope you get well, unless it is very bad there is no reason to see a therapist, don't over indulge in worst scenarios but try and take things slowly and seek aid in your family and friends. Of course we will help you here but the greatest help and refuge will come from yourself. I hope you the best of luck and things will be get better for you, I am sure of it..

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Hi SidThanks for sharing your experiences, I can't swim but it's something I'd love to do - I kept away from class lessons when I was at school because of issues with body confidence and self-esteem.I've enquired today about adult swim lessons - my only issue with this is being terrified of being in a bathing suit and without make up.I literally wear make up every time I leave the house - if I have to take out the garbage I either do it before I remove my make up or take it out after dark, I really can't bear the thought of being seen sans make up.If anyone has any ideas or advice, would be greatly appreciated.Today hasn't been too bad a day - I feel like I made some steps, didn't lash out with temper today and tried to keep calm. I see a therapist once a week, because of issues with anxiety and depression since taking 'tane. So hopefully she can help me overcome the confidence issues - though I've been seeing her since October and nothing's happened yet.So now I'm just waiting to see her again next week and hear from the swim lesson co-ordinator - but it's one thing enquiring about lessons and another having the guts to actually go to them.I know if I do it a couple of times it should get easier, but I'm just so embarassed and have hardly any confidence unless I'm covered in clothes from head to toe.anyways, thanks againSugababe x..

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I don't think it's the Murad Resurgence making you angry and depressed. It's the acne. Happens to me too when my face isn't looking great (now), and I've never been on Murad Resurgence. Getting close though, that's for sure.....

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I never got angry about my acne pre Murad Resurgence and I had REALLY bad cysts before the Murad Resurgence.But thanks for the idea though x..

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[/quote]Hi Me Am I stressed, well - I didn't ought to be, but maybeIt feels more like I get angry about trivial things and then that stresses me out...I have no real quality of life at the moment - I feel so self-concious, I'm basically f*cked off 99% of the time and frustrated like you would not believe.I'm also not sleeping - it's 4am here in the UK and my mind is absolutely tripping - I keep having whacked out anxiety dreams :s go figure....anyways,thanks for the replySugababe x[/quote]I tend to stay up late too, although I love going to bed early, because I always tend to get busy in the evening, I just keep working and doing stuff until the early hours. I'm in the UK too (England). I am so sorry to hear about your anxiety. I would say I've had one and a half panic attacks. The main one resulted in me going to Tesco late in the night and buying a radio, and discussing my relationship with my girlfriend (how much I missed her) with a member of staff (it was pretty much an inexplicable evening, but I'm over it now - famous last words). Panic is terrifying, and mine was a result of too much anxiety, which was a result of my tendency to worry about negative consequences.

I am going through therapy at the moment, although I have been prescribed self-help books rather than a therapist, and I see a psychiatric nurse now and again when I barely feel like a member of the human race. Wow, the internet is great, I would never discuss this stuff openly with people I normally deal with - the things we hide! If only we could hide our acne. I am very self-conscious too, something usually solved by exercise, eating well (for once) and a good amount of alcohol. I think I know what is at the root of my problems though, it's low self-esteem and some unspecified depression (the nurse isn't sure yet what to call it). I am working through cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to combat my low self-esteem, it's very hard though, it's like exercise - it makes you feel worse, and then you feel great afterwards, except this 'gym session' could last several months Like you I get very angry and critical of people, it is reflected in my behaviour on this forum sometimes - I tend to get very defensive, I think again, that's to do with low self-esteem, although I may be stretching that diagnosis a little too much.

Best wishes,Me.PS I read your other post about going swimming - I have been a swimmer since I was a small boy, now I am in my twenties, I haven't been to a pool for a long time, again, because of acne and guess what? (low self-esteem) If you have the courage you'll go, but you know as well as I do, years can fly by just thinking of going, without ever actually diving in. Sometimes I used to swim with people who were covered in acne, their skin looked so painful, yet they swam like they didn't give a flying f*ck about what they looked like. I often wonder, now that my acne is under control (thanks to Dan's regimen and Eryacne), what am I being so self-conscious about? That's the golden question I guess...

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