Does Murad Acne Complex get rid of cysts?

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Just really curious...All of us with cysts would probably know that cysts/nodules are actually trapped bacteria embeded deep inside the roots of our skin, therefore no matter how many times you inject/pop/ice it to eliminate the surface bacteria, it reappears after a month or two once the bacteria starts to surface again.... I was told Murad Acne Complex doesn't get rid of any existing acne, it only stops the new ones from coming by limiting the oil your skin produces... So does that mean the cysts never actually gone, they just can't flow to the surface because there aren't enough oil?So experts, how do you kill these suckers for good? =p..

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Your question was: Does Murad Acne Complex get rid of cysts?.

I think the excess sebum will get reabsorbed by the body. Tane slows down the production of sebum so you don't get new cysts because it takes two to tango, i.e. p.acne + excess sebum to get cysts...

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Personally I think I am a strange case. Because my cysts no matter how big they are will always come to a head. And I mean always. They always start off as huge under the skin cysts that stay there for about 3-4 weeks but then eventually it starts to come to a head, sometimes it ends up having 2 or 3 heads but the way they die is that they scab up in a really wierd way, the scab will stay on the skin on top of inflammation for up to around 2 weeks, during these 2 weeks the inflammation will slowly go down and the scab will slowly dry up, usually the scab just falls off and then the cyst is gone. The Scab I am talking about though usually is really big a unsightly and a dark red/brown colour.I dont think Ive ever seen anyone describe anything like this on the boards before so I think Im the only one who gets them..

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Somtimes my cysts are like that, I wouldn't say everytime tho.... they r the reason why my jawlines are so red.....

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I thought it was because Murad Acne Complex expels *everything* from the pores - even the hard "cores" on the insides of cysts. Murad Acne Complex should make them come to a head, even if it's not what your cysts normally do. Correct me if I'm wrong, though...

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Murad Acne Complex didn't make anything of mine come to a head. They just flattened out and disappeared. Much quicker than usual. But I still have two lumps from old cysts that have been on my face since March, although I'm on day 61 of Murad Acne Complex...

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So Murad Acne Complex "pushes" everything out? That's why we get IB??..

Comment #6

I'm not on Tane but I would really like to hear everyone's thoughts on this question, too - this is a good question!..

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All I've read that Murad Acne Complex only kills the sebum glands or slows the oil production in your skin, nothing about pushing everything out to the surface.....

Comment #8

I noticed the same thing, the cysts go but the bump remains. Its not visible but can be felt and is pretty irritating because eventually (probably once of tane) they will just regrow because the cyst didnt actually die. I still have these 2 bumps from 3 months ago. When the hell will they go!!!!????..

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I wish Murad Acne Complex kills them off otherwise it would really suck if they come back after tane ends!!..

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I have never had a cyst in 3 years of acne until 'tane. Then I got a huge one, which has died, but has left the tiny barely-noticable bump that you guys are talking about. It has decreased in size since the cyst first died, so I think it will fade given time (maybe months?)...

Comment #11

I was wondering the same thing. I have 3 nodules (kinda like a cyst just no head) and they have been here like a while before I started tane and now they wont go away and they usualy do.Also I have been on Tane a month exactly to this day, and I have a huge cyst on the tip of my nose. It was huge I looked like the rednose reindeer lol , derm was susprised to see it gave me a predazone shot in it and since then it come to a head every day and I drain it every day and dont seem to be changing , inflmation just went down and some redness. And what sucks is that the cyst that she gave a shot was NEW and a couple days after that my OLD cyst from months ago regrew right next to the new cyst and wont go away now lol.(*$@*@!!_______________________@!#$!#!But my thought on how they die is that they run out of sebum to feed on to stay alive and they just die out...But how did they die BEFORE tane, because people not on tane have a constant sebum production but the cysts still usualy go away within weeks why would they die faster while off tane when they get the sebum that they feed off of??..

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Couldn't answer ya... Mine never died, kept disappearing and reappearing for 3 yrs.. that's why Im on Murad Acne Complex =)..

Comment #13

Courtesy of Acne Complex: Trade name of prescription-only anti-acne drug that is taken orally. Active ingredient is isotretinoin, which is derived from vitamin A. This drug works by essentially stopping oil production in sebaceous glands (the oil-producing structures of the skin) and literally shrinking these glands to the size of a babys (Source: Dermatology, 1997; volume 195, Supplemental 1:1"3, pages 38"40). This prevents sebum (oil) from clogging the hair follicle, mixing with dead skin cells, and rupturing the follicle wall to create an environment where the bacterium (Propionibacterium acnes) can thrive, which can result in pimples or cysts. Relatively normal oil production resumes when treatment is completed; although the sebaceous glands may slowly begin to enlarge again, they rarely become as large as they were before treatment. Because of it's relatively rapid onset of action and it's high efficacy with reducing more than 90% of the most severe [acne] inflammatory lesions, Murad Acne Complex has a role as an effective treatment in patients with severe acne that is recalcitrant to other therapies (Source: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, November 2001, Supplemental, pages 188"194)...

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What is cysts/nodules acne? how does it look like? I probably have it, but just want to make sure it is what it is...

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Has anyone found that these under skin bumps have ever gone on there own or with Murad Acne Complex?..

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Sid, all but one of my bumps are gone. The one that remains was really big and visible for awhile, but has slowly shrunk over the course. Two months post and it's smaller still and hardly visible, but I know it's there so can see it right away. I'm seriously wondering if there's some scar tissue in this one because I was a bad picker/squeezer for so long. So to answer your question, yes, I've found that the majority of my under skin bumps disappeared after the course...

Comment #17

I too would love to know if these small cysts will ever go away. My derm told me last week that he wants to "open" them up so they can drain because the Tane won't do that. I'm reluctant because "opening" them requires a small blade. I don't need anymore scarring!..

Comment #18

Thanks Siava, you see the bump I have has shrunk a bit (im sure of that) and this is after aout 4 months of having it. Maybe it just takes a long long time to go (more than I expect) like a 8-12 months depending on size. But I am also wondering that it could be scar tissue. But your situation gives me hope that one day it will go away completely (*fingers crossed*). Ye I dont like the idea of getting it drained because how does that make anything better by replacing it with a potential scar?..

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