Does Medifast work if you got gastroparesis?

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Does anyone here have gastroparesis? I was wondering how using medifast was working with the gastroparesis. Thanks..

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Thanks for the responce. Yes, I have gastroparesis. And it sucks. I have lost over 60lbs do to the lack of Nutrition. I remembered that I had some medifast in the cabinet. I wont be able to get the Lean and Green meal in.

Broth and Jello dont have any nutritional value to them at all. I needed to lose another 60lbs&just; not in 4 months.

The reason I wrote here is because gastroparesis most of the time coincides with diabetes. I am not diabetic yet, but my sugar is all over the place. Maybe the medifast would help that..

I am seeing the 4th specialist at the end of the month. I hope he can help..

Thanks again,.


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Hi everyone,.

My sister also has gastroparesis. She has been struggling with it for about a year, and is also diabetic. The medications she tried for it gave her really weird side effects. She told me recently she was doing some research on the Web, and read about using Botox in the stomach sphincter muscle. It would be done under anesthesia. She will be talking to her doctor about it.

Good luck to you - it's really an awful condition!.


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Hey Lesley, can't comment on the gastroparesis but yes, this program is designed to stabilize your blood glucose levels. It should help with your blood sugar readings. I have lost 72 pounds and lost all 6 diabetes medications as well. Best wishes to you!..

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My 17 year old daughter has gastroparesis and she has had the botox injections 3 times now. The first time it was like a miracle - she woke up and we went out to eat breakfast like nothing. It was wonderful. In about 4 months it started up again (normal time frame is about 6/months, give or take) and she went for the procedure again. This time they were only able to get 2 'bleps' (little bumps on the pylorus) and it was a waste. We tried again 2 weeks later and they got the magic 4 bleps and we thought we were home free, but it hasn't been as wonderful as the first time around.

The before and after gastric emptying study showed no improvement after the 2nd (2/blep) procedure and significant improvement after the 3rd (4/blep) one. So much depends on the doctor. Sorry to have rambled - hope this info helps someone considering the procedure. My daughter says she highly recommends it...

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My two cents... I have gastroparesis as well as other gastro issues and it's miserable. Many of the doctors and specialist dont really understand it. Like we can live on jello and broth. I've been on Medifast 1.5 weeks and it's been wonderful. It makes us eat small portions several times a day and liquid forms are best for our delicate gastro system.

Best of luck!..

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I have minor issues with this, not sure if it's due to some surgery I had years back, or the medicine I have to take for my chronic pain. I found it got better on Medifast, since you're eating small amounts of mostly liquids. I can't eat chicken or beef for my lean and green, but eggs/egg whites or small amounts of fish work ok and don't cause problems...

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I was recently diagnosed and was wondering if there are any recent updates about people using Medifast and have Gastroparesis..

I have just ordered my food and waiting for it to arrive. again.......

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I have a mild case of gastroparesis, and take medication for it (Reglan). Medifast is the perfect diet for this condition, as eating small meals several times a day was recommended. I stay away from broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts, but the best veggies are spinach, zucchini and spaghetti squash. I love green beans, but was told they may be a problem. You can eat and drink all the Medifast food, but I stay away from the oatmeal and just use it to make brownies and cakes. For fiber, I use Miralax.

My condition is under control with all these measures. Hope this helps...

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I am so glad I found this thread! Had colon removed after ulcerative colitis 5 years ago; j-pouch reconstruction. Gained a lot of weight on prednisone during the colitis years. Post surgery, was constantly constipated...colon surgeon and gastro doc both told me they "never heard of that" Big help! Finally, in September had an endoscopic ultrasound and was diagnosed with gastroparesis. This explained so much...feeling full but hungry, increased reflux, always slightly nauseous. In November, gastro doc suggested Medifast to deal with both the weight gain and the gp. Started 1/4.

Miralax helps, definitely. Have lost 17 lbs so far, no hunger at all. Not sure gp is cured, though...don't hear a whole lot of digestion noise on a regular basis. Keeping at it..

My gp is pretty mild; sympathies to anyone who has it worse. Still nice to know I'm not alone with a disease, disorder, whatever, that I never even heard of before!..

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Thanks a bunch for your tips, No wonder I was having so much pain the last few times Ive done Medifast because all I was eating was Meat & broccoli!!.

Since then I have become vegetarian, hoping that staying away from meat/poultry will help with GP...

My Gastro dr just doubled my Reglan, which is now 10mg 4X a day..

What about yours, what is your dosage and how does it make you feel?.

Congrats to the weight loss! Hope it sticks with ya!!.

Thanks for your info as well. In my case, it's heavy nausea daily regardless of what I eat..

Are you taking meds?..

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Hi Toni! I am not taking meds yet, as my doc wanted to see whether Medifast helped. I think it has, but the constipation is worrisome. I gained 2.5 lbs without cheating until I finally took milk of magnesia. 2.5 gone in 4 hours. I have a theory that the constipation and gp are related. I see doc on March 17; hoping to be down 25 lbs by then. Kathy..

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