Does Medifast work even for a teenager?

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My question is Does Medifast work even for a teenager? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I'd love to see folks post your usual day of MF... how you time your meals and what you usually eat (or do you always mix it up?).

Mine is:.

7am: 2c coffee with 2T sf creamer (1g carb each = 2 condiments).

8AM: pancake or oatmeal muffin.

10AM: hot cocoa made with coffee.

12PM: chicken soup or chili or a shake made of pudding.

3PM: puffs and a diet soda, or a bar or RTD shake.

6PM: L&G.

8:30-9PM: brownie, bar, or pudding shake..

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Yes sir! although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can help better...

Comment #1


8 am: shake.

11 am: bar or brownie (today will be pancake muffin!).

1 pm: soup.

3:30 pm: pretzels or bar.

7-8 pm: L&G.

9-10 pm: scrambled eggs or pudding..

Comment #2

Weekdays at the office:.

7ish: Pancakes (either type) with 1 tbsp sugar-free syrup.

10ish: Cappuccino mixed with hot strong coffee.

1ish: Chicken wild rice soup, chicken noodle soup, or puffs.

3ish: Pudding or a shake mixed with powdered instant espresso, preferably appetite suppressant chocolate.

7ish: Lean and green.

10ish: Puffs, hot cocoa, a shake cake.

Weekends on the run:.

7ish: Pancakes (either type) with 1 tbsp sugar-free syrup.

10ish: Cappuccino mixed with hot strong coffee.

Rest of the busy day: Something out of my purse! Bars, pretzels, or puffs..

Comment #3


6 am: Shake.

9 am: Meal 2: Cranberry Mango.

11:30 or 12: Chicken & Wild Rice Soup or Marlyland Crab.

3 pm: Brownie or hot cocoa.

6 pm: Lean & Green.

8:30-9:30 pm: Warm Dark Chocolate Shake..

Comment #4

8ish am: shake.

11ish am: bar.

2ish pm: pretzels or puffs.

5-6ish pm: L&G.

8-9ish pm: whatever stikes my fancy, usually pretzels or puffs, bar, or pancake muffin.

10-11ish pm: whatever strikes my fancy, usually a bar or shake made out of one of the hot/cold drinks..

Comment #5

Well my day starts kind of early:.

6:30 am - shake every day - can not stand the thought of chewing this early in morning.

9:30 am - Hot cocoa mixed with coffee - Gives me two cups of coffee without usuing creamer.

12:30-1:00 - usually oatmeal sometimes soup - but oatmeal seems to fill me up better.

3:30pm - either bar, brownie or pudding - my afternoon sweet fix.

6:30pm lean and green.

9:30ish either bar - brownie or pancake cinnamon muffin :-)..

Comment #6

7:00- 6 oz coffee w/ 2 TBSP Real Half and Half + 1 packet splenda.

7:30- Medifast Oatmeal -or- Medifast Brownie.

9:30- Medifast 55 Dutch Choc shake (pinch cinnamon + pinch cayenne).

11:30- Medifast Cappuccino.

2:00- 7 oz shrimp, Spring Mix lettuce w/ 2 tsp olive oil and splash Red Wine Vinegar, salt and pepper.

5:00- Medifast Cinn Pretzel.

7:30- Medifast Creamy Soup (Cream of Tomato, Broccoli or Chicken).

EXTRAS: 1-2 Cans Coke Zero, or 1 Can Coke Zero and 1 Can Diet Arizona Iced Green Tea with Ginsing..

100 oz water...

Comment #7

Weekdays: 7:30ish (on my drive to work)-either a shake or pancake "toast".

10:00am oatmeal.

12:00pm either soup, a Medifast omelet I made the night before, or Medifast "grilled cheese".

3:00pm a bar.

6/6:30pm lean & green.

8:30pm "dessert" usually a brownie or Medifast PB cups..

Comment #8

I like seeing how other people space out their meals!.

Here's mine:.

8:30am Coffee with half and half.

10:00am oatmeal.

12:00pm: A bar.

Between 2:00 and 3:00pm Lean and green.

5:00 pm A bar.

7:00pm Puffs or oatmeal.

9:30pm Brownie..

Comment #9

9:30 am: coffee and cream/scrambled eggs + little lean.

11:30am: bar or brownie.

2pm: some sort of soup, medi crackers, diet coke/pepsi.

4:30pm: bar.


9:30-10pm-pudding or shake..

Comment #10

During the week:.

6:00A - Pancakes.

9:00A - Bar - after gym on my way to work.

12:00N - Green - Romaine w/ 2 oz. grilled chicken + 2 tbsp Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Ranch Dressing - get to have lunch w/ the folks at work..

2:00P - Shake/Pudding or Cream of Chicken Soup (only soup I can stomach).

4:30P-5:00P- Preztels or Cheese Puffs.

7:00P - 7:30P - Lean.

8:30P - 9:00P - Brownie/Shake/Pudding/Cocoa.

Yes, I know I go a little off plan on the protein side, and often squeeze in a Choc PB2 snack, but almost 60 lbs in 14 weeks, who's to complain??.

Weekend - anything goes...on plan, of course!..

Comment #11




Lean & Green.



Sometimes I substitute one of those for a shake cake. I don't make too many different items out of medifast meals. I like to buy things that I don't need to "doctor" to enjoy, otherwise I end up using way too many condiments! I like to save them all for my L&G..

Comment #12

My days start different sometimes but mostly during m-f (if schedule not hectic).

Btwn 11-1130brownie.

Btwn 140-210hb pretzels with diet coke.

415COB soup.

620 oatmealdiet coke.

Btwn 700-730 LG....

Btwn 9-930 Brownie yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!.

For my water not so great with that heehee.....

But this what Im having today!!..

Comment #13

My days are kind of hectic with 4 kids going 3 different know, normal mom stuff. So, since I still have to cook for my family I try to space my meals around the same time they would be eating, otherwise I am tempted to eat what they are having. Not good!.

So usually this is my day:.

7:30ish: Swiss Mocha or Dutch Chocolate shake with instant coffee.

10:00 : Oatmeal (Peach is my fave!).

12:30 : Some kind of soup or puffs with 2 glasses of water.

3:30 : Shake, or bar....depending on my mood.

6:00 : L&G...and since I don't want to cook 2 meals, they get the same thing as me + a carb.

8:30 : Dessert...pudding, brownie, bar....something sweet.

The weekends are a bit different...I actually cook breakfast for the whole family...this is when I have my eggs or pancakes....sometimes I make both and split them between Sat and Sun, but I always have my shake first with my coffee....its the best!..

Comment #14

7:30am Hot cocoa or capp with a shot of espresso.

10am Choc mint crunch bar and a single tall americano.

12:30 chick/rice soup or Medifast bagel (cream of tom plus eggs/2).

3pm parm puffs.

5:30 or 6 L&G.

8:30 brownie with 1 tsp natural peanut butter and Earl Grey decaf.

I am a creature of habit!..

Comment #15

6AM - black coffee.

7am - oatmeal.

10am - hot cocoa or tomato soup bread.

1pm- soup.

5pm- chili puffs.

7pm - L & G.

8pm- snack (soy crisps).

9pm- bar..

Comment #16

I don't have typical days...always try to mix it up..


6am - coffee + 2TBSP 1/2 &1/2.

730am - apple cinnamon oatmeal.

10am - nacho cheese puffs.

1230pm - Fresh & Easy (complicated) ice cream for a team doing some extra work for me. only thing I could find were two separate (salmon and beef) salads that would make an entire L&G. tossed out the stuff I couldn't have, combined the spinach and some of the romaine lettuce and the salmon and beef with just under a tablespoon of the ranch dressing that came with the beef salad..

3pm - s'mores bar... YUM!.

530pm - chicken noodle soup.

8pm - coffee soft serve..

Comment #17

6:00 am hot cocoa or cappuccino with a splash of black coffee, water.

9:00 am chocolate chip pancakes or pudding, water.

12:00 pm soup usually chicken noodle or chicken with wild rice, water.

3:00 pm varies usually dark choc shake, parm puffs, pretzels w/diet drink.

6:00 pm usually some type of chicken or fish with one of my staple veggies, water or unsweet tea.

8:00 pm brownie or cocoa, water..

Comment #18

7AM - Oatmeal, Pancake or Egg.

10AM - Bar or Puffs.

1PM - Soup.

4PM - Whatever strikes my fancy.

6PM - L&G.

9PM - Brownie, Cocoa or Pudding..

Comment #19

8 am RTD shake.

10 am bar.

12 pm 1/2 Lean.

2 pm puffs/pretzels.

4 pm bar.

6 pm green 1/2 lean.

8 pm pudding/soft serve.

Some day's it's more shakes somedays more bars. On the weekend I start my day 6 so everything shifts down an hour and usually I wont split my L&G i'll eat lunch or dinner with the hubby or SIL..

Comment #20

6am-chocolate chip pancake with 1/8 C. WF syrup.

9am-soft serve shake.


3:30pm-bar while driving home from work.

6pm-L & G.

9pm-pudding, brownie, or puffs.

And well over 100oz. of water a day..

Comment #21

730am my fav would be a dark choco shake blended with cold coffee and ice in the bullet1030 smores bar (my fav).

130 chili nacho puffs or soup.

(330 a snack of either Medifast crackers or celery with 1 wedge of LC lite) only if it's a hungry day.

430 appetitite suppressant shake.

630 l&g.

9pm almost always a brownie..

Comment #22

7:00 oatmeal.

10:00 shake or bar.

12:00 soup.

2:30 shake or pudding.

5:00-6:00 L & G.

8:00 shake, soft serve or something sweet...

Comment #23

7:00 Shake.

9:30 Pancakes (or oatmeal - blech!).

12:00 Beef Stew or Chicken Noodle Soup.

3:00 Bar or Pretzels/Puffs OR Shake.

6:00 L&G.

8:00 Chocolate Pudding or Bar..

Comment #24

I'm doing a modified 4&2 -.

8am - Breakfast burrito/sandwich with 1/2 a high fiber/low carb tortilla or 1/2 sandwich thin, 2 TBSP egg beater or 1/2 egg scrambled, 1 oz turkey and salsa.

10-10:30 - Chicken & Wild Rice Soup.

12-1:00 - Chicken & Wild Rice Soup.

3-3:30 - Chicken & Wild Rice Soup.

5-6:00 - L&G (meat of some type and veggies and/or salad, or egg if I've run out of meat).

7:30-8pm - chocolate shake, shake cake, brownie, pancake; usually different every night..

Comment #25

Tea with small dash of skim milk, no sugar.

Choc chip pancake.



Bar or puffs.

Lean and green.

Brownie or bar.

Water all day.

Green tea at night and/or in the late afternoon.

Sometimes snack of pickle..

Comment #26

8AM RTD French Vanilla Shake added to brewed coffee.

11AM Scrambled Eggs w/dill or salsa.

2PM L&G.

5PM "FROSTY" Medifast Hot Cocoa+1/4 cup H2O+5 ice cubes Blend well.

7PM Oatmeal or Puffs or Soup.

9:30PM Oatmeal Raisin or Lemon Meringue Crunch Bar..

Comment #27

Roll out of bed around 7ish, sit on the toilet for a sec before I step up on the number generator, get dressed.......grab baggie for food for the day out of pantry....

7:30 - Coffee blended with cappuccino/french vanilla shake/mint chocolate softserve..

10:00- Bar.

12:30 - Soup or oatmeal.

3:30 - Shake.

6:30 - L&G....broiled salmon with broccoli; hamburger patty with 1 tbs of ketchup and green beans; Chicken salad on bed of lettuce and tomato; gonna explore some turnip fries this weekend..

9:00 - Brownie/shake/pudding made as shake.

Sit on couch. Watch TV. Bed around midnight...

Comment #28

6:30am Cappuccino mixed with a large splash of freshly brewed coffee. (However, I just got my next box full of NEW things so that may change tomorrow.).

10:00 Bar.

12:30 Soup or a shake.

3:00 Medifast Honey Mustard pretzels (Oh, how I love them!).

5:30-7:00 (depends on the day) L&G.

9ish Brownie or pudding (I'm traditional that way. Shake cake would do nicely, too)..

Comment #29

My plan Monday - Friday is 99% the following:.

8ish - dutch chocolate shake.

10ish - dutch chocolate shake.

12ish - L&G.

2ish - snack - for some reason I am always starving by now, even after eating a huge L&G 2 hours earlier..

4ish - pretzels or puffs.

6ish - bar - crunch or green wrapper depending on if I am or did work out today.

8:30ish - pudding.

Weekends the times stay the same but I mix it up with more home-friendly meals such as pancakes, soft serve, soup, hot cocoa (frozen) and the like...

Comment #30

830am - cappucino w/sf van torani (.

Pancake cinn buns.

On the weekend).

11am - chx noodle (puffs on the weekend).

2pm - banana pudding as a shake or pb ss as a shake (chx soup on weekend).

5pm - pb bar (cream of broccoli w/green beans).

7pm-ish - l&g (lean only on the weekends).

9pm - puffs (browine w/pb2 on the weekend)..

Comment #31

I like to keep it new so I rarely eat the same thing but I am consistent on when I eat..

7:30 Oatmeal or Hot Chocolate or a Pancake Muffin or ? .

10:00 Usually a bar at my desk.

12:30 Soup or Eggs or ? .

3:30 Shake with Soda or Bar or Pretzels.

6:00 L&G.

9:00 Maintenance Bar or Brownie..

Comment #32

My eating times are all over the place, depending on what day it is, what hours of the day or night I get to sleep, and how busy I am at work. I work alone and sometimes just don't have the two minutes it would take to inhale a bar or mix a shake, so I have to double up on Medifast meals when I have the chance to scarf them down...

Comment #33

My days at work usually go like this:.

7 am: Coffee mixed with Hot chocolate and sometimes sugar free raspberry syrup.

10 am: shake or bar.

12 pm: lunch with coworkers, here's the thing, we have a chef that cooks for us so I pick and choose depending on what she makes that day. I usually have 1 cup of salad with WF balsamic dressing and honey mustard pretzels or soup or chili. The other day she made a salad with different toppings including grilled chicken and we chose which toppings we wanted. (So of course, I wouldnt eat the pretzels if I ate some of my lean).

1 pm: SMORES BAR. This is how I avoid the fresh baked cookies our chef makes every day..

3:30ish or 4: bar or shake.

7 pm: Lean and green. I try something different every night.

8 pm: Some kind of concoction that feels like dessert. Cream cheese mixed with a shake or pudding and lots of ice and possibly SF syrup. Or I really like the raspberry brownie bites made with brownie and pancake mix (It makes 2 servings). Or sometimes just a bar..

On my days off, I tend to eat things that take a little more effort. I like the cinnamon buns made with pancake mix. My favorite indulgence is the pizza made with cream of tomato soup mix. I try not to overdo it with the doctored meals but whatever I need to do to stay on the plan some days...

Comment #34

Have you noticed you eating 6-1 instead of 5-1 lol you must be starving..

Comment #35

Hi everyone!.

Loved readying everones days are very similar. My fav is my chocolate shake around 8 pm. I wait all day for that treat!..

Comment #36

No I am not doing 6&1. What was listed was 5&1. 2 shakes, 1 pretzel OR puff, 1 bar, 1 pudding (that is 5 total Medifast packets) + L&G + a snack, and a snack is not considered a Medifast packet, it is like jello or almonds or PB, but I try to stick to the low cal jello!..

Comment #37

Upon waking (6am) Large glass of water & a cup of decaf coffee.

8:30 - Hot Cocoa - more water.

11 - Bar - more water.

2p- L&G - either fish, vegie burger or egg beaters with either zuchini or spinach sauted in olive oil & garlic.

5p Tropical Punch - more water.

7p Dark Chocolate Shake - more water.

9p - Brownie.

I am very much a creature of habit. I do occasionally throw in some chicken or steak for my Lean but I am again finding myself leaning towards vegetarianism while on MF...

Comment #38

I've found that I am very habitual with my eating, and it's quite alright with me. You'd think I'd be bored, but I'm not. There's something comforting about the consistency. So.....

7 Dutch Chocoalate shake.

9:45 Peanut Butter Bar.

12:00 Chili Nacho Puffs (Chick noodle soup when weather was cold).

3:00 Peanut Butter or Chocolate Bar.

5:30-5 L&G - usually chicken breast cooked a variety of ways and either salad or green beans.

7:30 Brownie with a few walnuts sprinkled on top.

I really don't vary from this. Oh and I do 2-3 Strawberry Lemonade Essential Calorie Burns each day..

Like I said, I rarely vary the item or the time I eat... although weekends vary a bit on the time, since I sleep later!..

Comment #39

8 am: Pancakes or shake.

11am: hot choc.

1 pm: puffs or soup.

4 pm: pretzels.

6-7 L&G.

8: brownie, bar or shake..

Comment #40

Monday thru Friday.

8am chilled coffee mixed into a shake (usually chocolate with sugar free syrup).

11am Oatmeal (hated it at first but now I like it and it definitely fills me up).

1pm Soup.

3-4pm Chocolate Pudding or puffs or pretzels.

7pm L&G.

8pm Brownie, Pudding or soft serve.

Weekends I have more time to have things like the pancakes and shakes (which I don't make at work)..

Comment #41

This is a great idea...interesting to see the choices....


7:30 am Shake (orange or banana).

10 am Coffee/Splenda/Soy milk & Bar or Oatmeal.

1pm Soup(.

3:30pm Shake or pretzels.

6pm Lean & green.

9:30pm Shake, pudding, or soft serve.

Weekends I do something fancier like scrambled eggs or pancakes for breakfast...also 1 weekend night is "take out" night so I stick to shakes that day in case my L&G is hard to configure..

AndreaB in Dallas..

Comment #42


8am Oatmeal.

1115 soup.

130 smores bar.

330 chocolate pudding w/ a spray of FF reddi whip.

600 L&G (usually either burnt tofu and zucchini or egg white omlette and zucchini).

8 brownie.

I also have 3 berry flavor infusers per day..

Weekends start with a chocolate chip pancake and go from there...

Comment #43

I have a posted schedule of meal times to keep me on track, but I don't always start at the first meal (but I keep in mind I'm an hour ahead, or 2 hours behind, or a meal behind, etc..) My schedule says 9am, 11:30am, 2pm, 4:30pm, 7pm and 10pm. Today I'm about to eat my last meal of the day and it is almost 12:45am - that puts me a meal behind, more or less..

When I'm home I mostly use the hot cocoa as my Medifast meals - I am ADDICTED to that stuff. I do occasionally have a brownie too (that's what's up next). When I'm out of the house I do portable foods without prep - cinnamon pretzels and crunch bars (chocolate mint, peanut butter and smores mostly)..

Once the weather warms up I'm likely to start mixing shakes again - I make them in my Ninja with lots of ice to make a slushy drink..

Very interesting thread!..

Comment #44

Just starting but routine day.

8 - shake.

10 - shake.

12 - 1/2 L&G.

2 - shake, bar, soft serve or pudding.

4 - homemade vegetable soup (uses up my condiments and some 'green' portion).

6- 1/2 L&G.

Before 8 pm - snack.

Work long nights three days a week so I move my times down by 2-3 hours after noon time...

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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