Does Medifast really work? Anyone know from experience or family/friend experiences?

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My 1st question is: Does Medifast really work? Anyone know from experience or family/friend experiences? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Mine has been giving up wine. The food I can handle. At night I just like to have wine to unwind. But it is getting easier as the days go by. So I am hoping the urge will pass soon..

Challenge not Challange! LOL..

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Yup, although you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

My inner brat acting up. She DEMANDS what she wants, when she wants it, and doesn't know the meaning of the word "moderation". To her, the immediate gratification of the sludge is more important than the long term goal of being healthy (and those hot, skinny jeans)..

My inner brat is what those "I can't live without x sludge" cravings are all about. Obviously I'm not starving, won't die without whatever fatty salty thing that is, really CAN get through the day without a drink - but SHE doesn't believe that for a second. It's like having a spoiled three year old living in my head, having screaming temper tantrums when mommy says "No!".

It gets better after a while. Once you learn that you CAN control the inner brat, then actually DOING it gets easier. But she still rears her ugly little head every once in a while in maintenance. Gotta keep a muzzle and a leash on the brat...

Comment #2

Just the 1st 3 or 4 days...honestly after that the cravings have not been bad. I do miss an occasional glass of wine, but I decided San Pellegrino (sparkling water) was my new treat and my rule for myself is that I MUST have it in a beautiful glass. Then I chill out and relax!..

Comment #3

Great ideas and advice. I just drink my peppermint hot tea or drink a DC when there urge arises...

Comment #4

That new treat advice is good too - something you can have while everyone around you is having a drink. I like diet tonic with lime, but most bars don't serve that (I don't often go to bars, so don't pay much attention to that). I think club soda is on plan, though. Whatever, doesn't matter - picking something to be YOUR drink helps. I still "treat" myself to a glass of diet tonic with lime when husband has a cocktail, most of the time. Yes, I could drink in maintenance, but I don't often - just too many calories to spend...

Comment #5

I have to say the first week was the toughest challenge for me. I had head aches, body aches and was pretty grouchy. I suppose it was the toughest for my family as well..

After the first week passed and I got in the groove of things, it was pretty easy sailing..

I missed my wine for a little while. I don't miss it anymore though. My go to drink now is tea. I like what a previous poster said about putting your new "treat" drink in a pretty glass. It might sound silly, but it really does work. Makes it more special...

Comment #6

Learning not to deal with my stress by stuffing my face. Like right now this whole budget things has got me completely on edge. Dh is military so whether or not they have a budget in place by Friday directs whether or not we will see a paycheck next week and it's making me stressed out. This time last year I would have buried my stress in food but now I am trying to deal with it. It's working so far...

Comment #7

Good for you, Jessy!.

My biggest challenge is not getting bogged down by how long it is going to take me to get to goal. I find that very overwhelming and daunting and I feel like quitting. I try to remember that this time is going to pass regardless of how I spent it. Do I want to spend it getting closer to goal or stuffing my face with unhealthy foods and watching my weight creep up again? The year is going to pass, the direction is up to me...

Comment #8

So far, I have been very motivated (I'm still new to the program and learning every day). But things that I find the hardest...thats a bit difficult to pinpoint. I read on one of the boards about Mommy /Chef's tax or TLB, and didn't realize until I read that. That is a problem I will and have been dealing with. It's a small battle every meal I make. To taste it to see if it's right.

Same with my little guy. Mamma, can I have a (insert treat here)? Can you open it for me? etc. Its those small battles that I didn't realize I would be up against my this war to regain my body. Those small things happen and continue to test my mettle.....

Comment #9

Freedom. I miss eating when I'm hungry, when I'm not hungry and what I want..

I'm mourning the loss of Easter candy..

I miss celebrating with food. I miss comforting with food. Physically, I feel awesome. Mentally, I'm still on shaky ground...

Comment #10

I know that Im right with you on this one! I cant deny myself and Im loving losing weight and melting away...but I surely do miss my COmfort foods LOL.....

Also....we will be able to have the FREEDOM again but only this time we have to have it in MODERATION!.

I also miss my FRUIT YUMMMMMMMM!!!..

Comment #11

Giving up my one a night beck's dark beer. that's in the transition plan right???..

Comment #12

I miss fruit too. I bought yummy blackberries for my kids today and they looked so sweet...

Comment #13

Oh I hear you! I surely miss my blackberries...!!! I cant wait to eat them again!!..

Comment #14

CHEESEBURGERS! And I'm talking about the "double patty extra mayo with a side of onion rings gain 5 lbs just by reading it off the menu" cheeseburgers..

The first week of Medifast was pretty tough but I feel better now than I have in a long time. When a craving hits though it's like OMG FEED ME NOW!.

I do love the substitutions, like the MorningStar pizza burgers are fantastic, but sometimes my body seems to DEMAND grease and it needs to shut up already lol..

Comment #15

LOL, Spazzyhilo! I feel like my toughest challenge varies daily, know what I mean? Tonight, it was hot dogs hot off the grill. Whoa. Usually not something I salivate over, but smelling them tonight had me hankering for one big time!..

Comment #16

I'm with you on this one, Corbie. I think the food was the EASIEST part once I got into the groove of it. I've been on maintenance for four months and maintenance to me is the hardest part of MF! That inner brat is a pain in the behind. She rears her ugly head and always wants her own way which equals old ways. I can't wait until she really is under control and not in control anymore. I weigh myself at least twice a week and make adjustments when I need to, trying to keep on top of my weight so I stay in my range..

Oh yeah, and I REALLY missed my wine.


Comment #17

My biggest challenge is to eat all I am required to eat. After having 4 Medifast meals through the day, I am stuffed after my L&G. I seldom get in my 5th Medifast meal no matter how hard I try. Everyone tells me it will slow down my loss, so I'll have to see what happens...

Comment #18

LOL I wish there was a "Like" button for this..

I struggle with sweets. It's horrible! It's a constant battle to keep in control and remind myself that I have a goal to reach. I, too, have a thing for instant gratification...

Comment #19

My toughest challenge is definitely my inner brat, Steph I agree with you.... I also hate going out and everyone giving me a look when I order water and not a drink.... I just say, I'm driving!!!!.


Comment #20

I dunno if it'll slow down your losses - it really depends on all kinds of things. The problem is that Medifast is pretty carefully formulated nutritionally. I'd be more worried about not getting enough carbs to keep your energy up, vitamins, minerals, etc. The hundred calories more or less matter - I mean, that's an 8th of your daily intake on Medifast - but how you FEEL is almost as important, and messing with the nutritional balance could make it harder for you to stay strong and on plan...

Comment #21

Don't worry, after a while that wears off and people get used to it. Just wait - when you hit maintenance and order that first glass of wine, those same people will be the first to say um.... are you allowed to have that? lol..

Comment #22

For me it's been working all the food/water into my crazy, rotating schedule. I have days where I'm awake for 24 hours, and days where I'm barely awake for 4 hours. Plus being super busy at work at all makes it very hard to eat on any kind of regular schedule. I believe that's affecting my results, too...

Comment #23

I' with the wine crowd. At first it was not hard at all, but now, for some bizzare reason, it has become more difficult. I have had wine three times since Jan start. I really feel so much better without the wine and do not want to get back into the habit of my nightly relaxation ritual. Medifast is teaching me many things, one of which is - in my new lifestyle, when I'm stressed or under pressure (everyday right?!) I do not need to resort to food or drink, I can handle it (with a lot of help from God!). My persoanlity falls back into old habits very easy and I have to be on my guard most of the time..

I am going to start drinking my Fresca (drink of choice these days) in my wine glass!! I love that idea....


Comment #24

I love Fresca! Have you tried it mixed with the cold Medifast drinks? I really enjoy that mix, for some reason.....

Comment #25

Going out and drinking with friends! We love to go to pubs on the weekend and I usually have a couple beers. I'm not going to lie, I have fun when a tad tipsy. Its not fun to be the only sober one.....

Comment #26

I thought I would say wine....I mean really, we are collectors, we are building a huge cellar as I type (underground in an old's so cool lol) and I just got back from a whirlwind tasting in napa last weekend...I like wine lol so really that will be my biggest challenge over all (though my goals have a built in glass every couple of weeks) but what really is the challenge on day three? The freaking leg pain! I was up all night in pain and I have a 5 year old...I need to put on a happy smile and I just want to crawl into bed and sleep....if I can because I still hurt..

It's day three...tell me this goes away? If not I'm going back on the red wine and jelly bean diet again!..

Comment #27

I honestly don't know how you do it! You are amazing. I would be so sad. I LOVE frosting...

Comment #28

Wine, bacon, stinky cheese and crackers. I'll take my shrinky dink body over any of that though!!..

Comment #29

Wow a wine celler. My parents have one. Wine is my weekness..

Good luck. I am sure that aged wine will be there soon for ya...

Comment #30

Being Cold all the time! I am looking forward to being on Medifast during the warm months. but then, I am sure I will miss all the summer fruits...

Comment #31

The biggest challenge has been not being able to eat order in Indian food..

Veggie Kofta is insanely good.

Oh and beer. I really miss my beer...

Comment #32

But the Pinot Gris is ready NOW lol. Ok that's not motivating talk is it?.

I've decided to push through he'll today and come out with a hydrangea! Umm I mean weight loss lol. Maybe for every week I lose I could buy a new plant? The gardener is gonna be smacking snacks out if my hands lol. He has his eyes on a peony tree heh heh...

Comment #33


Igloochic you're rewards are niiiiice. your wine cellar also sounds amazing...

Comment #34

My hardes is Coca Cola! I am a severe addict. And some Pad Se Ew from my favorite thai place...

Comment #35

Keping to portion controls have been my biggest feat because I am always tempted to eat more condiments, snacks or lean and green than I am alloted! Could be why I have only lost 8 pounds so far!..

Comment #36

I have a set of inner toddler twins that are constantly throwing tantrums and the I-Wants. I have to be strong and ignore them. Occasionally put them in a time out so the leave me alone. I listen to my IPOD a lot at work when I am having the frustation with the moment. It keeps me from taking a 2x4 to people I work with. I can't self soothe with chocolate so I need to do something.

I am sure my inner toddler twins are going to hang around for a while but I hope one twin gets adopted out to someone else..

When I am having a rough day I go into my closet and try on clothes or look at a motivation piece...

Comment #37

Thanks...we are having fun with the will enter it through a tunnel out of the pool room in the basement..

As to my reward...heh heh. I'm actually structuring them around some crystal pieces I really want but am too cheap to buy. They are cut crystal from an old pharmacy....totally useless containers that probably held perfume. I like rewards that are useless lol..

But the clothing shopping trip...I have never spent that much on a car let alone cloths lol. But I think it would be really fun!!! And if I choke down another of these orange shales I'm gonna take it up to twenty grand! (I told dh that and he told me to have some more chocolate ones fed exes lol)...

Comment #38

Great idea for a thread. Lets see, toughest, believing this will work. I am a s-l-o-w loser, as I am over 50 and diabetic..

Next is envy. I read posts of people who cheat and have much larger losses than I do, despite the fact that I don't cheat..

Guess I am just feeling sorry for myself sometimes. Not enough to go off plan though...

Comment #39

Try not envy them. They're not learning the long term discipline it's going to take to transition and maintain. If we don't learn that on 5&1, we'll just have to learn it later if we're going to keep it off..

Or, think of it another way - they should envy YOU. You don't have to make those choices or struggle with juggling every day. You just follow the plan...

Comment #40

Don't envy cheaters... They are likely to gain any weight they lose and then some...MF isn't just about losing weight it's a lifestyle change... If you don't follow and learn on 5 &1 Yu will never be able to transition and maintain for the rest of your life... I am in this forever not just to reach goal!!!.

Keep up the good work and don't let the green eyed monster get n the way!!.


Comment #41

Krista, I fel your urges!!!! I too would have a glass of Chardonay as my night time routine. It was my reward for getting through the day of real estate, kids and husband. I only had my wine treat once when I went away with my sister and it was heavenly. Funny how us girls love our wine. I think it is a mom thing. Sometimes I tell myself that I am going to have a glass of wine in the evening, then when the evening comes I think to myself...I made it through the day and I am going to blow it now at 9pm???? So I walk to the kitchen with my head held high and make a shake...

Comment #42

I am right there with you! Being a s-l-o-o-o-w loser IS tough on the morale and resolve and then reading blogs of people (100% or not) who report huge losses each week or are complaining that they ONLY lost 2 pounds this week (when I would kill for ANY loss) is discouraging instead of uplifting..

But, as Corbie said, we may have the advantage in a better lesson in discipline that will hopefully result in long-term success. Plus, I have not really noticed saggy skin which I expected at age 51 so I will rejoice in the positives!..

Comment #43

The toughest thing for me has always been believing I will make it to the end. Which I did with MF. Down 136+ lbs. Started transition mid Feb with 3lbs to my original goal. Sitting at 2.5 lbs below but technically still overweight by about 7 lbs. BUT body fat percentage is normal - YAY!..

Comment #44

My toughest challenge is changing routines. Now that I'm on the routine of 5 and 1, I'm golden. However, I'm scared, not so much of transition, but maintenance. I'm trying to educate myself about it on the boards, because I will be there hopefully late this summer...

Comment #45

I deliberately haven't changed routines in maintenance for exactly that reason. I don't use Medifast foods much except for convenience and the occasional evening brownie, but I still eat 5-6 times a day, mostly veg and lean protein, etc. Content is different, but I've kept the routine because it works - I'm never hungry, I have a plan, I stick to the plan. Reduces my stress over food dramatically...

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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